I love shoes!! Actually I love shoes, clothes, make-up, my friends, men (select ones), other people’s children (in small doses), and my job (sometimes).  This blog shall be about the shoe.  The shoe is a fabulous thing.  Shoes NEVER forsake you unlike some of those other things I mentioned.  Shoes are always there for you.  I mean clothes are like that for a minute unless you happen to hit the buffet one to many times then your clothes they tell all your business by fitting all tight and not cooperating, but your shoes- it takes a lot for your shoes not to fit.  I assumed that loving shoes came with womanhood, but I learned that not all women love shoes.  WELL I DO.  I’m that kind of chick, the one who loves everything about being a woman you know hair, nails, clothes, shoes, perfume, and men.  I am not the girliest of girls by far I cuss like a sailor, drink like a fish, and I am not the most demure flower on the block, but make NO MISTAKE as SJP says in the pretty khaki commercial "I enjoy being a girl".

Men will never get it. BC said that DBH never looks at people’s shoes and he thinks looking at shoes is like looking at dust.  LOL!! I also know someone who once knocked over a glass of water because she was distracted by a woman’s shoes.  HA!! I understand.  I am always telling someone "cute shoes!" Men don’t do that! Well the ones that do…

Back to shoes…I was on the "internets" yesterday and the shoe that inspired this blog caught my attention. It was a most beautiful lime green sandal by Rene Caovilla.  Price Tag $745.00.  WOOO.  I won’t be wearing those shoes- however I did contemplate a savings plan to buy said shoe and still be fiscally responsible.  It was that mesmerizing.  OMG you just don’t know.  Being a mere mortal and somewhat sane about my finances I have never spent more than $120.00 on a shoe.  Most of my shoes I find on sale or I pay around $75 or $80 at the most.  The thought of paying 10 times what I pay on a shoe does intrigue me a little bit.  I know the shoe is heaven-it has to be for that price.  I mean I tool around the Salon section of Nordy’s checking out all the fabulous shoes.  Something in me won’t let me buy anything there.  I guess I’m afraid if I buy my first pair of Manolos, Jimmy Choos, or Gucci’s I will never be able to return to the likes of Nine West, Franco Sarto, or Payless (LOL).  Couldn’t have that. Get hooked on designer shoes.  I am already hooked on enough stuff- SUCKING my money out of me. I still waste money probably as much as a few pairs of Mui Mui’s however I have more than a pair of shoes to show for it. I don’t want to be like Carey and utter  " I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live?"

I guess when I do make that purchase in Salon shoes it will be my I have arrived purchase.  See, I don’t think there is anything wrong with buying expensive shoes or expensive anything, if you can afford it.  I mean really afford it.  The problem comes when you are buying shoes ( or actually any one thing for that matter) and the item cost more than, as much, or almost as much as your rent and you have no savings or even a thought of savings.  Look I am all about getting things you want- but I know there needs to be a balance.  So before I go in Nordy’s or Neiman’s and lay down a cool $800 for a pair of shoes you can assume there will be several things checked off on my list.  A new house, a paid off car, a great stock portfolio, a few trips to some sandy beautiful islands- you get the picture.  I will just continue to peruse the Salon shoes and look, try on and pretend.  That will do me just fine.  Did you know two pairs of Gucci’s are the equivalent to a very nice dinning room table or entertainment center- hell some people’s mortgage. ISN’T THAT CRAZY?  See I do have some sense, but I also have lots of shoes (they just don’t cost $745 dollars).

Be EZ,




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6 Responses to SHOES!!!

  1. Rhonda says:

    Whooooooooo! Girrrrrl, I know what you mean. I AM one of those girls who loves shoes… and makeup… and accessories. And we all know what I do for a living. (It didn\’t make sense a few years ago as a RN, either) Hell I spotted some in the latest Amerie video that I just want to know who made them! It is a sickness, I have to take it one day at a time. And you\’re right. I have to use the practical side of my brain and say, "You could have a whole…" in exchange for one pair of those. But sometimes it hurts walking away. <*sniff, sniff*>

  2. Tobz says:

    hey agen i went to texas once it was pretty cool, i think we went to houston i can\’t really remember

  3. Bus Chick says:

    Even buschicks are tempted by cute shoes. Luckily, all that walking requires us to make practical choices (good thing, since you can\’t exactly be draped in the cloak of self-righteousness if you are a shoe fiend). Besides, this buschick\’s mother has enough shoes for both of us. 🙂

  4. John says:

    I\’m wearing the same pair of shoes I\’ve worn every day for the past six months.I\’m more concerned about Buschick\’s tilting head. Does she have an inner ear infection that throws off her balance every time a camera appears?

  5. Maggie says:

    I LOVE SHOES TOO…..BOOTS are my FAV!!!!!! We need to go shopping! Let me know when! lol!-Love your Space, keep it up.God Bless,M.

  6. Unknown says:

    Girlfriend,  You hit the nail on the head! I\’m as addicted as you, but never want to be inCarey\’s shoes (actually I do but I meant it figuratively)!! When you comparethe price of the shoes with what else you could buy for that price, you\’rebeing extremely smart! All in good time. It\’s not cute to be beautiful andbroke.   Thanks for a Great Point of View         Terry

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