Day One also known as December 2cnd

This is my first blog.  Leave it to me to wait for the establishment to give you a place to blog for free. Oh well, that’s the sound of me jumping on the band wagon.  Life is going ok.  Lately I have been on this big workout kick, its called my refusal to be a fat a*s for the holidays workout plan. I’ve been holding it steady for the most part, but for the month of December I’ve kicked it up a notch.  So hopefully I will be cute a*s for the holidays.  There are lots of festivities and events coming up so hopefully I will have some pretty entertaining blogs.   

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2 Responses to Day One also known as December 2cnd

  1. Steve says:

    You are a very sexy lady. I would love to chat with you and get to know you better. I am located in the Houston area also. If you are interested then you can contact me on Yahoo.

  2. Unknown says:

    yo whats up monique im walt , just wanted 2 comment , im new on spaces thats where i found u so lets get 2 know each other a bit ok,e mail me at asap luv u thanks

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