Just Like Music

Man…I love music so much,  I always have.  Music is an expression of how I feel.  I mean, real music not all the crap that is on the radio.  Now don’t get me wrong I love the mindless, misogynistic, crazy songs as much as the next girl (he ain’t talking bout me!).  But there is something about music that can instantly transport us back to times in our lives when things were happy, sad, fun, or just not the current time.  Music that moves is music that we relate too.  You know when people sing about feelings and situations that we just went through or are currently going through.  You know when  Aretha sang about the man who made her feel like a natural woman or when Minnie Ripperton sang No one else could make me feel the colors that you bring, stay with me til we grow old and we will live each day in the springtime and then hit that high note in Loving You.  There is nothing that can take me back to my college days than when  Q-Tip raps back in the days on the boulevard of linden, We used to kick routines and presence was fittin’.  It was I the abstract.  So now I am jamming to my current soundtrack which consist of Common, Mariah Carey, Faith, ol school Stevie Wonder, with a little Ying Yang Twins, Ludacris, and Mike Jones- who? Mike Jones thrown in LOL!  Sometimes is the beat that speaks to my soul sometimes it’s the lyrics that speak to my situation.  Music is just so great when its not abused that is.  I mean I think I’ve talked about the soundtrack of my life before. Everyone has one.  I remember listening to Rock the Boat (by Hughes Corporation not Aaliyah) and Rubber band Man while riding in the car with my dad as a very young age. I also remember the joy of neon colors while dancing on my bed to Wake Me Up before You Go Go.  I remember learning video routines to Love is Battlefield, Beat It, and Thriller.  Man when I hear those songs I still remember the talent shows that went with them.  I also remembering listening to a few songs that made me cry, they either reminded me of a happier time with a love that was no more or the time when the love was becoming no more.  I just don’t understand who doesn’t love music or who isn’t moved by it. 

Even right now in my sage old age music moves me, there are songs that can make me cry, songs that give me strength, songs that make me laugh, songs that make me randy (lol)…you know songs in the key of life (as my boy Stevie says).  The beat of my heart is to the tune of my soul and occasionally some songwriter happens to harmonize with my soul.  As the great Marvin Gaye says:

Just like music
Music is the soul of the man
Music makes a happy day
And music makes the clouds go by baby
Your music keeps my tears inside my eyes
(Just like music)
Your music makes me want to sing
Girl, music is a joy to bring
(Just like music)
Music is my heart and soul
More precious than gold
Happiness today is just a song away
I love your music baby

Turn up the music of your soul and have a great day! La la la la la la


Be EZ,



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2 Responses to Just Like Music

  1. Renee says:

    I know what you mean… the music I really like… is the kind that speaks to me on some level I cant understand… like I hear… and I love for no other reason than it tickles my ears…

  2. Rhonda says:

    Yeah I have to agree. Just the first couple of thumps in the beat can transport you back to a specific time and place… whether you want to be there or not. I love it when I get a cozy feeling about a song, and I can remember just where I was, who I was with, and what I was wearing. Summer Rain by Carl Thomas gives me the warm fuzzies… New Orleans, c. 2000, at the W Hotel throwing my hands up with Mr. Sadat Ahmad Shy…. <*dreamy sigh*> (and wearing some very fly strappy Dolce and Gabbana wedges, with small studs around the ankles)

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