Is it March 16, 1988 or 2005

So I’m tired of being 15.  They are still evaluating my car.  My mom is cool and unlike when I was 15 I can at least afford to put gas in the car and drive it with out her being present.  I really wish I could find out what is up with my car.  BOO for them. Ma’am it is evident the transmission has failed. No shyt, I knew that Monday when it wouldn’t move, bucko.   I am only driving to workout, work, and home in my moms car. I guess I really do think I am 15. You better go to store and come straight home Ms. Thing.   My mom was tired of playing Taxi like on the first day, so I just have the car until I get a rental.  If she needs me or the car she calls.  She is really quite boring so she hasn’t needed me or the car.  Tonight I am sure I will have to drop her off for church.  I should be going and based on what she says in the car ride I just might be.  Actually, in all fairness, my mom is so laid back and easy going she probably won’t say anything but see you at 9:30. She was not always the cool cat she is now.  She became so after raising my baby brother.  He tired her out, no more feist in her feisty.  Talk about a handful.  Me I was a good girl.  The biggest problem I gave her was talking back.  SHOCKER.  I didn’t drink, smoke, or even have sex when I was in high school.  All I did was study, play sports, go to church, participate in 3000 extra curricular activities, and hang out with my other nerdy friends.  Our idea of fun was hanging out and playing board games or air hockey.  I KNOW.  I WAS A LAME. I still am.  I’m cool with that.  Lame is where it is at BABY!! Being a lame got me into Rice.  Plus I am not the lamest.  I am just one of the lames.  I know the lamest and man he is SUCH A LAME.  Now, my baby brother he ran her ragged always doing something ill-advised,getting sent to the office, always making sub-par grades, doing stuff he had no business and just being plain old rude to her.  Then later he came out the closet.  She is still in DENIAL about that. She thinks it’s a phase. Um…mom ….gay is not a phase with men, I’ll admit it seems to be a phase for some women, but not for men.  Once they come to terms with it then they are, it is not something they do to be umm…. "cute" as you say.  LOL!!


So Scott Petersen gets his sentence today.  That should be fairly straight forward.  I don’t anticipate any surprises. 


Just when young white girls thought it was safe to go out of the house again, this Jessica girl comes up missing in FL.  MAN.  The Today show talked to her grandmother today. All I have to say is that old people and via satellite interviews don’t mix.  The whole thing was comical and it should not have been. 


Mike is still in court.  He has managed to put real pants on a few days in a row now, so I am proud of him.  I mean come on Mike the suit coat and pj’s.  You should have just come wearing your outfit from Bad.  Shomone!


FINALALLY JUSTICE!!! Finally a corrupt CEO gets his. Benard Ebbers (former CEO of former World Com-now MCI) was found guilty.  Basically the conviction says the I DIDN’T KNOW defense doesn’t work. Umm… Mr Ebbers when you are the Chief Executive Officer that means the buck stops with you. After all you have paid a lot of money for some fancy education and now you are getting a lot of money to use that fancy education.  YOU need to know what is going on with your company at all times especially the money part, and somehow I believe you knew. That’s why they pay you the BIG BUX the BIG BUX.  I’m not falling for the banana in the tailpipe. YOU HEAR THAT Ken Ley?


The price of gas is ridiculous!! Now when gas here in Houston, home of the oil, is at $1.95 for regular 87 octane, that is crazy.  I mean I know we have cheap gas here so if this is the cheap gas….I  feel for the West Coast. When I was in Hawaii (Maui to be exact) a few years back I was in awe at how the gas was like $2.25 or something ridiculous.  I’ll bet they are paying like $3.50 or $4.00 now, luckily the islands aren’t that big.  Man this gas is crazy.  I know…I know I shouldn’t say anything I drive a SUV.  Well my mom doesn’t,  I filled up her very compact car for $20.00 yes $20.00 Crazy…huh?

So I am done with my middle of the week blog.  The randomness of it is so Wed and so me.  BOO.  It is easier today. more so than yesterday.  Gets easier each day…I think. Just close the book, Monique.  Rereading it won’t make the story any different. I am spending my  time trying to rule the world or I will be, right after I get my toes did. OOOOOOHKaaaaay! LOL!!




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  1. Rhonda says:

    Ummm, I know that this isn\’t really on the subject; actually, it is off on a tangent. Why does Hawaii have an interstate? Is it just so that they can identify with all the other states in the union? I mean "inter-" means between. It\’s out in the Pacific. Hmmm…

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