Annie, you were right

That orphan was so right when she said the sun will come out tomorrow.  My sun is out today, well metaphorically speaking (because it is raining here in my neck of the woods).  I don’t feel 100%, but I do feel much better ( from feeling sh*tty to Ok)

As an alternative to my other coping skill, shopping, I sleep a lot these days.  I find sleeping to be the best coping skill.  I sleep when I’m hungry, I sleep when I’m really mad, I sleep when I am really sad and of course I sleep when I am really tired. Since I normally never get enough sleep, this is probably the best coping skill I could have. 

So I am slowly regaining my super powers of unmatched optimism, and once they are completely back watch out world.  The all-star game is today.  I slept thru all the fun festivities yesterday.  So I can only read the re-cap.  I am little bummed about that because my retelling of the contest would have mad a most excellent blog.  Oh well, you know at last year’s game, Al and Star got engaged!! That started the wedding trife of the century.  I am not sure who could top that, but I will watch to see. 

Have an above average day because I am going to try my hardest to.


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1 Response to Annie, you were right

  1. Amanda says:

    Look Nique! The sun is shining and the clouds are too!!

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