So…what is a Glamazon

I’ve been asked to explain what a Glamazon is?  I mean I think the term is pretty self explanatory.  I mean I am sure everyone is familiar with the Amazon tribe and of course they are familiar with Glamour. If you know anything about the Amazons they weren’t as Glamorous as DC would have us believe (you know Wonderwoman).  I mean I think Wonderwoman is really the original Glamazon and what little girl didn’t want to be her.  Anyhoo (or is it anywho) contrary to my shorter friends belief Glamazon is not about height however it is about glamour. I mean any chick can be a Glamazon well not ANY but you don’t have to be over 5’7" to be a Glamazon, however you must have a presence that is much bigger than 5’4" LOL! A great example of a short Glamazon is Tina Turner.  So Monique how do I become a Glamazon. Well, most people are born with it.  You know some people have that certain FLAIR! but if you work hard  you can be Glamazon.  I know I know I haven’t answered the question. WHAT IS A GLAMAZON AND HOW CAN I BE ONE OR BE DOWN WITH ONE.

Well a Glamazon is a self-assured, beautiful, smart, sexy, cool-ass, down-ass, lady.  I mean of course she is GLAMOUROUS and a HEAD TURNER A  BIG BALLA  AND SHOT CALLA.  LOL  You’ll know when you see her.  When she arrives everyone notices.  Oh yeah she also is built like a woman I mean you know none of that Twiggy mess. I mean she does remind people of the Amazons.  She is strong and weak all at once. She embodies what it is to be a woman and handles her business like a man. She can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. LOL.  I hope that helps you out. I leave you with this tidbit… you’ll know a Glamazon when you see her.  Although its not a requirement most Glamazons are 5’7" and over and they aren’t twigs (most have T and A and a very little waist) usually most Glamazons are use to being called Stallions, Clydesdales, and of course Stunnas.

So hopefully this helps all of you who wanted to know WHAT IS A GLAMAZON. 

If not comment and I will reply to any questions.



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14 Responses to So…what is a Glamazon

  1. Rob says:

    Dude, more photos of Beyonce\’ in a shear top!!! HELLO!!!<"you have the right to remain sexy, baby">

  2. Unknown says:

    Monique, I like your blog. I\’ll check back often.You\’re looking good, sis! I need to get my butt back into a boot camp. I was definitely in shape when the Air Force finished with me…Anyways, heard a rumor that Free from 106 and Park is pregnant w/ JayZ\’s baby. Heard she\’s supposed to be leaving the show. Can you find anything on this particular bit of trife?Thanks,Char – Buschick\’s friend in Sea-town

  3. Nique says:

    You know Char… I heard the same rumor and choose not to address it in the my blog. It was one of those rumors I thought too untrue to even bring up. For some strange reason I really want Jay and B to work. I guess because they have chosen not to be all in our face with it and handle it for the most part how I think you should when you are MEGA-famous. Or maybe its beacuase I don\’t want the hometown gal to get disrespected like that. For me cheating is something that I can probablly take, I mean life is life and things happen, however PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRAP IT UP. Don\’t put me at risk. I haven\’t heard more to the rumor so we will see. Thanks for the props and I am happy to bring all the trife to the enlightened NW Talented 10th!!

  4. Alphonse says:

    Monique, it\’s obvious you take Glamazon to a pristine level. All that, smart and single? What\’s the matter with the men in Houston? dj Faithful

  5. Nique says:

    djFaithful,thanks I try hard! Still looking for someone who can handle being with a Glamazon!

  6. Alphonse says:

    Monique,I\’m confident the right "Gentleman" will recognize you and will get busy trying to win your Faithful

  7. Nique says:

    many have tried… we shall see I don\’t hink their ready for this jelly LMAO !!!

  8. Anna says:

    Monique,You are such a Glamazon, and any guy who can\’t catch up isn\’t worth your Glamazon time!!! I love that your space is all about self-assurance and empowerment! Keep up the good work : )

  9. Peitho says:

    Hey girl, I\’m loving your site. I just learned something new, lol. I\’ll most definitely come back when I have more time. Be Ez, and have a great weekend.~Mona~

  10. Unknown says:

    "Glamazon" should be added to the dictionary! You hit the nail on the head for me with one word! You even cite my childhood hero (Wonder Woman) as an example of what a true Glamazon is. I am very appreciative of your creativity and ability to capture the essence of who we are in one word.

  11. Shania says:

    Well i do not agree that wonder woman was the first glamazon because the true glamazon was Beth pheonix now thats a true glamazon!
    Yours truly,


  13. Eugene says:

    So would a little Glamazon, like Ornella Muti in her salad days, be a Gem-azon?

  14. Shilpa says:

    What r d problems and wants of glamazon? Please do reply…

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