Hopped up on Nyquil watching JJB

Afternoon world!! I am home today. I’ve been battling a cough for a minute and last night my Nyquil wore off around 3 am needless to say I was up coughing up a lung for a minute before the next dose kicked in. So I decided to take today to let my body rest and beat this thing for good.  So I have been hopped up on Nyquil for a minute now.  So please don’t hold this blog against me.  I’ve been on my couch all morning in and out my drug induced stooper when the most shocking thing happened.  I was flipping through channels and landed on The View, normal enough, but what I saw was like a horrible nightmare.  Paul Anka has an album out where he has taken rock songs from the 80’s and 90’s and rearranged them to Big Band.  I KNOW.  So in my groggy state I watched Paul Anka sing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. Yep, you heard me. This was not a JOKE.  THIS WAS NOT A SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE SKIT.  I mean why do I always see the train wrecks?? 


Daytime TV

Daytime TV even with cable is just as horrible as nighttime TV.  I mean there a few shining spots the Judge Shows (Joe Brown and Hatchett – hey where is Judge Mathis???).  Maybe today someone will make Judge Hatchett come of the bench like she always threatens she is going to do.  I love Judge Joe Brown the only Judge I love better is Greg Mathis.  I like JJB because he reminds me of someone’s gruff grandfather, not a Judge at all.  When he gets on a tirade he great-LOL!! Judge Mathis on the other hand reminds me of that friend you have who reads you when you know you are wrong.  Maybe it’s the drugs that is making me wax nostalgic over TV judges.  I don’t like Judge Judy because I don’t think she listens to people very much and she sometimes makes up her mind before she hears the whole story.  It is definitely not the “tough love” of Judge Mathis.  Hey did you know you can download legal forms from JJB website.


Soap Operas well of course they are on it daytime. It amazes me how you can be away from a soap opera for like years watch it in 15 minutes and pick up the whole story like you never stopped watching.   The crazy thing is when I watch them now I can’t believe I watched them ever.  I remember gathering in the RMC (Rice Memorial Center) and watching All My Children it was a social thing as much as it was catching up on the soaps. We ate lunch laughed and talked trash about the characters as if they were our friends.  Hey why is it that Soap Opera actors will always be identified as their characters?  Hey did y’all see that movie with Erica Cane?  LOL Yes I am guilty of that.  Hell I’ve been watching soaps since I was like 5.  I remember coming home from morning Kindergarten and watching Snapper and Jill on Young and the Restless. When I played Barbie it was soap opera drama.  Barbie was always crying telling Ken that she took the birth control behind his back because she wasn’t ready for a family ( you real soap opera heads will get that storyline).  Man I also remember wanting nothing more than to pour drinks out of a crystal decanter on the rocks of course.  LOL I was such a spaz!!  The thing is that in my youth I thought that soaps were outrageous, but it turns out life is more outrageous.  I have seen and done some soap opera shyt in my time.  I guess art really does imitate life.  The runaway bride definitely sounds like a script from any soap.


Trife Block

While doing the What have YOU done blog I realized that I have something called trife block.  It’s what we do when we want to forget all the trifling things we have done.  Sometimes I have trife block because I have drank so much alcohol I just can’t remember I think that’s is my brain protecting me from myself. The body is amazing.  LOL!! The other trife block is me trying to forget just how trife I have been in my life.  I think we all like to believe we are better than we are, that we don’t do stupid, mean, ugly, nasty , or just plain ol’ dumb shyt.  I guess that is what is so cool about those “all about me” blogs that float around it forces you to remove your trife block and answer the questions.  Sometimes its good to look at our trife, I think it keeps us from becoming too self-righteous and haughty about ourselves.  Keeps us in check.  I advise everyone to step back and think about some of the stupid shyt you have done and what you learned from it .  I know if you are a productive human being you learned something from it or at least gained a great experience.  I mean I have learned a lot of shyt  like you shouldn’t mix Bailey’s, Grey Goose, Bacardi, and Patron in one night. You are not going to remember a lot of that night and you definitely wont remember any of the shocking shyt.  LOL!! I also learned that sometimes it’s ok if you don’t remember. Anyway take your trife block off and tell me what you see.


BTW the gnats that still remain are much slower and dumber. I can actually kill them.


Well I just took another shot of the quil so I am about to go lay it down for a minute.


Be EZ,









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5 Responses to Hopped up on Nyquil watching JJB

  1. Bus Chick says:

    I definitely have trife block! 🙂 In fact, I almost didn\’t check some of those boxes on the questionnaire, but then I was like, "oh YEAH…" (not a good feeling). In fact, I have such a bad case of this trife block (I think the Cloak of Self-Righteousness sometimes interferes with my memory) that when DBH asks me if I\’ve done this or that, I say, "I can\’t remember. Let me ask Moni."LOL!

  2. Bus Chick says:

    P.S. – As a Seattle native and Kurt Cobain fan (yeah? so!), I am highly disturbed by your description of this Paul Anka person performing "Smells Like Teen Spirit." As if The View wasn\’t already disturbing enough.

  3. Renee says:

    LOL I love those judge shows too… fyi judge mathis on at 10am… I love how blunt Mathis is… and how he bates them… cracks me up… he\’s like dont let the robe fool you, i know what a crackhead looks and sounds like… been around the block…I know what you mean by trife block… I have it kinda frequently, and right in the middle of talking about someone else\’s trifling actions my pops into my head and reminds me stopping me in mid sentence… LOL

  4. Nique says:

    Ahhhh they moved him. I used to Tivo him back in the day when he was on at 1pm. I love how he ask everyone if they are a crackhead. He is great for the set-up too. SOOO TRUE!

  5. Patricia says:

    Hope you feel better! HPM

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