Singing in the Rain…

Yes I am blogging during the work day, my manager is OUT OF TOWN.  He sits behind me, so I try to look like less of a slacker than I truly am when he is around. He is also new, so I am still training him on what it means to work with a professional (meaning…leave me the phuck alone and let me do my job.  I will hit my deadlines because that is what you pay me to do. If I need your help I will let you know.  Don’t micro-manage me. I must be happy to work and goofing off some of the day keeps me that way. He’ll get it one day.)  On to the blog…



Last night I had Blogger’s Block (BB) I mean I was up and ready to blog and all the funny things in my head just went right out the door.  So this morning in the car on the way from SWAT and then on the way to work the blogs just kept coming.  The first thing I thought about was Stevie Wonder.  I have been on a Stevie kick for the last week or so LOVE HIM! Anyway he just had a birthday like on May 13th and he also just had a baby… YES another one. He has like a gaggle of kids (somewhere between 7-11) ranging from like their late 20’s Aisha (29) (Remember her – Isn’t she Lovely) to his newborn son born on his birthday a few days ago.  Man, these blind geniuses get around.  I thought men were visual apparently men are men, blind or not.  It ain’t their eyes running the show.  I saw Stevie’s current wife and she is beautiful.  I wonder what his test for beautiful women is?  You know Ray had the wrist thing.  Just funny… I thought. I guess blind cats get lots of love from the women. I mean who is going to think a blind cat is running hos like water (my new favorite phrase), not me.  I would’ve got got.  "Stevie you’re so talented…Stevie you’re so sensiteve…Stevie you’re a musical genius…I love you Stevie…I know she didn’t mean nothing…"- YOU GET ME??- GOT. Hear that?? Thats the sound of me going down the drain. One day I’m goingto write a book called Girl, He is Running Hos Like Water and You Are Going Down the Drain. It will be a self-help book.  

So that was my whole thought process on my way from SWAT. LOL!! I should have been thinking of something else more up lifting and less trife than the philandering of Steveland Judkins Hardaway.   At least I was not thinking how hard my workout was today. It was hard but it was really good one.  That is the best thing about working out the high after (ding!! another blog topic). High after or not, I do hate running hills. I have managed flat land fine. I actually keep up with my SWAT instructors in the front of the pack; however sprinting up hills is still the bain of my existence.  Now carrying a dude (SWAT Instructor) up the hills is easy but, sprinting up them sucks.  My goal is to be able to keep up with Larry, Mo, and George (I know you thought I was going to say Curly) while sprinting up the hill.  I will get there.   


On my way to work my CD Changer had switched to Faith (undeniably girl music ).  If you want to know what’s in my cd changer right now it is: The Emancipation of Mimi (Mariah Carey), First Lady (Faith Evans), and Stevie Wonder something –some greatest hit CD that is not Musiquarium (Stevie Wonder-duh) .  The hard stuff is on my MP3 player (that would consist of Luda, Pimp C, Mike Jones who? Mike Jones,  and Jay).  Ok back to my drive…so I was listening to that song Again by Faith.  Which says “if I had to do it all again/ I wouldn’t take away the rain/ because it made me who I am”.  I am so feeling that. In my old age I have really started getting in tune with learning from my mistakes and trying not to repeat them …you know looking inward at them seeing where you were wrong in the big mess.  That is the hardest thing, looking at what part you had in making your own storms brew.  But like Faith, I wouldn’t take away any of the rain.  Although, I have a long way to go…I like the me I am right now. She is a better woman than I imagined myself to be when I was 5, 15, and even 25.  Yes, I thought about what it would be like to be this age at 5; actually it just seemed REALLY OLD (my grandmother was like 46 when I was five so you see my point of reference- GRANDPARENTS). LOL


Be EZ,




I have another blog coming very soon…it could be a two blog day.  When that blogger’s block is removed and your boss is gone you got to  jump on it and get on your thug fizzle  and BLOG.  You can quote me on that.

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6 Responses to Singing in the Rain…

  1. Patricia says:

    I\’m reading blogs at work too. My boss is out of the office too. Woo hoo! And I share your frustration with micro managers. I had one of those and it\’s not fun. Now that I\’m the manager I try not to do it…well, better go work. Ciao! HPM

  2. Renee says:

    I like the emacipation of Mimi CD… Aint it funny how these blind musicians being womanizers… you think theyre so sensitive and that slight sense of pity you cant avoid cause they are blind… little do you know they are running straight game on you… 😛

  3. Poppy says:

    Girl, you better get back to work… "Lots of good white men could have had your job!" or something like that. Remember that line from "Crash?" LOL!

  4. Nique says:

    Oh yes, I know there are millions of white men out here that could have had my job, they are probably the same white boys who should have had my spot in college. Today, I am doing enough to employ all those good white men, because I\’ve been on calls and putting out fires since I wrote that blog. My manager left some things going on and somehow I’m the go to chick (the new has rubbed off). I mean I had a bit of a respite (translation: time to goof off), but only because I am an excellent multi-tasker. Man… I should of blogged about Crash last night that would have been a good plug for the movie and a great thought provoking blog. That movie made me think on so many different levels. It is definitely a must see movie, but you already know that. I shall blog about how that movie made me feel and put it in for time release LOL ( rt, Renee?) I wonder what my real response to that comment would have been – well I wouldn\’t have one because I wish a motherphucker would… to quote Cedrick the Entertainer. 😛

  5. Amanda says:

    My boss could be at sea for all I know. She works in the San Diego office!! Don\’t hate!!LOL

  6. Rhonda says:

    The FAA is my manager when I am on the clock, and I wish a mothphucka WOULD act up. My supervisor is in Baltimore, and I am spending the night in Indianapolis. It\’s the highlight of some flight attendants\’ day to get somebody thrown off the plane. Not saying that it\’s one of my livelihoods, but it has happened. Hi-ho, hi-ho, it\’s off to work I go…

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