Hey What’s Your Zodiac Sign!!

Well today is GW’s birthday what is really funny to me is it is also 50 Cents’ birthday.  I guess they both keep it gangsta!! LOL Funny I never knew any president’s birthday.  They just happened to mention it before I switched off my radio this morning.  Well I guess the compassionate conservative fits with the Cancer sign. They are supposed to be sensitive, considerate and all about family.  Personally, they are all those things but at the same time they can be jerks.  I know because my ex from Rice (the one I thought was the one) was a Cancer since then I have always been weary of those crabs.  Actually I pay about as much attention to those things as I do Ms. Cleo.  Like the fine print says for entertainment purposes only.  If I let my ex determine men I wouldn’t date I would have sworn off a lot of men…younger men, men from NY, men over 6’3”, electrical engineers, cute men, men who think they are cuter than they are (lol) – you get the picture.  I know you can’t let the actions of one knuckle head deter you from the others I am just being amusing.  I’d never date or love again if I did that.


Go Dubya it’s your birfday we gonna party like it your birfday sip Bacardi like its your birfday!!- HELL NAW !! GET YO’ AZZ IN THE OVAL OFFICE AND GET THEM TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ LIKE IT’S YO’ BIRTHDAY…That is what you need to do man. 

I thought this was funny it’s what one of the horoscopes said this about Cancers:

These natives are fond of repute because they seek value and purpose; something to give form to their existence, indicating where they belong.

Hmmm…something to make their presidential legacy infamous perhaps???  Enough about the president- but you know I am gonna look up Bill C’s birthday and see what his sign is.  I wonder if most presidents are predominantly a certain sign.  Hmm I am sure that info is somewhere.  Wait I’ll be right back … I W ILL… I promise this time I will


I LOVE THE INTERNETS!!  Bill Clinton is a Leo now see that makes a ton of sense.  My dad was a Leo, THE LION baby.  I think Leo is a sign of leadership.  Well I also found the breakdown of presidential zodiac signs that’s kind of interesting.  Presidential zodiacs.  Thomas Jefferson was an Aries like me!! Actually there were only two Aries who held the office.  Oh well, should have told me that before I decided I wanted to be a Corporate Officer and create my legacy in that way.




House of Dereon (Dur- ahn)

That’s the name of Tina and Beyonce Knowles new clothing line.  Now Tina is famous for sewing lots of the dresses that Beyonce wears.  The problem with this line is that, in my opinion some things worn by Beyonce are tacky, but because Beyonce could wear a potato sack and make it look like Versace, people are riding the jock of this line.  Just know that I think you will probably have to be pretty fine to pull off this line, maybe the ready to wear line is not as bad.  I just don’t want to see all the House of Dereon prom dresses that might be coming.  Speaking of Beyonce, Mandy is on a quest to find out what kind of weave she is rocking.  Now me I think it could possibly be a mix of fusion and tracks.  Or maybe some type of invisiline quick weave.  Not sure what we are sure of is that Jay Z was involved there is a definite elevation in the weave quality when Jigga hit the scene.  Since him her weave/hair has never been off point.  Not that anyone really cares like I said she still is definitely gorgeous and fine.  I have noticed she is a polarizing force among women.  Either they hate her (not sure why) or you cool with her.  I am still waiting for a man to say SHE IS NOT FINE.  Tick toc tic toc.  So far the only people I hear say she is not all that are women.  LOL!! Well you know I think the she is fabulous – she is referenced as a Glamazon.  LOL!.  Well let me get out of here. 


Be EZ,




For fun tell me if this sounds like me.


