Managed to get up for Boot Camp!! Woo Hoo great accomplishment on the 3.5 hours of quality sleep I got.  I usually don’t need much.  ANY WHO my instructor told me he could see great progress and that I should add weight training to my work out ( high reps low weight).  He thinks it will help me move to the Advanced class.  I’m in the basic class now. 

So I heard Michael Ealy has moved in with Halle Berry talk about the overdose of pretty.  Damn he was on my pass list.  If you’re married you have to know what the pass list is.  If you don’t I’ll explain it to you one day. 

Hmmm I am extra glad its FRIDAY!! No reason this week has flown by.  Well hopefully I’ll have more time to blog later. 

I apologize for my lack of deepness I am so politically incorrect you know, I eat meat, wear leather, fur, part-time recycle, drive an SUV.  I mean I am passionate about some things and if you continue to read you’ll find out. I’ll try to be wittier or more militant or more convicted about something other than the loss of Michael Ealy on my pass list.  LOL

Have a Happy Friday.

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2 Responses to Damn!

  1. Rob says:

    As long as you ain\’t convicted for doping or stalking MR. GREEN EYES, life is good (hey, we could follow them *together*….I\’ll bring the night vision scopes!)

  2. Bus Chick says:

    I know you\’re down with the people, Moni. Besides, the people also need a little trife, so it\’s all good. (We\’ll have to work in the SUV thing, but as we both know, it\’s no good to get around H-town without a car.)I didn\’t know about Halle and Michael Ealy. Interesting that one of the people on your pass list moved in with one of the people on your hubby\’s pass list. Maybe that means the two of you are meant to be. 🙂

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