I have a dilemma

I have a slight problem. One I have about 5 minutes for this blog, two my perfume is causing me TONS of problems.  Everyone who really knows me, knows I hate small talk (especially with STRANGERS).  After they get over how strange that is (considering how loud and friendly I am), they all seem to be ok with it.  So this morning for the UMPTEENTH time I was forced in chatting with some stranger because she liked the smell of my perfume.  It happens all the time now, I spray or stand next to someone and they are like "what is that smell …it is wonderful.  Smells like <insert some random ass flower here>".  I reply, "Oh its Michael Kors" (ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLEASE TAKE NOTE FOR GIFTING PURPOSES).  Now I would love for the conversation to be over however it is not.  It continues ad nauseam about some bland small talk topic…how long have I been coming to the gym, do I know any other great smelling perfumes, who will win the super bowl.  My dilemma is I love my Michael Kors and I do not want to stop wearing it, cause I like when people I want to talk to tell me I smell good.  Oh well,  I am getting better at learning how to cut the small talk off quicker. 

For those of you expecting some good ol trife,  I will be blogging later about Brad and Jen and Nas and Kellis. Halle’s divorce is FINAL too.  So check back to see how I make it do what it do! Ding Time is up, gotta get back to work.

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