Aries – Mar 21 – Apr 20: the ram. Keyword: "I Am". The nature of this zoidion is tropical and movable. By the medieval era, astrologers gave it the element of fire. The tropical signs are sometimes called movable because they are the initiators of the zodiac, where something new has begun. Of the parts of the body, it rules the head, "because a rams power is in the head" [1]. It is the house of Mars, meaning that Mars does the administration of the duties for this place. Because this is the sign in which light first has victory over darkness, the Sun is said to be exalted in this sign, especially at about the 19th degree. This is because the daylight is more in abundance than darkness in the northern hemisphere this time of year. Exactly where this degree is, truly isn’t known, because of the issue of precession of the equinoxes. Valens was said to have used a zodiac where 8 degrees of Aries was the vernal point. Others used 10 degrees of Aries as the vernal point. We also cannot say whether the zodiac they were using was tropical or sidereal.

Easter occurs this time of year after the first full Moon of a new moon in Aries. The waxing Moon was associated with an increase in evil and contrariety (like Plato’s Other) and black magic. The waning Moon then, was a reprieve from evil, and gave power back to the Sun (Plato – Same). This became symbolic of the Son of Man and the resurrection, and of the renewal of life after a long winter. The key words "I am", (or "I am that I am") was one of the most important biblical phrases in the old testament during the age of Aries. The easter egg is also another symbol for the birth of a new potential. They are supposed to be hidden in darkness (symbolic of the mothers womb) and found in the daylight (potential realized). Despite the symbolism surrounding birth, this zoidion is not regarded as prolific (good for having children) in a physical sense, because of its choleric (medieval sources) temperment. The firey nature combined with a cardinal (or tropical, movable) nature makes for a very dynamic and powerful start. Because of its association with Mars and the Sun, it is a very masculine zoidion and is found to be prominently emphasized in the charts of leaders, warriors, rebels, pioneers and those with great audacity and courage. By comparison, Valens says:

"Those who are born in this zoidion in accordance with the rulership relation, then, will be bright, notable, commanding, just, with a hatred of knaves, free, authoritative, bold in purpose, braggarts, great-souled, inconstant … When the rulers are well situated and testified to by benefics, the natives become kingly, powerful, and have the power of life and death." [2]



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6 Responses to Hey What’s Your Zodiac Sign!!

  1. Rhonda says:

    Well, I know that it wasn\’t said directly to you, and this could be considered hearsay (the other two flight attendants I was with, both of the fair nation, heard him too and gasped with surpirse), but last night (when I got a chance to attend the Tonight Show with HJay Leno, and sat in the front row, AND was the FIRST person to shake his hand before he did his monologue) there was a guy named Damian from Chicago who said that he did NOT think that Beyonce was fine. However, we can\’t give this very much energy, he made several addled-brained, half-witted comments.

  2. Renee says:

    LOL that is an interesting observation about the president there… it actually sounds like a sound deduction!as far as beyonce\’s line… not only is it tacky sometimes but quite scandalous alos esp for a mother to be making for a daughter… why is it when celebs make lines they make it so expensive that most their fans cant afford it???

  3. HistoricAnya says:

    Beyonce\’s mom dresses her funny! The most I can ever say about most of her outfits is that all her…uh, goodies are covered, but otherwise, they\’re kinda ugly. Let\’s hope they make some normal clothes for the normal folks! Maybe she\’ll take a hint or two from Rocawear….?I think that horoscope does sound like you! Oh, why am I not surprised at all that Bill was a Leo??! That does make a lot of sense. 🙂

  4. Bus Chick says:

    My best girl\’s husband (whose opinion means next to nothing to me) said that he does not think Beyonce is fine. He went so far as to say she was unattractive. So, there\’s one. I think she\’s gorgeous, but what do I know? I\’m just a girl.

  5. Poppy says:

    Good blog although you left one important point out about Cancers. We are quick to cuss your azz out!As far as Beyonce goes, VERY FINE. She can get it!

  6. Nique says:

    Well thank you Rhonda and BC for letting me know where the two fools who do not think Beyonce is fine are. My brother (the gay one) thinks she is fine and he is gay. I think he wants to be her though. LOL!! My favorite Beyonce outfits are the ones Tina has nothing to do with although there are a few TK outfits I\’m down with. I mean I can\’t blame her with a body like that I might be tempted to walk around naked or half naked too! I let you know once I get that fine if I am I plan on being that fine by Jan. for the record.

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