Things that I may blog about one day…

In an effort to NEVER have Bloggers Block (BB) again I have comprised a list of things I want to blog about.  As I said before, blog topics are always racing through my head and I apparently can’t remember them when its time so I wrote these down from today.


Here is a short list of things I want to get my blog on about:


  • The blog I was working on today (before work interrupted my play day –how dare they want me to work while my manager is not here.  BASTARDOS!).
  • Crash – Great Movie (Maybe after more people see it) Well definitely the themes covered in the movie- that won’t give a way the plot.
  • The lady on Good Times who did all the voice overs on the laugh tracks … you know she said stuff like  “Right on!”.  Where is she now?  What is she doing?  No one requires Strong Black phrases over their laugh tracks anymore.  How is she surviving? Does she get residuals?
  • Strong Black Phrases LOL!! (Obvious progression)
  • Dave Chappelle   (He has a softer side…just like Sears)
  • How music producers (namely hip-hop and hip-hop smooth out on the R&B tip with a pop feel producers) are getting out of hand with all this whispering on a track before the record begins- Damn you Puffy…Take that… Take That… Take That.  It was cool when it was just shameless self-promotion, you know “Darkchild 99”.  But saying the name of your favorite TV show?
  • The work out high – how great it really is.
  • The Book on Bullshyt (I just bought it). I hope to have lots of good shyt ,no pun intended, to discuss.  Ok the pun was intended.  LOL!
  • Any Suessism I see fit (another book I just bought).  Basically Dr. Suess on life… hmmm interesting.   
  • What am I going to watch once there is an American Idol and Next Top Model and Dr. Carter leaves the ER, and the Desperate Housewives go on a family summer vacation, and the Piston’s/Heat/Suns/Spurs win the Championship, and the Law and Order is all ordered up, and Will and Grace go away…You get me.  Oh Wait there is still Family Guy and there is always Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Videos on BET, MTV, Style, HGTV, and baseball.  Whew I had a panic attack there for a minute.
  • Secret Blog topic- If I tell you…IT WOULD NOT BE A SECRET BLOG TOPIC.
  • Several time release blogs (date and time sensitive subjects sitting in the cooler…on ice).


So there you have it a list I will resort to from time to time… Sometimes when I have BB and sometimes when the time seems right.


Be EZ,








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6 Responses to Things that I may blog about one day…

  1. Renee says:

    LOL softer side like sears, that is too good!!

  2. Rhonda says:

    Or WHY does Hawaii have and Interstate? Get on that… PLEASE!

  3. Rhonda says:

    there was a typo and no way to corrrect it. The string was "…and Interstate?" The correction is "…an Interstate." And I still want you to get on that. Thank you.

  4. Rob says:

    Well, I know this isn\’t what you wanted to hear, but Hawai\’i\’s "Interstate" is called an interstate because that *fund* is where the money came from to build the road(s). And the road fulfills traffic and "national security" needs (IE meets the same standards) just like the Interstates in the lower 48. Check this out:, can that "lower 48" thing. Turns out Alaska & Puerto Rico have "Interstates," too. <Cue sign & music: The More You Know>

  5. Amanda says:

    Oo oo oo! Blog about that Baby Momma Jemima azz girl on Clean House with all those sistah gurl sayings and the neck rollin\’. You know that Niecy Nash from Reno 911? I HATE her on that show! She\’s like a mixture of Sandra Clark (227) and Matriarch Mama Joe (Soul Food).

  6. Renee says:

    I hope you dont mind a few scratches on the shoes, figured i\’d uhhhh break em in for ya… dont want them too tight while youre at work… then you can concentrate on the clients LOL I like the X-rating… very appropriate… not for the shoes though… they may be triple X…

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