"Whitney, Whitney… I didn’t know you wuz like that!!"  that was a quote from way back in my past.  It was in reference to when a then pristine (or so we thought- turns out u can take the girl out of Jersey…) Whitney Houston let the f bomb fly in Bodyguard …you know the part when she ask Costner if he was gonna phuck her or something like that. That was a shock to the systems of Houston fans everywhere.  Back then no one had a clue that the real acting was Whitney acting like she had some sense and some class.  LOL!! In fact she was very much like that character, RAW.  You know, she told you she and Bobby had something in common. LOL!! I just don’t get them.  I’m trying to keep the blog short today so I am gonna just stop with that statement.  Well I wish you the best in rehab Whitney.  I am not gonna say to much else cause I know how you went off on Wendy Williams, so I am gonna keep your name out my mouth cuz I don’t know you (I think that phrase has now replaced the Garden State as the new nickname/phrase for NJ – New Jersey…You don’t know us! Son).  I don’t need no Jersey beat downs, I know how yous guys are son!

MIKE….what is up with all the extra drama?  Your lawyer now?  Long as he comes back in a full suit. Man- NO comment. Like I said this shall be a short blog.

The kids with the kidney infections caught from some traveling petting zoo.  I have always seen a problem with petting zoos…kids love to put their grimy little hands in their mouths. Unless you are going to follow them with a bottle of antibacterial gel or better yet straight alcohol, let them read about the cows going MOOOOOOOOOO and the sheep going BAAAAAAAAAAA.  Never in my life have I felt the need to pet something that smelled so bad.  I have a very limited tolerance for farm animals. 

Ok here is my personal beef…someone OWES me a large sum of money and I recently saw a picture of a large wad of cash with the phrase Part Time Pimpin’ or something as the caption associated to this person profile. Is it wrong for me to be like “Um…excuse me, but nicca is that my money in that picture…you know the money you owe me??”  Would I be wrong for that?  I know…I know I’m not holding my breath on that cash.  I’ll move on.  I am not going to diss you in the internet/ My momma taught me better than that.

That’s it…Just pure unadulterated trife like you like it. 



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