What Memorial Day Really Signifies

Some say it is the unofficial start to summer.  But I realized what it really signifies is the beginning of summertime reality shows.  Also know as crap. If things weren’t “chaotic” enough with Brit and Kevin now I am going to be subjected to Beauty and the Geek (some Avg Joe theme show with brainy geeks and dumb beauties- BOO),  Dancing with the Stars (pseudo celebs team up with dancers- I guess its suppose to capitalize on the Shall we dance craze- there is a Shall We Dance Craze?), RU the Girl (Chilli and T-Boz are looking for a replacement for Left Eye- I thought they weren’t going to replace her. I guess the sound of their last album going lint made them rethink the thought.), I want to be a Hilton (Momma Hilton doing something- I know she’ll be showing us how to keep your daughter off the pole but still skanky) , H1t me baby one more time (Old rockers trying to get in the game- BOO), Tommie Lee goes to College ( I don’t know), Hells Kitchen ( some chef screaming at wanna be chefs),  ok ok you get me.  I wish I had an idea to sell.  I mean apparently it doesn’t take much.  NBC has a ton of reality shows way too many to mention.  I think my favorite variety of reality show to make fun of is the one would the “celebrity”.  No real celebrity is doing a weekly reality show. It’s a genre reserved for those on the B, C, and D list.  If you are lucky then maybe the show will elevated you out of your status like Nick and Jessica.  That’s right Brittney I think your 15 minutes may be up.  I hope you have invested wisely and there is always a show in Vegas for you to hit us one more time. 


Since I am on the celebrity band wagon,  is it me or is the name combining out of hand?  First there was Bennifer (Ben and J-Lo) then Bennifer (Ben and Jen Garner).  Now there is Tomkat (Tom and Katie) and the latest, my personal favorite, Brangelina (Brad and Angelina). 


So I was thinking what if people went around referring to their couple friends under one moniker.  Hey have any of you guys seen Zonique (look my blog – my fantasy).  Great news Cadam is making it official they are engaged.  LOL! Amanison is on their way over here.  Ok ! Ok! I am cracking my self up LMAO!! I hope you laugh as much combining your friend’s name.  Here is the question is the moniker singular or plural I treated as a single you know two become one.


This week has been really hard.  I guess it’s the after vacation blues.  You know the freedom of not having to be at work during the week.  Well at least this is a short week.  I need to be independently wealthy.  LOL


Well let me get out of here.  I have a grind to get ready for.  Oh yes that new common CD is jamming- but you already knew that if you were cool.  Yes that means Toyosha (my truck)  released him from her grips. (For those who didn’t know my Common CD was stuck in my CD for no reason.  It was the first time I had tried to play it.  But it came out yesterday).Woo Hoo

Be EZ,



Speaking of reality shows has any one seen the Shaquille ? It really wasn’t that bad.  It comes on Mondays on ESPN I guess.  That’s when I saw it.  Check it out if you like sports or reality TV and let me know what you think.  Go ahead…I’ll wait for you.  I’ll be right here.  

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8 Responses to What Memorial Day Really Signifies

  1. Bus Chick says:

    The other day at DBH\’s, I came across an interesting show on VH1: Kept. Have you heard of this? Jeri Hall (sp?) is auditioning young studs to be her kept man. Um, OK.

  2. Nique says:

    I think I may have saw that but I wasn\’t sure what the premise was. It really is getting way out of control. I think you and DBH should have a show called THE COUNTDOWN! LOL or is that THe Smackdown if he doesn\’t come with it!

  3. Patricia says:

    Just came by for my daily read and to sign in in honor of sign the guest book day. I agree, the prime time situation is lacking. Well at least I\’ll get my work-at-home hours in for the next few months.Ciao!HPM

  4. Renee says:

    LOL sweeps girl, sweeps… I guess they figured Ashton did so well with punked that they needed to give him another show… everytime I see him I always wonder… is Demi like a child, how do trhey have anything in common they way he acts… anyway too much "reality" not enough reality…why do celeb couple want to be referred to as one entity, you spedn your whole life making a anme for yourself just to be reduced to tomkat? which is a weird couple in itselfvery cute new pics girl…

  5. Renee says:

    girl! I am falling out my chair at your comment!! I love it… and you know if they do, I will cut you a check for coming up with the idea girl!!

  6. Amanda says:

    Amanison here…LOLYes Common is jammin, almost makes me miss Chy-town….syke! I\’m a Texan now baby!I\’ve given up on trying to understand reality TV. They\’re basically all game shows now anyway. We should be rich! Let\’s get on some pitches..How about a reality show where one young black woman tries to survive in fake-azz corporate America? Well call it HGIC (Head Glamazon in Charge).

  7. Nique says:

    Man if I can get paid on just one of these ideas!! Man I\’m gone be throwed (like a real Houstonian!!). @Renee I don\’t think the celebs want to be referred to I think the media has just gotten that lazy. The damn internets makes the world lazy. People don\’t want to type Ben and Jennifer (Lopez or Garner). Ha! I think we may have something with the GKS (u need to go to Renee’s page to know what that stands for). You find the thugs and hoochies and I\’ll provide the clear heels and doo-rags. @Amanison (now you now that is how I am gonna refer to you from now on…LOL) I think we could do several reality shows based on the Glamazon brand. LOL Who wants to be a Glamazon. America\’s Next Top Glamazon, Glamazons and Geeks, The Glamazon ( the bachelorette for Glamazons). Speaking of the Bachelor franchise WHEN WILL KWAME JACKSON be the Bachelor I hear he is single again. Look I loose 40lbs, bleach my hair and teeth to try to get on that one. Smart men are SOOOOOOOOOOO sexy!!@HPM how do you know all the cool blog days I need to get on and get my comment on!-OG

  8. Rigo says:

    Hi munique feel free to enter my space to meet with the most beautyfull island in the caribbean ARUBA WHERE HAPPYNESS LIVES. thank you GOD BLESS

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