You’re So Vain You Probably Think This Blog is About You

MARCH 16th

This blog use to be titled I made the decision based on feedback from multiple people I have changed the name.  GET OVER YOURSELF!  Given I saw Little Black Book this weekend the new title really works for me. I guess Carly really does help you make your decisions.  Can you please just let a bytch pontificate on her situations sometimes. It is not an indictment.  It is SELF EXPRESSION. I am also not responsible for any comments left by my audience.  I can not beleive my reflections on a composite of all my lifes situations has some people so up in arms.  Calling me asking me things that are not their business.  Man…if you are reading my blog and calling me to ask me if I read yours…please assume I will continue to read your blog, as long as you are reading mine.  However I will not ask your personal business after I read your blog. You should do the same.  If we were cool like that…you would not have to read my blog.  Bamas!

I made the decision and it hurts soooooooooo much, but I made it. I’m sad I’ve been sad thinking about it for a long time, really sad about it.  I knew it would hurt.  I guess that is why  I really tried not to do what I did, but I knew it was coming.  Sometimes things and people that we think are good for us, really aren’t.  They hurt us with out intending to (or maybe they do intend to).   It was a very painful but necessary decision for me to make.  Its very easy to make excuses for people’s actions when you don’t want to face the truth about what those actions say about how that person really feels about you, but it is really hard to face the truth of those actions and save yourself.  I know one thing, people say stuff and do the complete opposite.  I find it better to always bank on what they do and not what they say. Then your decisions will be easier to make and not some sad moment you dread.  The minute you buy into "da bullshit" of what people tell you is the minute you are in for serious disappointment.  One should never place his/her faith in man ( as in mankind).  We are built to disappoint. We are built to fail. 

One day I won’t have to make all these stupid decisions.  One day the decisions I make will make me smile and not cry. 


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5 Responses to You’re So Vain You Probably Think This Blog is About You

  1. Amanda says:

    One of the hardest lessons I ever learned is "do to others…" It\’s not that I had a problem living by that rule, it\’s just that I had to stop dealing with people that don\’t live by that rule. You are a WONDERFUL person and anyone who doesn\’t realize that you are a GEM and deserve to be treated with care, doesn\’t deserve to know you at all.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Unfortunately, I have been in some similar situations. It never feels good trying to face the truth, and what you find is that you feel you have been played. I have thought to myself, "Why? I am such a nice person, have only been nice to this person, and THIS is what I get?!" Not a fair trade. Getting honest feedback is like pulling teeth for some. I agree with Mandana; don\’t throw pearls to swine.

  3. Bus Chick says:

    The thing to remember is this is not a reflection on you or your worth. I have known you for almost 15 years and love you more every day. The times that I have been less than a friend to you have been times when I was dealing with my own stuff. Remember that when dealing with the current buster in your life, and let that person make it. ISSUES.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Hey, I am sitting in the flight attendant lounge in the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, and all the other flight attendants think that I am CRAZY!!! The title to this blogs revision is absolutely bananas. I am laughing my ass off. You are too, too funny!!!

  5. Andre says:

    I do read on the occassion that I\’m not at work. But hey, it\’s a good read and after six years, why not? Peace 🙂

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