The Sharks are Back

It seems that the sharks are BACK.  There was another shark attack in FL.  A boy lost his leg yesterday.  Now if you are like me you remember the frenzy that was Shark Mania in 2001.  As a matter of fact the only thing that ended the media’s obsession with shark attacks was that infamous day in September that changed the world.  After 9-11-01 sharks were the least of America’s worries, but now they are back.  I think they have come to reclaim the rest of their glory. 


Speaking of FL I read a very interesting article by Leonard Pitts Jr on another blog about how Jeb Bush is now trying to prosecute Michael Schiavo for waiting before he called the paramedics when Terri passed out. 

 Last week, Bush directed a state attorney to open an investigation into whether Schiavo delayed in calling paramedics when he found his wife Terri passed out in their bathroom before sunrise on Feb. 25, 1990. The pretext for this is that over the years, Schiavo has given conflicting estimates of the time he found his wife. He’s said 4:30, he’s said 5:00.

I agree with Mr. Pitts doesn’t Jeb have better things to do than try to prove this guy wrong.  FL is not in that great a shape buddy!  The autopsy proved it, she was beyond help and her husband was not the horrible monster that you, protestors, Popes, and her parents tried to make her out to be.  I must agree with the person who wrote this blog, this Leonard Pitts Jr. is the bomb.  Check him out.  I know I will be. 


Now that’s a reason for divorce!!

I know relationships are hard and all that jazz, but I am just thankful that I didn’t wake-up and find myself married to a serial killer.  I was thinking how horrible it must be to be Mrs. BTK.  I mean you find out that your husband of 34 years is not just a murderer, but a stone cold serial killer.  I want to know were there signs. WOW!!  That just has to suck.  I know she still loves him and she probably doesn’t want to believe it but, damn.  He plead guilty witj all the gory details.  All I know is that really sucks a whole bunch.  As I always try to remind myself when I am thinking too highly of myself or too lowly, there is always someone more than you.  There is always some one prettier, stronger, smarter, faster, etc but on the flip there is always someone one poorer, sadder, and married to a serial killer. 


Last call for 18 yr olds

The NBA draft is tonight and I am not sure if everyone is aware of the new league agreement but includes minimum age to play in the NBA, basically you must be 19 years old to play in the league.  So this means this will be the last draft with 18 year olds in it.  The word was the league wanted it to be 20 but 19 became the comprimise.  The reasoning is for every Jermaine O’Neal there is a George or Calvin who didn’t get drafted and now can’t explore his options to play college ball and perhaps develop into a league caliber player thus wasting his chance. 

I think this is a good idea because it was getting ridiculous with all the kids coming out of high school, hell there is one from Texas in this draft that will probably go 3rd in the draft.  It was a matter of time before we found kids coming out in Jr. High, there were reports of NBA Scouts showing up at Jr. Highs already.  Don’t say oh Nique that isn’t going to happen. Look no one thought this high school thing would happen when Moses Malone came out.  Granted it took a few years, but it seems since Garnett and Kobe it just isn’t a draft with out at least one high schooler.  The fact is that we are getting faster, stronger, bigger, and unfortunately we are not getting smarter.  That disappoints me- you know I am all about being smart (which is a relative word).  I think the minimum age is a good thing the young mind needs to develop and we already know men mature slower (sometimes I think they don’t mature at all) than women.  You just can’t give an 18yr old that kind of money and hope it all works out, you barely can give a 22 year old all that money with those hopes.  I mean sometimes it works out, but I think the prospect of a kid passing up on the opportunity at a free education makes me sad.  I mean you should exploit your talents to help you be a better you and sometimes that means education.  You know I always say the odds of being a successful Dr or lawyer are better than becoming a professional athlete or rapper.  I will continue to say this to someone really gets it.  The flip side of that is I mean going to school is a means to an ends (that ends being making money and being successful- well sometimes that is the end) so if you can get to the ends and skip the means then go for it. I guess I understand that too, but I just think you need to know basics to really survive, but maybe not. Smartness is not required to make money, hell it isn’t even required to run the United States.  So who am I to begrudge these babies their chance at instant cash.  Plus they are sure nice to look at!!


Stella is looking for her groove again

There are reports that Terri McMillan and her young tender of a Jamaican husband are splitting up. Guess why?  He says he is gay.  Says he didn’t know he was gay when he married McMillan.  If you would like the full story I’d be happy to e-mail you the details to long for this blog.  Anyway Star Jones get prepped girl!


Well I’m out…


 A few times I’ve been around that track/ So it’s not just gonna happen like that/ Cause I ain’t no hollaback girl/I ain’t no hollaback girl


I love that song!  ooo ooo this my shyt… this my shyt!!  


Be EZ,




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2 Responses to The Sharks are Back

  1. Amanda says:

    Yes, apparantly Stella\’s groove done snapped…

  2. Renee says:

    Gay! damn… the groove didnt just snap.. its like warped… oh well… I dont even know what to say about that or what it would do to me… and yes Jeb Bush, gov of the state that loses children who are wards of the state… caused a dn national recount is trying to right some wrongs… good for you jeb and good luck with that… cause if you do as well with that as you do with your other endeavors… you will just have more messes to clean up… I\’ve even heard of him running for pres… if you ever thought there was nothing worse the G. Dubbyah… there you go we\’re found it

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