Why am I here?  Times like this make me wish I was independently wealthy or that I really loved my job or liked it a little more.  The best thing about my job is the paycheck, which is a sad thing.  I am not really a salary chaser, most jobs I have had the money has just followed my happiness to be there.  I am really trying to like this place but it’s hard because I really liked my old job a lot and I never needed a warming up period you know other than the customary two weeks it takes you to get all the work shyt straight and arranged to your liking.  Oh well I have been miserable for much less cash so I am sure I will acclimate once I find a groove to settle into.  Who knows- maybe I won’t. 


Independence Day!!

Anyway I had a really good time with my family yesterday.  The babies were there (my 2cnd cousins who range in age from 16 months -5years old).  The babies are way too funny, they make me laugh and I played with them all day.  We played lots of things, but for some reason they took a liking to playing work out.  They really liked of thinking of exercises for us to do.  I started off with push-ups and sit-ups and then they each got to choose something new to do.  Talk about your holiday workout. It was cool.  


This is a funny story we were playing in the play room ( the room my grandmother has designated for child’s play) and the closet door just flew open so I look at kids and go “Oooo a ghost”  My little cousin Chris goes “Well lets go beat him up!!”  You gotta love kids like that.  My second to smallest cousin Harry amazed me with his intelligence not even two and he knows that his mommy’s name is Amanda (he says it Amunda) and his daddy’s name is Joey.  You gotta love this kid.  


Later they all went off to Bicentennial Park to watch the fireworks (a tradition for the little kids in my family).  I returned to Houston and watched the fireworks on my way home (legal and illegal).  They caused lots of traffic tons of people just pulled over on the shoulder of the freeway to watch the fireworks.  This cause a slight slow in traffic COME ON PEOPLLE!!  Why are people so fascinated with fireworks and how come I am not the great great great grandchild of the person who invented fireworks?  LOL!!  


Well I have nothing else to say to day- I know what a shame. 


Be EZ,



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1 Response to BLAH BLAH BLAHG

  1. Poppy says:

    Tough day at the office, huh? I know the feeling. Kind of hard to get started after those three day weekends. Well, this day is nearly over. Hopefully, Wednesday will bring more happiness!

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