Well it’s Monday.  I have Monday blahs!! No reason it’s humid and dreary here in H-town. I had great work out this morning.  Our SWAT instructors were called away but we had a classmate who stepped up to the plate and led an awesome class.  This weekend was pretty low key lots of ripping and running. Errands, Cleaning, and MORE errands. 

Now according to my circle of friends and fellow bloggers (namely Buschick) I am responsible for delivering all the trife. That means all the cool stuff people want to hear about like  Bobby and Whitney and Beyonce and her see thru top on the View. You know the stuff that makes us forget that we are led by an idiot. I’m sorry did I type that "out loud". 

I mean is it me, or why the hell is John McCain worried about how MLB is handling the steroids problem. COME ON NOW. John, last time I checked, you Republicans like to stay out of peoples business.  NEWS FLASH!! Nothing says BIG GOVERMENT like you trying to regulate how the owners handle the steroid abuse problem.  STOP Crack or something.

Now back to trife. I thought I’d include a picture of Beyonce’s see thru top.  Hmmm  Well now you all know. You know what Janet’s look like and now you know what Bee’s look like oh and Halle’s too. Well damn am I the only woman that still thinks breast are for covering!! (ACTUALLY I DON’T – I stop with the aereola). However maybe that is based on how fabulous one believes her breast to be.  Me I don’t think mine are anything to write home about. I suppose if I did I would be wearing sheer shirts with out a bra to Sunday school.

ANYWAY, on to more trife.  Well actually not anymore trife but I am done with talking about breast.  I don’t want to talk about the attack on the Saudi Embassy either. I prefer much lighter subjects.  Man I miss J Lo and Ben. There are tons of rumors to be discussed, however I don’t think any will be true so I will refrain from discussing them, at least today.

So I added more pictures to the album. Some are new some are old.  I was looking at some of the older ones and I can’t believe how different I look from April. That’s me in the straw hat, before I got my SWAT PT (boot camp as I refer to it) on. 

Why did you start boot camp?  I’m glad you asked public. I started boot camp, because I was putting on WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to many married pounds. I decided I need to Stop the Insanity (remember her Susan Powter sp??) and get back to reasonable weight. More Phat Azz and less FAT ASS. Those pics from my birthday I had lost a few lbs, but since boot camp my body has really been doing great things.  I actually think by Summer I can be pretty fine.  I mean check my progress.  The first pic is my birthday in April, the next is in Seattle in August, and the last is me last month in Nov. I’d say there’s a big difference.  NOW MOVING ON. Less about my FAT ASS becoming a PHAT AZZ.  Just wait you are witnessing the true transformation. One day I’ll tell you of my plans to TAKE OVER THE WORLD and look fabulous while doing it, but not today.

I was thinking there was more Monday morning trife to discuss. Fluff trife not serious trife. 

I guess that’s all for today. Keep hope alive it is just Monday





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2 Responses to Blog,Blog,Blog

  1. Bus Chick says:

    Thanks for the trife, Moni. Your girl Beyonce is a trip. Did any of the View hosts say anything about her attire?Back to the Halle thing: I know I\’m late, but when she and Eric Benet broke up, I heard rumors that he had been hooking up with his ex-girlfriend and that the "sex addict" story was untrue. Do you have any info on this?Also, any thoughts on the Star Jones nuptials?

  2. A says:

    I am with u on the McCain observation — now it\’s true that pro sports is big business and makes a large impact on our economy and society, but then again you might say the same thing about, oh, budget deficits, wars, education, blah, etc….

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