Single** Black Female Addicted to Retail

Well this morning my mom called and woke me up! That was cool because 1) she was very excited about her mother’s day present ( her first full body massage at a full service day spa) and 2) I was afraid that the dream I had earlier might resume ( I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT).  My mom is so cute, she wanted to know what to wear.  My reply um whatever… you are just going to take it off.  I explained to her how the spa was going to work and after she got over the fact that she should remove at the least her bra she was ok.  I know this probably doesn’t seem like a very big deal to you, but to me it was extremely big. My mom raised us in a single parent home with basically no assistance from either of our fathers (my dad believed in paying for things for me directly. So instead of Child Support he would send things for me).  It was his way to make sure my mom wouldn’t blow money on herself you know on things like …I don’t know THE LIGHT BILL. Anyway, despite that my mom still made sure I had a relationship with my father because she believed that regardless of the relationship she and my father had I should have a relationship with him. Plus you couldn’t have torn me a apart from him with a 10ft pole. I LOVED THAT MAN.  He will always be the number one love of my life even in his death. I was a daddy’s girl!  So back to my mother.

She arrived at my apartment around an hour early and she was as giddy as a little girl.  When do we need to leave?  Why aren’t you dressed?  I need lotion?  Where is the spa?  OK OK mom I know you are excited.  I could tell when we got there she was a bit impressed. This was just the Nordy’s day spa but sometimes I forget I stem from modest means and my mother definitely does.  So she thought it was fabulous.  My mom filled out her form and we were escorted to the back.  While in the relaxing room she was enjoying the tranquility and was like I need to save my money so I can know about stuff like this. I replied that’s what I’m for. I can’t tell you what amount of pride and joy it brings me to be able to provide luxuries for my mother.  She sacrificed so much to raise us and I feel it is the least that I can do.  They proceeded to give us hot herbal foot bathes and then we were off to our individual services. My facial was fabulous as usual and I was finished before my mother. When she came back she was so happy.  She hugged and kissed me right there on the spot.  She said I need to get momma one of these.  She said that it was fab. We sat in the relax room and chatted for a minute and rested and chatted. It was a very nice bonding experience.  After about 30 minutes we got up to leave. 

Now we were in the Galleria so I had to make a few stops.  I hade told myself I was not going to buy anything…three shirts, 1 dress, 2 pair of shoes later I made good on that promise. I mean I really need to get a hold of my shopping. I LOVE IT.  I LOVE BUYING THINGS. My friends will attest. The crazy thing is I will shop for anything for anybody.  I do not care. If I see something and have the money I will buy it.  Rhonda calls me the impulsive buyer. I am, I have at least made myself answer a few questions before I buy.  Today I even put some stuff back and I did stay with in a budget I had set for spending, but I really should have put that money to use and not been shopping with it. I do have some consumer debt I could retire quicker.  Hear ye, hear ye everyone with in the sound of my voice STOP ME.  STOP ME NOW!! I was doing so good, but this week I have gone off the deep end my apartment looks like someone went to the mall and threw up everything they sell. There are clothes, shoes, home accessories, and household items all over the floor in various bags TArget, Ann Taylor Loft, Gap, Wal-Mar…you get the picture. 

I use to not be so bad…well, I guess I use to have less disposable income.  I think my habit started in college. I worked at Express ( a part-time job I kept all through college).  Each night I would come home with something new. THE RUSH.  I have done some self reflection and I think some of it stems from a modest upbringing.  Well, at least in my mom’s house.  My dad’s was a much different existence- another blog for another day.  Well If everyone can please think about me.  I MUST STOP!! I REALLY MUST STOP! Well unless it involves making my family and friends happy.  I do feel blessed to provide those tokens of my appreciation to the people I love.  Did I mention how my mom has been calling people since we left the Galleria to tell them what her daughter did for her.  Happy Mother Day par deaux.  For the record I had planned to take her to lunch as well…but she is on some diet and brought her lunch to my house.  My mother. LOL! 


The new Bennifer is pregnant Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck!

Seale and Heidi Klum got married Tuesday

Renee Z and Kenney Chesney got married


They may be enjoying Paris, but they ain’t enjoying a Detroit lead in the Piston Pacers series. Maybe DBH is too far to send the Detroit Love.  I think Miami is coming out the East! Sorry Buschick

** almost legally single…but the Kanye West line says single not almost single- you understand poetic license

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9 Responses to Single** Black Female Addicted to Retail

  1. Renee says:

    Council??? I dont get voted off do I? LOL man your shopping habits sound like mine… I\’m a very impulse buyer… saddest thing… if I\’m buying a present for someone else I feel like that give me free reign to buy things for myself… several things… to the one present… christmas is crazy, one for them two for me…That was really sweet of you to do that for your mom… I was in a singe parent household too, but my dad wasnt as cool… childish… tangent… anyways… I\’d love to be glamazon :)… ooh just rolls off your tongue…

  2. Poppy says:

    New recruit for the Glamazon tribe? I\’m feeling that new addition.

  3. Rhonda says:

    We all know that I have shopping issues you and Mandana remind me of that…often, LMAO! But I am considerable better. Just having a shopping bag in your hand is better than chocolate. Almost.

  4. Nique says:

    @rRenee. You don\’t get voted off the council. Right now you are a GIT (Glamazon in Training). I have NO CLUE what that means, I guess I have to make sure you are not a poser. I\’ll be watching you. I assumed you have read my blog that outlines a Glamazon (first req). Mostly it has to do with height and being fabulous-however only being fab is a true requirement (fab means- smart, pretty, witty, and generally a nice person who at the same time doesn’t take too much crap). Some women refuse the term Rhonda for instance keeps saying she isn\’t cause she isn\’t tall enough. She is a Glamazon we just tell call it the Ya Ya trib to keep her quiet- she is know for slapping bytches (LONG STORY). Some people say others aren\’t because they are too skinny (I think a Glamazon should have a shape). Just know this …When you think of Glamazon think of Wonder Woman. If you are like me you had those Under Roos and some foil paper cup bracelets to complete your WW ensemble. – the problem with those Under Roos is the skin on the t-shirt never match so I always looked like I was wearing a t-shirt and not the cool strapless bodice WW sported. Watch out, I still have my lasso of truth. OK I am supposed to be working but I HAD TO TAKE A BREAK FROM THIS MADNESS!!-OG

  5. Nique says:

    @RhondaGirl you know I feel you on the shopping and chocolate…there is only one thing better 🙂

  6. Renee says:

    LOL yea I followed directions and read the "what is a Glamazon post" I do have the height 5\’9"or so… the funny, witty, pretty, smart thing… I do think I have down… and finally after many years of being too quiet I think I have the "not taking no mess part down" if you need references for that LOL I have them… or at least some blogs I can direct you to… LOL also my 101 is a good place to start if you need to check my credentials… 🙂

  7. Nique says:

    Your 101 is how you got the invite!! LOL!

  8. Renee says:

    well damn.. duh LOL I dont lose points for being slow sometimes do i??? 😛

  9. Nique says:

    No…even Glamazons have blonde moments!

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