Getting My Blog On

Friends, Romans, Glamazons, Lend me your ears!!

I know ya’ll been waiting on a sistah to get her blog on!  Well I’ve been busy with work and life and then I realized today that neither were gonna let up, so I might as well get my blog on.  WARNING:  THIS WILL BE A RANDOM BLOG.  I WILL BE JUMPING FROM TOPIC TO TOPIC. PLEASE FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS AND KEEP UP!!


Well there is so much trife to talk about I don’t even know where to begin.  Lets start with Star Jones- "Are we about to be overexposed to her" -anonymous.  YES!! She said she lost Katie Couric (in lbs).  I am happy for you Start but I don’t want to see you try to ascend to Oprahdom! Please sit down some where.

55yr old Moms

So on the Today show was a woman who froze her eggs at 40 for later use.  So she is now a 55 yr old mother.  Hmmm for career oriented lazy asses like me who find the tasks of raising a family and dotting all the "I’s" and crossing all the "T’s" it takes to successfully climb the corporate ladder a bit overwhelming, this could be a viable option. Dr. FREEZE MY EGGS PLEASE all of them. LOL!


Superbowl this weekend, I am in the Superbowl pot at work I have good numbers so if I win a quarter I will be happy, no matter who wins.  Donavan McNabb has a really long head.  Its almost cartoonish.  Someone else pointed this out to me and  now that is all I can see.

More friends at the gym

So I have been befriended by a new girl in my Rep Reebok.  I knew when she smiled and waived at me in class she was gonna make a move on me in the locker room.. Sure Enough, while I was flat ironing my hair she chatted me up about the class.  She has not formally introduced herself. I expect that will happen soon. Man this small talk stuff isn’t so bad.  However, I am good with getting ready in the morning in silence, I don’t like getting up in the morning.  I am not an EARLY in the morning person. It is a necessary evil because it is the only time that I can commit to my workouts.  With that being said, I don’t want to make friends in the morning or chit chat or be responsible for smiling at others.  Just let me get ready in peace with a pleasant smile and listen to the chattering going on around me. BELIEVE ME I will have plenty of chatter later in the day to make up for my time of silence and meditation. So I am up to two gym friends Elka, the librarian from Rice who liked my Michael Kors and Random Rep Reebok girl.  If I were like Elka and the others I would make friends with this Asian chick who always dressy well.  But I am not, so I just admire her nice clothes and shoes from afar. 


I am so glad some of my friends have decided to blog!! IT IS ABOUT TIME. I was gonna cut you off.  Now, some of you are still trife. Some of you haven’t BLOGGED since Christmas.  Man that is almost two holidays ago.  Can’t you at least be a Holiday blogger.


I think I am going back to school (PART TIME OF COURSE- I GOT BILLS).  I need to take the GMATso I can get on getting my MBA.  I think it is required for me to rule the world, it may not be, but I don’t want someone to use it as an excuse not to let me do my thang at the top.  I’m sorry Monique I mean your qualifications are excellent but we always wanted our ruler to have an advance degree.  Thanks but no thanks.  Sincerely, your would be minions.


Big ups to my peeps in seatown, everything is gonna be fine. Stay positive.  Yes Jeremy I do read your blog, however I don’t beleive Carla and I are the only ones peeping yo game. 


So this is it for now…I have blogged all I can. I have to go to a meeting at church (yes…I do go to church- church was for us trying to do right not the ones already who have it on lock) So keep doing what you do…Cause I am gonna make it do what it do!!





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