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I titled this blog the crossover blog because I think it will link a little to one of Renee’s blogs.  You know like on NBC when the cast of Homicide would appear on Law and Order or when the boys from Different Strokes came to visit Ms. Garrett on The Facts of Life…anyway you get me. 


I got to meet the oh most fabulous Renee and all I can say is she is WAY more cooler than I expected which is really cool because I expected her to be pretty cool.  We had a pretty low key evening.  I believe she found her next hairstyle LOL !! Some chick with the craziest LONG BLONDE BRAIDS it was so like WTF?  Oh well to each is own ..Renee let me play with her bells (I know that is not the right name but I am having a mental vocab block- me girl, you blog reader) from belly dancing.  I even got an offer to dance on a table or two. 

We drank and talked…talked and drank and laughed and had a great time.  She and I compared notes and shared philosophies and lots of Margaritas.   


We then moved on to another place (umm….bar) and met up with Shaun.  We had more drinks and more laughs.   It was a really cool I actually can’t wait to do it again. Maybe we can go some where and DANCE off the drinks next time.  Not too soon, because I don’t want to seem like the creepy girl with no friends who latches on to the first person who is nice to her.  LOL !! Or worse SBF.  Another funny story I told one of my friends I met Renee and I explained to him how she went to Rice too he was like – there two of you.  He was trying to be funy because we are both black and the rumor is there are no blacks at Rice ( not true) but it  was really funny because I do think Renee and I are a lot alike. LOL! SO yes there are two of us.


The rest of my weekend has been pretty funny.  I wasted about 2 hours of my life Saturday on a lunch “date” no lets say meeting.  I hate stupid people.  My whole dating philosophy is too basically sit back and ask questions.  Every now and again I run across a man who takes my questions as argumentative.  Maybe so but it annoys me when you say something crazy and I ask you to explain how you came to that opinion.  I don’t have a problem with you having an opinion that I think is crazy I do have a problem when you can’t articulate how you came to said conclusion.  I never raised my voice at this dude once and he became more and more flustered the more I asked him simple questions.  Not once in my questions did I tell him I thought he was wrong but he told me I was absolute in my thinking.  That conclusion that he drew from our meeting on cemented the fact to me he was an idiot.  Not because he thought negative of me, but because he again misused words. Look everyone can’t be smart so just stop trying.  I thought that was an odd conclusion – but hey I am bytch what can I say..  I am always a bytch at first.  I would tell you more about how I behave on the first meeting but that information is proprietary!! (LOL).  I felt bad at first when I made that idiot mad but then on the next “meeting” I had this person handled me questioning who he was fine, however I immediately realized why because he LOVED talking about him!! LOL.  I could tell that as long as he was talking about him he was happy.  The last one was not so bad but get this we could be related.  Enough about my marathon of lunch dates.  However those are the best dates because they really aren’t like dates.  Pre-screen.  YES I WILL ADMIT THAT I AM SOME WHAT ALOOF AND COLD WHEN YOU FIRST MEET ME…LOOK I DON’T KNOW YOU AND YOU DON’T KNOW ME!! I’m like wine I get better with age!! Actually that is true the older I get the better I look, the finer I get, and the more stylish I get.  Maybe my thinking just gets more positive and I really always have been as fabulous as I think I am right now.


Well I gotta get rolling on my way to the B-A-Y aka Baytown!!  I hope everyone has a fabulous FOURTH and be safe and as always …


Be EZ,


 On another note-  相册- This means Original Glamazon!!
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3 Responses to Crossover Blog

  1. Jamie says:

    Sounds like you two had a blast!! Shall I move to Texas and join the party? I hope your holiday weekend was wonderful!! Enjoy your day ~hugs~Jamie

  2. Nique says:

    LMAO… there are two of us… I wasnt suprised but was still quite impressed with how cool you are… love the confident vibe I get from you, makes me feel more confident too… LOL I get no SBF vibes at all.. I guess when you click with people, esp when you share the same experience hard not to want to plan the next bonding session…i\’ve had that type of miscommunication experience with a guy, but he was been somewhat self-righteous with me… every question he asked he had some sort of commentary on it… that made me feel i was wrong… funny thing in the end he was interested even though he spent the whole conversation analyzing my actions… he still does and at this point it turns me off… its like I cant say something about myself without him putting his own spin on it… as if he can figure me out go figure… Published By LimitlessRenee_aka_Nene ( –

  3. Nique says:

    Yes you are right! It really is nice to find someone you click with quickly. Well I guess I\’ll have to plan drunken Scrabble night at my house or maybe we can go dancing who knows – WAIT I planned the first one so TAG you are it!The confidence thing is amazing to me… all my friends say that well most of them, however I am not really that confident and especially not today (I for some reason am breaking out Maybe I am allergic to this DAMN JOB!! I need to call my dermatologist.) It is so funny because I always think I need to have a little higher self-esteem than I have. I guess it may be my confidence in my brain. I always think I can take almost anyone and then I also as of recent believe myself to be pretty (but I also believe there is room for tons of pretty people). Soon as I get my Beyonce on then you thought you saw confidence!! LOL Hmmm wonder what it is I guess if you don’t dig me I think its your loss cause you gonna kickin it with one of the coolest downest bytches in the H .. Glad My confidence boost yours. PAY IT FORWARD, GIRL. I would say something like men sux but since I am not interested in women in that way (not that there is anything wrong with that). They are all we got… good thing I like spending time with me so much

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