Random bloggers

So I was perusing my stats tab. This chick read my blog and she is looking for a gay best friend. I guess she is a Grace in training. Honey…you will only find your gay best friend after you crush on him.  That’s the formula you meet him you think he is great blah blah blah fall in love then he tells you he likes boys.  You either live in denial and marry him or you accept your position as his hag.  Either way you get to dish about the latest fashion trends and hairstyles and share a great couple moments with a man you can never have.   

You should never look for the gay man let him find you. They have Hagdar.  LOL!!


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2 Responses to Random bloggers

  1. Bus Chick says:

    I know a certain someone who had a crush on a smart, popular athlete when she was in high school. This smart, popular athlete was willing to be her friend (I think he even attended a dance or two with her), but nothing more came of it. After high school, this certain someone and the smart (did I mention handsome [to some] and fine?) athlete attended the same prestigious university. They didn\’t socialize much in college, but they ran into each other a few years after graduation. It turned out that this smart, popular athlete was gay and finally out of the closet.If only this certain someone had known! She could have saved the time she spent pining for this man and channeled it into the gay-boyfriend relationship that every diva craves. 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    My first experience as a hag was with a white boy. When I first moved to Houston he showed me around all the nice neighborhoods (including Montrose; but I didn\’t know then…) and fancy restuarants. I thought he liked me but I knew there was something "funny" about this crush. Turns out he was gay. Real gay! He wanted me to be his black diva. I was just a young girl then. My gay-dar is honed now!

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