I just heard on ET that Dave Chappelle has checked himself into a South African Mental Hospital. No other comment on why.   Entertainment Weekly is supposed to have details.  His people deny drug addiction.  Then went on to say that the Chappelle Show is not coming back and the staff is looking for work.  WAIT!! Don’t slit your wrist yet…they supposedly have enough material right now for at least four episodes! Damn…damn…damn.  I am at such a loss for words.  Yes the OG is speechless and sad.  I’ll be back I am going to purchase my black armband.

Be EZ,





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2 Responses to DAVE CHAPPELLE IS WHERE????

  1. Amanda says:

    What really funny comedian do you know that isn\’t crazy? I think a little kookiness is necessary. Um let\’s see…Martin Lawrence- a certain street yelling incidentEddie Murphy – a certain incident with a street walkerRichard Pryor – where do I start?Chris Rock – two words…Pootie TangChris Tucker – traveling 90 miles an hour to get to CHURCH on time??? Come on!Carlin – RehabSeinfield – ok he\’s pretty normal but I heard he gets off to Superman, that just weird

  2. Renee says:

    I bet he\’s having a hard time dealing with the pressure… I mean why else do you go all the way to freakin south africa for mental help… poor Dave.. i really hate how its all over the media…You have a nice space as well 🙂

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