Weekend Rambling- whew got that off my chest!

I had a really great weekend and it’s funny because it was probably boring to most.  I spent most of it on my AZZ and not shaking it (you see usually my really good weekends involve shaking my azz- I sometimes even get dollars for it- NO I DON’T – I AM JUST KIDDING).  During my weekend I came up with some great thoughts that I really would like to dialogue about so why not put them out on the internets for us all to chat about them.  So I spent Friday at this really trendy Sushi spot in River Oaks and get this I practiced not drinking…I know I know very big step for me these days.  I’m trying to wean myself off the bad stuff, I am going to train for the Houston Marathon in January and at some point in training I think I may have to sacrifice drinking.  Anyway the Friday dinner was a birthday dinner for one of my old school friends. We don’t get together enough, we really should because catching up on each others life in one dinner is a bytch!! Its fun though.  My friend just turned 35 and she is single never been married and she has been dating this same guy for 3 years now.  Needless to say the subject of their impending engagemnt came up, this seems to be a trend for a few of my friends.  Anyway her man already told her he bought her ring and she knows that everyone has seen her ring but her and she is pretty sure it is going to happen next month.  What is crazy is she and this boy have been through some drama- so much drama that one of our friends was like I thought they were still apart (LOL).  Anyway the fact that she knows about it was the topic of conversation that came up.  Does it really matter if you know when he is going to pop the question?  The young ‘en at the table was like it has to be a surprise, the rest of us were like whatever surprise surmurize.  LOL   I mean a surprise is nice but there is something to be said about knowing, especially if you are over 30 and never been married.  My friend seemed perfectly happy to feign surprise at the question when it happens.  Did I mention she managed to find out when he plans on popping the question?  Anyway, I thought back to when I was in that position waiting…I mean I knew  it was gonna happen and I was like when I remember having the frustrating conversation like HEY BUDDY lets get this on the road. LOL!  I actually have another friend like that, she is in the he needs to hurry up and ask phase and let me tell you that he is not hurrying AT ALL!!  Anyway, does it make a difference if it’s a romantic proposal?  Does it make a difference if your gal was really surprised by the proposal or if she was faking it?  I think it just depends on the person.  Well I can’t wait to pretend to be surprised by the impending engagements that are coming around the corner.  Don’t tell anyone but I l already have the congratulation on your engagement cards purchased and ready to give for both of these girlfriends.

Hey Let’s Get Away

Man I am trying to plan my summer getaways.  I spent this weekend trying to coordinate the two trips I am taking this summer, one to the east and one to the west.  I like to travel in the summer because it gets so HOT here and you need a break from the warm air (warmer than hell in July).  The problem is that both people that I am visiting now have a hankering to come here.  NO NO NO  I keep going you don’t want to come here in the summer you know how hot it is here.  You know that.  I guess there is nothing to stop me from both having visitors and being a visitor. 

The Hater Strikes back

My favorite person the friendly office hater has struck again.  She again had something nice nasty to say to me.  I have decided that this lady’s whole life is to make sure that I know that I am not as great as she thinks I may think I am.  I am not sure why she is so preoccupied in pointing out my flaws; I am pretty low key at work.  Apparently there is something about me that threatens her.  Oh well, not use to such hateration but I can definitely deal with it.  I will take it as a form of flattery. 

Speaking of haterions, this week someone said something to me that I am not sure if they knew was an insult.  Basically they insinuated that I am such a loser that I did nice things for them in order to make them like me.  Now, not since I was like 8 have I given people things so they would be my friend.  I learned early if that was the cost of friendship then I’ll pass on that person.  I guess I just couldn’t believe that someone would think I was such a loser that I had to give them things to keep them coming around and to make them like me.  Then I thought it’s not about me…it’s about this person.  They think that highly of themselves that they believe people would try to buy them.  Hmmm, I gave them way more credit.  Well I guess that could be considered positive self-esteem.  Think what you want I will continue to be me, I will just include a disclaimer with any future gifts/tokens of friendship that say this gift in soley a token of friendship it is not intended to do anything other than to let you know I was thinking about you and you are an important part of my life at this time. 

I have realized that a lot of people take my kindness for weakness or for neediness or for being gullible or for anything else other than the kindness that it is.  I have always been the kind of person that will see things that make me think of people and just get it.  I pay attention to details.  Like I said before its all about letting people know that you love and care about them at every turn.  I think it comes from always wanting that when I was a kid.  You know too much TV.  I learned the hard way that when you don’t do that, shyt gets phucked up really quick.  That was me taking some responsibility for my part in the divorce.  My nature usually throws people off when we first become friends, Mandy being a typical Chicago/Detroit chick thought I had ulterior motives for being nice to her.  Her line “Where I come from bytches are not nice like you.”  LOL !!  I am not sure how Buschick felt about it.  Maybe she will weigh in and tell me.   Most get use to it, but apparently some think they are getting over.  Oh well.  Take it however you want. 


