No Pressure

So Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals went down. Oh the pressure!! Well…actually like the commentator said winning Game 7 isn’t pressure, having four mouths to feed with no job that’s pressure.  I concur. 


I was telling buschick how I thought it was so unfair all the media pressure on Dwayne Wade to be Captain Save My Bros!! But really…is there pressure?  I mean regardless of who won this game nobody’s child is going to be taken, nobody’s child is going to go hungry, nobody’s child is going to die.  All the players will still get paid maybe not as much as if they went to the finals (those pots for winning are nice extra cash- even for millionaires).  The only thing that will happen is some people will speculate what will happen next year with the losers. 


I mean before the game began there really was no real pressure, if Miami loses then they still have taken the franchise very far. GOOD JOB.  If Detroit loses they still made it to the Eastern Conference finals, something not normally expected of current champs (maybe of Detroit , but come on) plus so many people been riding Shaq Daddy’s Jock Detroit could just say you know you are right Doug Collins Shaq is the BIG DIFFERENCE.  I mean after all Miami does have the better record.  So no pressure kids no pressure unless the life of  you, your kids, your parents, your friends, or your significant other is on the line. 


Great game! Now lets gear up for the Spurs – Pistons final.  Who thinks there is going to be a repeat?  Now that’s pressure- the pressure to live up to your greatness!! NO IT ISN’T! Do you people not read anything!! Well Shaq still wins after all.  How far did Kobe take his Lakers ?  Really Miami gave this game away so I guess the experience and drive of the Pistons won out!


Well I like Detroit and Larry Brown is the man! So let’s tip this thing off Thursday.  DBH can the Piston do it ONE MO GIN? Is it me or doyou think this is going to be a boring finals? Neither team really has any personality to me. Oh well.


Be EZ,



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4 Responses to No Pressure

  1. Renee says:

    I agree with you on the pressure comments… if they lose yea they still make money, maybe less or maybe on another team… but not the same as feeling down and out, having no hope for the future… I can think of numerous other really f-ked up situation that can be shown on lifetime that equal that sort of "real" pressure…

  2. Rob says:

    Pressure is dealing with your entourage (wife, kids, babymama, baby, friends, "assistants", agent, lawyers, accountants, house-keepers, drivers, and neighbors) when you lose. All these people are gonna keep telling you you\’re great (I mean, they have to – when was the last time you told your employer they really blew it). But, you will see it in their eyes. The recognition that their star has faded because yours is diminished. And that\’s when it happens. When you realize that you are more than their banker. You are the basis for their self-image and self-esteem. Then, the ugly truth becomes so obvious you can no longer ignore what your heart has been telling you for years: No one will hate you more than these people if you fail. I think this is what happened to Dave Chappelle. Well, that and too much pot makes you paranoid.

  3. Amanda says:

    Pistons vs. Spurs is gonna be some drama for yo mama!

  4. Jen says:

    hey girl, thanks for droppin by.. you\’ve got a great space here too!!

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