Ducktales makes it BIG!!

Well today I told buschick I was going to blog about her little bro, Baby Saulty!!.  BC and I have been friends for like 15 years so we are family, so when ever the boys (who are actually grown azz, fine azz men now) have accomplishments I feel really proud too.  Well Baby Saulty was a star soccer player at his university and he is now about to enter dental school!!  His first big accomplishment was he got in to UW dental school. I believe it is one of the best in the nation.  Then yesterday BC tells me Baby Saulty called her to tell her he won 1 of 2 very lucrative scholarships (basically it covers 60% of what it will cost him to go to dental school).  Go Boy.  I am so proud of you. To think when BC and I were in college I told her that his baby picture looked like Ducktales (you know Huey, Dewey, and Louey).  I know you were stank about that Baby Saulty- but you showed me. You grew up into a hottie.  It’s so odd to think of  your friends lil bros are cute especially when they were so young when you met them.  So Ducktales if your reading…you are my husband!! LOL! You are on a list of A list men you know there’s Denzel, Brad Pitt, and Michael Ealy- all my husbands! Yes I am moving to Utah to make this legal.

Now I can’t give big ups to Baby Saulty with out sending shouts out to my Baby Daddy Saultino (the original Salty). One day I’ll explain the difference of my lists the husband list vs the baby daddy list and how one gets on the lists. I’m sure many out there want me to put them on!)   Anyway Saultino is BC’s other lil bro-also know as the leader (he is the older of the boys).  Saultino is making it happen and I even have a link to him on my blog.  He is a sweetie and he is doing the damn thing at UW majoring in Global Studies.  I am proud of him too. 

Both Saultys need to know that their  big sis DIGS them so much her love and pride can’t help but rub off on her friends. We are all proud of you!! So Baby Saulty you can check my cavities anytime and Saultino you know we can GET GLOBAL (LOL).  I think you both have grown up to be fabulous young men and I’m here cheering you on in the background with BC everytime you do your thang.  You two gentlemen are DA BOMB and know that your sis and I are super proud of you.  If I was 10 years younger and you sister wouldn’t pimp slap me, I’d holla! That’s hot.


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4 Responses to Ducktales makes it BIG!!

  1. J says:

    Yo \’Nique,I appreciate the kind words, and share in your proudness of my little brother. It\’s quite an accomplishment he has achieved, and there\’s no one more worthy than he. Pretty soon, my broke ass will be able to see a dentist.Some day you\’ll have to explain to me what the difference is between the husband title and the baby daddy title, but until then, keep holding H town down for the rest of us in Boringville, USA…UPDATE: Carla has given me the nickname "Pigeon-Hunting-Card-Shark." So I\’ve been going by PHCS lately…reason being, I\’ve won my last 2 out of 5 casino tournaments, and been "in the money" in my last 4 out of 5. Just keepin\’ my baby\’s momma updated…get your hands outta my pockets woman! ;)Saulty

  2. Bus Chick says:

    Who\’s Carla? 😉

  3. Rhonda says:

    Now just how old is this young man?… Just kidding, Carla! LOL Big ups to young men making big things happen. I have only had one cavity in my life, so a cleaning shouldn\’t be much, right?

  4. Joel says:

    Monique, thank you for taking the time to write a blog about my brother and me. You can\’t tell, but I\’m blushing. I\’ll be honest, it\’s been a long journey and I\’ve worked my ass off to get where I am. What gives me the most satisfaction, however, is that I was rewarded for my efforts. Now I can take the next steps toward acheiving my ultimate goal, which involves making dental care more available to underserved populations. I can\’t think of a better way to utilize my schooling. That aside, I owe much of my success to my family who stuck by me throughout each step of the way. Their love and support will always be my most effective motivation. Anyway, enough about me…when are you coming to visit? My sister has a crazy paint job to show you, my brother probably wants to take your money at the card table, and I\’d like to discuss how disappointed I am in your \’ducktales\’ comment. Thanks again. Joel

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