Two Blog Day

Its a two blog day today… don’t ask why just read.

NO NO NO.  Kentucky lost.  See although I knew in my head that Tubby and his Wildcats were not going to win the big dance, they still were my sentimental favorite.  I had others and they have all fallen by the wayside.  The worst part is I didn’t even get to see the game.  Who would have thought three OT games to get us to the Final Four.  I ended up leaving Baytown to help a friend out in the first half of the game.  They owe me BIG TIME. 

So I tried to get the score on the road…first on the web on my phone then by sending out various text messages to people.  NO ONE answered.  So when I finally got the score.  I WAS DEVASTED!! The last of my sentimental favs had lost! I have a new one because loving Kentucky means I love Rick Pitino too (although I have always liked Kentucky my sentiment towards this Kentucky team lies with my fondness of Tubby Smith).  So now Slick Rick and his Cardinals will become my new sentimental fav. (Look I know that the Illini will meet the Tarheels and Illinois will probably take it- although I go back and forth on that one. Maybe NC migth do it. Hmmm… Just let a girl cheer for the unexpected).   

The games this weekend were OFF DA HOOK!! That’s why people love college hoops…nothing like ’em.  Now for me the basketball was great and looking at the babies that was even better.  Is it me or are these young men looking older and older these days?  Well that Salim Stoudamire (AZ) he can shoot my game winner anytime (too bad he didn’t get a chance to make it two in a row on Sat night)…and that Deron Williams (Ill) he is fundamentally fabulous to me-from Texas too! (Now y’all know I got a thing for the bumble bees).  I’ll stop- I don’t need any officials shaking me down R. Kelly style.  I only deal with the legal ones.  I promise.

Moving on…I am looking forward to this Final Four.  Although I know the Ill and NC are the  favorites I think that Louisville and Mich St could do some upsetting, you never know. I think either way it will be fun to watch!!



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