The Real Shout Outs!

It is Friday and while I am not feeling fancy free, I am feeling ok and ok is just fine with me today. There are worse things I could be (I think I have actually been those things).  I know, I know I already blogged. I really didn’t I just put my business out in the streetz.  I felt the need to blog and give a shout out to all those who commented on my Where is the Passion blog. 


I don’t feel so bad knowing that what I’m feeling seems to be a normal feeling.  I am coming to the realization that maybe I should be passionless for a minute, because if something is forced it ain’t passion.  I think I am cool with that.  I also realized re-reading my blog and some of the comments that it read like I was only talking about romantic passion – I guess those were my strongest memories of passion, but for the record I have been passionate about lots of stuff other than men.  I know hard to believe!!  Anyway thanks for the comments on the blog it really let me know that I am not as crazy as I may think.  Plus OG’s alter ego Comment Whore loves the comments!!


Speaking of Hos

Actually I really don’t think she is a ho, I don’t know her. Plus I hate calling people hos.  I mean it’s so…catty, you know I am not a ho but I have hoish tendencies so I feel their pain!! So the big new thing is this Superhead, Confessions of a Video Vixen book.  I read the article about this chick in Vibe and that her tell all book a few months ago.  Now its here and apparently their ain’t a copy to be had in H-town.  Now as the official cyber trifester I have got to get this book.  The book is wrought with lots of trife and mayhem and she is causing quite a stir in the rap world.  She putting all kinds of people all up on front street.  I’m going to get it and let you know what it says! Maybe she has some secrets to share, every girl should have a few freak tricks in her bag for her man, rt? LOL!    


Roni is Moving on UP!!

Big shout out to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Veronica. Ms V (that’s what my uncle Wilbert calls her – not sure why), has accepted a fabulous new position and is getting ready to buy a fabulous new house somewhere in the Heights once she finds the right one!! I am so happy and proud of her! Go girl!  



Mos Def, just incase you google your name, I wanted to know will you marry me!! I want to be your wife and I will do whateva you say!!  I’d love to be your Ms.Fat Booty


Be EZ,



Yo, in she came with the same type game/
The type of girl givin out the fake cell phone and name/
Big fame, she like cats with big thangs/ Jewels chip, money clip, phone flip, the six range/
I seen her on the ave, spotted her more than once/
Ass so fat that you could see it from the front/ She spot me like paparazzi/
Shot me a glance in that catwoman stance with the fat booty pants/ Hot damn!/
What your name love, where you came from?

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8 Responses to The Real Shout Outs!

  1. Renee says:

    LOL nooooooo… Mos def… love him… he was the top of my 5…( like friends… the list of people you could have a liason with if you ever met them, even though you were invloved) well if you get him… lemme come over and look at him once in awhile please!I have done that too! LOL with the music on my blog… sat in the office and had it on… I got few Tony Toni Tone songs, didnt even remember that one… but from the moment I heard it again… I\’ve been hooked…

  2. Renee says:

    LOL I dont know how good I am at scrabble… but uuuhhhh Mos Def and I\’m there… I love big noses for some reason… too hott!

  3. Bus Chick says:

    Um, excuse me! I called Mos Def a long time ago! Now I let you have \’Zo \’cause you called him before you ever met me (back when I didn\’t even know who he was), and fair is fair. But this ain\’t right. Mos Def is mine. Why you always tryna steal my men? (And women, for that matter. Don\’t think I don\’t notice your references to my girl Toni. I\’ll let that one pass, though, \’cause Toni is everyone\’s girl.) I guess you probably win with Mos Def though, since I can\’t really touch you on the fat booty tip. Happy Friday! ; )

  4. Nique says:

    For the record I was the one who hipped you to Ms T, however seeing as how you are the next TM Perhaps I can let you have my girl! But like Renee you have to promise to let me come over and check her out from time to time. LOL!!

  5. HistoricAnya says:

    Do let us know how the book is if/when you get it! I love it when some "small" person tells how the big boys live – if you don\’t want folks to think you\’re an idiot/perv/crackhead, don\’t act like one, duh!!Have a great weekend, and I hope Mos Def finds you (he is a FINE man!) 🙂

  6. Jen says:

    shoes are great aren\’t they? lol.. I love em hope you have a great day today girl 🙂

  7. G.S. says:

    Just to say hello…Thnx for your visit and comment on my space 🙂

  8. Renee says:

    ma\’am where are you? 🙂

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