Free Pimp C

Yes I typed it…yes I named my blog it.  No, I am not reading someone’s stylish t-shirt.  I just think you gotta free Pimp C that new album is off the chain!! Now being a Baytown BAP I am very familiar with the PA (Port Arthur).  I spent countless nights going out there to support our high school football team (I was on some good sportsmanship league where you walk on the field in the beginning of the game and shake hands or some nonsense- GOD I WAS SUCH A NERD) and then to play in basketball games, track meets, you get the picture.  Based on that I have always had an affinity for UGK from the first time they sampled that Chaka Khan Tell Me Something Good , I am not some jenny come lately. I loved them before they were Big Pimpin with Jay.  Anyway…

The real reason I titled the blog Free Pimp C is because this morning I was on my way home from SWAT PT and they were interviewing C-Murder (yet another WRONGFULLY IMPRISIONED Rapper).  He was making excuses about people out to get him blah blah blah blah.  I mean I really feel that type of thing and the system is full of brothers and sisters who have been railroaded, but C-Murder come on now.  You had all access to remove yourself out of the game.  You were not forced to stay in that element you chose to.  If you knew they were trying to get you – don’t put them in a position where they could.  It’s a lot harder to frame or railroad someone when they follow the rules.  Here is my rant…if you know that selling a pound a green will get you twice as much as cocaine and that is a racially based decision… DON’T SELL ANYTHING.  They can’t railroad you then.  OK done.  I don’t want to discuss the ills of the legal system or my views. It just pissed me off that C-Murder is on the radio whining and saying he was railroaded.  That may be true but you put yourself in that position homie.  Choices have consequences.  I just keep thinking of that Source cover with all the mug shots of rappers in jail.  Man, you rap so hard to get out the streets but then you drag yourself right back.  Why even try to leave?  I guess it’s that Thug Life tatted on their chest. 

Now here is what I want to know how come you get so smart in jail.  C-Murder is writing two gansta novels.  There is always some brother trying to drop some science on you about the man and about five minutes into the conversation he reveals how he was incarcerated and did some studying during his sentence.   I know that it worked for Malcolm, but come on bras, you gotta get a new game. You all can not be Malcolm you can’t.  ANYWAY….

So… have you ever not seen someone for a long time and then when you see them you pick right back up like you just saw them yesterday.  I think that is so cool.  I actually think that is test of a real relationship.  I’ve done that several times in life but it still amazes me.  Well it is perhaps part of my personality; I tend to be extremely loyal. 

Buschick said something about me the other day and I almost cried because I thought it was so sweet. She said You managed to stay a friend to me even when I was not much of one to you. What is crazy about that is I really don’t know any other way to be.  I mean if I tell you that you are my friend then you are. (I take calling people my friend serious, when I say it I mean it.  I have a handful of friends and most of them have been my friends for over 6 years at the least)   Buschick and I have been through A LOT of things together.  We basically became women together. Unlike my oldest friend, buschick and I have explored all sides of our friendship from not talking to one another to wiping tears off of each other’s cheeks.  She is probably the friend I admire the most. Not so much because my other friends aren’t great, but because I knew her when. I guess its how parents feel.  I knew buschick before she was clothed in cloak of self righteousness. LOL! I knew buschick when she was OH SO TRIFE!! 

I remember meeting her when I visited Rice.  I was a week shy of 18 and this was like a preview visit.  My host was working so I was pretty much on my own to peruse the campus as I saw fit.  I met Buschick and she took me under her wing.  When I returned in the fall she was there.  Not sure how we started hanging out but we did. Boy did we hang out way too much…we should have been studying books instead of boys.  I remember one time thinking I was getting on her nerves, but she never said anything. She was cool like that.  After that year buschick went through some major changes.  That was the first of our years.  Those would be known as the Casey and Mia times.  We spent the spring semester being the epitome of trife along with Casey and Mia.  Buschick went home for the summer and when she returned the next year we were roommates. (I’ve only lived with three people in my life besides my family buschick, Roni (my best friend from HS), and my soon to be ex-husband…that’s pretty cool now that I think of it).   I still remember going to met her at the McDonalds in Baytown to take her to my Grandmother Rachel’s house.  

Those years of my life are fondly titled the LV (Lantern Village) Years. Ahh Yes!  That’s when buschick and I really became fam.  When you live with someone there really is no choice it just happens that way.  Buschick toted my carless ass around in her orange Toyota pickup with NO AC, Lupe was its name.  Let me tell you no AC in Houston Whooo.  I know she was tired of that shyt.  I have been in the position of being responsible for a friend getting to work and school and I know that shyt gets old, friend or no friend.  For the most part she did it with out too much complaining.  We shared Lupe and if there was no car (which happened a few times) we walked to the bus together.  I was a mere BCIT (buschick in training). WOW.  It has been a really long time since I thought about our adventures at LV.  There are lots of blogs in those years.  However, I am sad and ashamed to say those adventures did not end very happily.  They ended over a boy. 

This took us into our next phase of our friendship.  I like to call those the SMOD years.  Those years we were not so close.  Smod didn’t like me and GOD KNOWS I DID NOT LIKE HIM.  (Please leave a short personal message…I never should have given her his card-JERK)  I always thought buschick could do better…but she loved him and all his jerky ways, so oh well.  I guess that’s when I learned all I could do was just be there when she needed me.  Try not to talk bad about the chap (boy was that hard) and pray that it all turned out for the best. Oh yes.. God thanks for DBH!! He rocks!   

So I did just that.  Did you know that Buschick is responsible for getting me my start in IT?  After she tired of playing the Michelle Pfeiffer role in the public high schools of Aldine, Buschick got a job as a Tech Writer at this new start up company.  She told me they were hiring like CRAZY so I should apply.  I applied became a technical trainer and well the rest is HISTORY.  Buschick left me after a year to go back home to SEA-town and kick it in Redmond with Billy G. We stayed in touch and I guess it was really her time in Seattle when the friendship got right.  It’s funny…we spent several years here in the H not really talking just keeping in touch, and now that we are no longer in the same city we talk almost daily (ah yes…the "internets" is great for that).  We chat and act like were 15 and talk about how hard we will kick it in each other’s city the next time we visit. 

She is such a calming factor in my life.  She always makes me feel better when I talk to her.  She is always supportive of me no matter what choices I make and she always supports them even if she doesn’t agree with them.  She is kind. She spends lots of time helping others.  She is on the board of several charities.  She is environmentally conscious (no car for this green chick).  She is smart.  She is talented (she’s the next Toni Morrison).  She is strong.  She is funny (but not on purpose). She is a phenomenal woman and I admire who she has grown up to be.   Yesterday, she said she felt like she hadn’t done anything, which is crazy because I think she has done SOOOO MUCH.  She is my roadmap.  What she thinks always means so much to me.  I just get teary eyed thinking of who she is today compared to where we started and where she is now and where I think she is going. She is most definitely my gal for life.  Oh yeah and she LOVES UGK too, so I know she thinks Pimp C should be free!! I know…I know …it is the oxymoron that is buschick.


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2 Responses to Free Pimp C

  1. Amanda says:

    She\’s so sweet. That\’s hot.

  2. Rhonda says:

    I know firsthand what it means to have priceless friendship that is truly irreplacable. Friendship is not to be meted out to just anyone. Sometimes, you pick the wrong associates; but that quickly manifests itself as something fleeting. A true friend knows you in and out, through and through, and loves you no less for your shortcomings. I love all y\’all, and hope for many more years of kicking it with such beautiful, intelligent, style-saavy, kind-hearted, empathetic, and sympathetic beings. Peace and blessings, sisters.

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