I lose more before 9am than most people lose in a day

WHAT A MORNING!! So of course it’s Friday, that means SWAT PT.  That also means SWAT PT to the nth degree because it’s Friday. Larry believes in giving you a workout that will last you through the weekend.  Anyway, it was a great work out, hard and taxing but great.  So after the work out, I chatted with Mo about things to do to improve my speed ( I need to get faster, well actually better endurance I think – I suck).  I Proceeded on to my car, reach in my special place for my keys (my special place is my sports bra) no keys.  Now, I have never lost ANYTHING out of my bra (we won’t discuss the tension between my bra and breast that holds my keys right in place).  Ding, ding, ding today is your day Monique YOU HAVE LOST YOUR KEYS.  So at 6:30 I trek back to the hills and begin to canvas where we worked out, up and down the hills. Its still dark at 6:30, so trying to find a black key fob and black alarm is quite ambitious endeavor on my part and a little cocky to think my vision is that great (it is really good).  Oh did I mention everyone from SWAT left before me so it is just me looking (one is the loneliest number- especially when looking for keys). Think Monique THINK.  I backtrack to my car.  I first try the lofts across the street I need a phone, the lobby is locked.  I go into this little building across the street from the lofts and ask to use the phone. They are more than happy to let me use it.  I call my friend Mandy to bring my spare keys (yes I have given up).  She finally answers after lots and lots of calling.  I think man I am so glad she was too tired to drive home.  I make arrangements for the spare key to come to me.  Meanwhile I tell the nice ppl that let me use their phone I was gonna go look 1 more time, since it is now daylight outside.  They offer to go out to the hills with me (BIG shout outs to Brian and Kasey, gardeners for the Houston Parks and Recreation Dept).  So, we all retrace my steps. Nothing. Only the big hill left the one I HATE sprinting up…also the one I carried Larry up .  Walking …up…up…up…up…up…wait I see something- no, YES …WOO HOO, HOT DAMN!! It’s my keys. Brian gives me his phone so I can cancel the spare and I am on my way home!!  What an eventful morning.

GET THIS…while I am getting ready and watching Today Show, Star Jones uses my word she calls Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, and Jennifer Gardner Glamazons.  Hey Star, I’m the OG, Original Glamazon!! Well at least she used it right.  I would agree all three of those women are Glamazons. 

Have a great Friday and as always remember Imma make it do what it do, even when I don’t have my keys!


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