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Blog name = Original Glamazon aka OG (Shaun now thinks this is my real name and refuses to call me anything other – LOL Now I know how Susan Lucci must feel when people call her Erica Kane!)

# piercings = 1 or is it 2 how do you count ears as one piercing or two

# tattoos = 0

height = 5’10.5" (bare footed), 6′ with heels ( I LOVE HEELS), 6’2" with CFM heels on!

hair color = brown when I was born…now it varies usually lots of blonde highlights, browninsh red highlights.  It changes all the time.

siblings = 4 (all halves)

children = 0

How old do you look = the youngest guess has been like 22, but usually 25-26

How old do you act = most of the times 28

How old do you feel = 30 (for the record I am 32 and DAMN PROUD OF IT!! THANK YOU)

Do you have any pets = nope




movie you rented = Coach Carter, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, The Incredibles, and Meet the Fockers-all at the same time

movie you bought = can’t remember… last DVD I bought was Never Scared and Season 2 of the Chapelle Show (at the same time)

song you listened to = Ex Factor-Lauryn Hill

song that was stuck in your head = My love is like Whoa- Mya

cd you bought = Ciara, Goodies

tv show you’ve watched = Today Show



you have a secret crush = no (what is the big deal on these questionnaires and secret crushes?)

you wish you could live somewhere else = yep, NYC, MD, or VA

you think about suicide = not often or lately, but I think everyone has at some point – maybe not

you believe in online dating = yep

others find you attractive = hell to the mutha f-kin YEAH!! (LOL!)  

you like cleaning = hell to the mutha f-kin nah (shouts out to Renee for that phrase!! I LOVE IT)

you like roller coasters = not until after its over (the whole time in line I am trying to come up with an escape route)




long distance relationships = usually no, but maybe there is someone far away who will be worth it.  Lst time I did it was college ( you know during the summers-it sucked.  sometimes you wanna hold your sweetie)

using someone = not intentionally but hey shyt happens

smoking = what we smoking? LOL – I know its bad for you to each his own and I occasionally partake in the nicotine but hey to each her own! so I guess that would be a neither

Death penalty = not really, but I understand why it’s around.  I think it is unfairly used and is not a deterrent at all




ever lied to someone? = yes

ever been in a fist fight? = 7th grade I kicked this boy’s azz at a slumber party

ever passed out on a street from drinking too much?  = no, however I have been drunk on Bourbon street in a horizontal position LONG STORY!!

ever told someone you loved them when you didnt? =no

ever cheated on a lover/spouse? = yep…I was young

ever cheated on a test? = not that I recalled maybe I copied someone’s home work before…too scary to cheat and more than that too proud.




shoes do you wear most= Black high heeled thongs I wear to work all the time, flip flops at home, going out-really high heels they make me a taller azz bytch

are you scared of = failure and sometimes success

do you want to be when you grow up = CTO of a fortune 1000 company or CEO of a technology corporation  or the next Martha Stewart  ( I know CRAZY)

is your least favorite chore to do = folding clothes

makes you the happiest = friends/family

upsets you the most = friends who don’t fulfill their potential  

always makes you smile = friends/family and thinking of spending time with my dad when I was super young kid




of times I have been in love = 3

of hearts I have broken = I know 2 for sure

of people I can trust with my life with = 5

of times my name has appeared in the newspaper = 2 that i know of

of scars on my body = too many I bruise way to easy The biggest would be the spider bite on my rt arm!! Brown Recluse PHUCKED me up!

of things in my past that I regret = I don’t know but I regret a few things and I am sure there are some I can’t remember rt now-actually maybe not all those things made me sho I am today.  Regis, I am going to go with 0 as my final answer.

of times I told people I loved them today = 0 but I told Stank I loved him a few days ago




pretty = no I think I am GORGEOUS

funny = YEP!

friendly = YEP

amusing = OH YEAH

ugly = nope, but hey to each his own

loveable = YEP

caring = YEP

sweet =YEP

sensitive = SOMETIMES

a putz =  when drunk

mean = Sometimes- depends who you are.




6 letter word = lovely

Candy = gummi bears

Cartoon = Family Guy

Cereal = raisin bran

Color = navy blue

Day of week = Saturday- use to be Sundays

Season = Spring

Movie = The Jerk (my dad’s favorite) or Friday

Book = Bluest Eye (that was the first book I ever read by my wife Toni Morrison)

TV Channel = Tie between Style, HGTV, and Comedy Central with Cartoon  Network a close close second




Slept in your bed with you = no comment (NO ONE – I am in the middle of a divorce here!!)

Saw you cry = Mandy

Made you cry = no comment

Yelled at you = my manager he was trying to get my attention I had my BIG AZZ HEADPHONES ON!!

Smiled at you = the guy who I see when I come in the morning

Kissed you = Collin




Gone out in public in your pajamas = yes

Kept a secret from everyone = yes

Wished you were the opposite sex = nope –well actually I have when I have to pee.  They can go anywhere

Stolen someone’s newspaper = yes

Borrowed something never meaning to return it = no

Had sex with some one of the same sex = no




Do you believe in love at first sight = no maybe at first conversation!! LOL

Most important quality to you in a relationship is = honesty (that’s in all relationships) you know no big lies or omissions

Who loves you most = my mommy



Do you speak any other languages = spanish  I understand it way better than I speak it

Last flavor you tasted = mixed berry green tea

Last noise you heard = Lauryn Hill is she considered noise?

Last smell you sniffed = Michael by Michael Kors

Last meal you ate = frozen pizza

Last beautiful thing you saw = sunrise

Last emotion you felt = indifference…is that an emotion?

Favorite item in your home = my couch

Worst feeling in the world = desperation




I Love … the limitless possibilities in front of me


I Wish … I knew what the phuck I did wrong

I Hope … to be in a better place than I was the previous day

I Want … to be inspirational

I am … that I am

I need … to get a passion in life

I’d rather die than lick … Bourbon street at 3:54am (the spot in front of Pat O’Brien’s ) LOL!!


Warning  I may actually write a blog later today, not just answer Blog 411s


Be EZ,



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4 Responses to Blog 411

  1. Renee says:

    LOL… so passed out horizontal in NO? interesting I may have to hear that story sometime!!Very cool 411!and girl you sound like popeye 😉 "I am what I am and that all that I am!"just playing 🙂

  2. Nique says:

    Ummm no… I wasn\’t passed out I was just rolling around on Bourbon street. Like I said long story with lots of tequila, a lost drunk friend, a argumentative drunk friend, other drunk friends, lots of drunk people on Bourbon street, some shaking, and lots of men copping free feels when I fell to the ground!! That pretty much sums it up. I do like Spinach!! LOL!

  3. Anna says:

    I love your confidence in yourself, I wish more women would have the self-esteem you do! Plus your sense of humor is fantastic!!! Keep up the great work Monique

  4. Bus Chick says:

    Hey, my last meal was frozen pizza, too! And did you have to rub it in about the couch? 😉

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