Passion for FASHION baby!!

So our Saturday night plans included going to some fashion show Mandy heard about at the gym.  I asked how much do you think it is I have a budget.  (Look at me starting my real budget- it’s not that strict).  Anyway so I arrived at the fashion show and I guess in both of our ignorance we thought surely this thing couldn’t cost more than 20-25 bucks.  I asked the lady how much she says $50.  I say ok thank you and head out because that is not in my budget at all.  AT ALL.  I love fashion but come on now.  So since we were out we decided we should go somewhere we first tried to get to the Skybar- but that turned into a bit of a fiasco because there was an event on Westheimer –art car parade, gay pride, festival or something maybe it was Arts festival.  Anyway after serious rerouting we got there stayed for a second and then decided- well someone said we should join him at Carrington’s.  There was a warning about the griminess of it.  I already knew.  So we went they had $2 drinks why not.  I haven’t been to Carrington’s in ages! I mean ages since I was like 19.  It’s bigger now, but it is still GHETTO.  It was actually kinda fun people watching.  Who needed a $50 fashion show.  There was quite the fashion show  going on there.  Quite the fashions.  It was definitely a different night.  I was amazed at all the bareness I saw going on. The percentage of scantily clad bodies to fine bytches was a bit off.  (translation lots of exposed skin that should have been covered).  LOL!! But hey to each her own, someone out there loves it so more power to you.  Plus it was way more entertaining than any fashion show it was kind of like a What Not to Wear Fashion show.  This trip reminded me I only want a part-time soldier or perhaps a soldier gone straight.  I am not ready for the real thug love, but I do know how to smile and be polite.  I also learned 6’ yella means “hello how are you?” 

See this was way more entertaining thanany fight party!


Other Weekend Observations

I miss my house.  I really want a new house again.  I want to paint something.  I mean I love my apartment but I need to own my own shyt.  I have set my date for that; I just wish it was sooner.  I need to stop watching HGTV until I get a house of my own.  Enough paying money into someone else equity- NOT SATISFIED WITH THAT AT ALL!!

I tried my black two piece on again today and I must say I am surprised at my progress.  Man I may be ready to wear this for my trip to see BC!!  Maybe I can find some MS nerds looking to spend their cash!! Where they at? Where they at?  Note to self: buy some firming lotion!! LOL ! I love firming lotion man we are so lucky to live in the 21st century. 

I have been meaning to mention how this bugs me.  So R. Kelly is trapped in the closet, right?  What is his problem?  If I were a man and I found out I had just slept with a chick whose husband sleeps with men, my next stop would be a clinic to get tested for the HIV, not home to make sure I spread that shyt to my darling wife.  I dunno know that’s just me!!

I watched Can’t Hardly Wait a very funny 98 teen flick its amazing how many “teen” actors were in that movie, even Jenna Elfman ( she played a stripper or something).  Did anyone go to a high school like that?  Why are the movies about teen angst all the same…however I am not familiar with a lot of the teen angst that works out magically in the end?  This movie was like a TV actor breeding ground.  Another thought what happens when your talent is only worthy of this high school genre- does that mean you only have a few years to work?  I’ll guess I’ll ask Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Oh yeah what about the end of Destiny’s Child- we all knew that was happening.  I mean why they were trying to pretend like that wasn’t the truth all along.  I hate when people try to lie to you even when you tell them the truth.  The world said this is y’all last CD. They said oh no DC3 forever.  Now these chicks announcing the farewell tour.  Um we told you- your announcement  was no surprise- come on the machine that is Beyonce has no time for three part harmonies anymore.  TOLD YOU SO!! Nobody is falling for that crap.  I feel them!! I say RETIRE ON TOP!! Now I can’t wait for the reunion tour when they bring back the old members and they let Bobby come back!! Some of you will get that joke on the way home. 


I’ve gone on enough today…but look how much trife I’ve delivered- google searches will go wild!!!


Be EZ,





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2 Responses to Weekend Rambling- whew got that off my chest!

  1. Renee says:

    LOL I agree on the R. Kelly thing…thats something that he tends to fofget through that whole song… And yes that person must reallybe stuck on themselves to believe that you would have to do that to make or keep a friend… like you said we arent 8… and I\’m sure with your personality you dont need to buy friends… ridiculous… sometimes I really want to slap people out of their twilight zone reality where everything is backasswards…And seriously… is there anyway for you to cut the b!tch off at the pass? it really annoys me that she does that… I know you are taking the right approach its flattery she is jealous… but still I feel this overwhelming desire to smack this chick verbally and physically

  2. Jamie says:

    Thanks for stopping by my space and leaving a comment. I do appreciate it. I hope your day is great! ~hugs~Jamie

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