There’s no need to fear, Underdog is Here

When criminals in this world appear/And break the laws that they should fear/
And frighten all who see or hear/The cry goes up both far and near for
Underdog/ Underdog/ Underdog /Underdog.

Well despite much anticipated hype, the Fighting Illini did not win the NCAA Div I Men’s Basketball National Championship that was their "destiny".  North Carolina showed the world "Don’t Believe the Hype".  I like that a lot.  I hate the hype machine (aka the media) they tell us who to cheer for, who to mourn for, what’s hot, what’s not, who we should be looking for and who is guilty.  The hype machine is not for me. I prefer rooting for the underdog.  To each his own, if you like the hype then by all means stick with it, but don’t let the hype determine what you like or who you are.  I am very happy for Roy Williams.  It is always good to get a monkey off your back.

Other Random Thoughts…

Why does Matt Lauer insist on asking the cardinals he interviews what they were talking about in their SWORN TO SECRECACY meetings?  Matt, do you really think someone is going to tell you?  These men took a vow of celibacy; I don’t think you have any tactics that will break them.  I guess it’s your news reporter training. Does anyone know what other news is going on besides the people who are standing in line to see the pope’s body in state?  Then I think THANK GOD now we don’t have to hear them talk way to much about MJ’s trail or some other nonsense that was getting way too much attention than it should have gotten. 


Hear that? It’s just the hype machine-deciding what we want to know and what we need to know and what should be important to us.  I guess I will just continue to cheer for the underdogs.  Sometimes the underdogs win and sometimes they can’t get it done. Oh well…at least this time they did win.  GO NC!!



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