A Weekend full of Encouragement, Girl Power, and Bonding

ITS A BLOG HAT TRICK, A BLOG TRIFECTA, A THREE BLOG DAY, THE BLOG TRINITY- OK I know you get it!!  I guess I had a lot to say about this weekend!! Enjoy


This weekend was a very good one.  I am a not myself these days more so than before, however I do have battles with feeling sorry for myself.  I usually talk myself out of it.  This weekend was really cool, I spent most of it with girlfriends (new and old). 


Saturday morning I spent my morning with my mom, the new Mary Kay lady giving a skin care class to the 2005 Debutantes.  That’s right debutantes, I was a debutante.  My Grandmother belongs to a local Baytown Civic group called Black Women’s Awareness and their big event every year is the Debutante ball.  It’s kinda of cool because young women who would not normally be considered debs are.  I think being introduced to society is kinda of fun.  I was a debutante 15 years ago.  WOW! Time flies.  The one thing I noticed about this group of about 30 girls was they were so sophisticated.  WAY more than I was at their age.  I love pretty women ( inside out pretty!) being around them always makes me happy.  I have never been a hater, there a few women that make me shrink inward with their stunning beauty, but usually I like to think I am in the same class and there is plenty of room for pretty.  


Then Saturday afternoon I was invited to an Encouragement Brunch.  It really is a great idea, it was a group of educated, professional, upperwardly mobile, young , black women.  It was so nice to see so many beautiful intelligent fabulous women in one room of all ages, which ranged from 23 to 50. ALl professions were represented from Teachers to Engineers.


There were about 12 of us and we sat around chatting and tasting wine.  Our host made us stand-up and “brag” on ourselves.  She said that she read an article how women are socialized to not brag on themselves while men grow up bragging.  Little boys are always bragging “I ‘m bigger than you”, “My Bikes faster than yours” “My car is nicer” you get the picture.  Anyway we all got up and bragged on ourselves, it seems the common theme for us older girls was humble beginnings.  These women were all so fabulous.  We drank wine and chatted about so many issues that face us as women, black women, and black people today.  It was nice to both get advice from those who had been around and give advice to those that were new to the game.  We talked about the issues of single motherhood, marriage, life after marriage, motherhood, being single, and the transition from single to married.  We also went around and gave each other things we wanted to do to and when we wanted to do them. As a sisterhood we promised to make sure we held each other to what we said.  Our host gave us journals (I already journal but now I don’t have to buy my next one).  I even won the best braggart award, I was very surprised.  Apparently, being able to not dwell on a failed marriage and just move on despite your pain is impressive to people, who would have thought.  I guess I will continue to take the high road.  I got a bottle of Moet for that!! WOO HOO! I have just the event to pop it open for!  I can’t wait to celebrate; the girlie girl in me says too bad you have don’t have anyone to pop the top with (ie a man).  My grown woman say you don’t need a man, drink the whole thing yourself or invite your new network of girlfriends over to celebrate. 


I’m going through a bit of withdrawal these days.  I cut off all romantic interests a few weeks back.  A very hard decision, but I have realized through some extensive journaling I was keeping people around because I was use to being with a man.  So I have kind of self imposed a time to be with me.  Loneliness is one of the most uncomfortable feelings, at least at first and especially if you have never had to be “alone” any longer than you wanted to.  I am having some rough patches these days but it is necessary for me to truly enjoy my own company at all times, you know.  I am beginning to really like my alone time even in the times when I wish I wasn’t alone.  Going somewhere alone by choice is completely different than going alone when you have no choice.  Facing that feeling and looking at yourself is something I think everyone should do.  There actually was an article in Oprah about being alone and lonely.  I have now gone places (movies, dinner, clubs, bookstore, and shopping) alone by choice and alone by force.  I must say the more I go places alone because I have no other options the more I get to know me.  Sometimes I don’t like me at all, sometimes I think I am such a basket case of nerves and sometimes I think I am really strong.  Anyway I have one last alone thing to do, that’s a trip away.  I am actually looking forward to that, I haven’t chosen where I will take me, but it will be somewhere where I am all by myself and forced to spend time with me.  I will not allow myself to make any friends or rendezvous partners, I am going to make myself spend time with me doing alone things like reading, journaling, seeing the sites, etc. You get me.  I’ll let you know ho w that turns out.



From me to we

I spent Saturday night having dinner with my best friend, Roni, and her ex boyfriend Terry.  He took us out to dinner at pretty cool steakhouse and we had drinks and great conversation, fine wine (I basically spent all day Saturday drinking wine from about 3pm LOL), and great food.  Which is always good always!!


My friend, Jenn, got engaged last week!! So Sunday I hung out with her and my other friend Trish we were supposed to go to Bridal Extravaganza!! I love weddings; if I could I would own an event planning company.  I love throwing parties and all that, hence my secret desire to be Martha!  We went shopping instead, after we met up for our monthly GNO with my coworkers from DS.  That’s always fun, we drank and dished the dirt and of course we all looked at the rock of ring Ms Jenn was sporting!  After that I went to see Trish’s brand new house! It was nice!  I am so happy for all my girlfriends.  It seems like everyone is doing so well (myself included)!!  I am so very blessed to have the love and support and give love and support to so many fabulous women.  What a great weekend to help me get through my moodiness!!


Be EZ,



Cuz I realized I got / Me myself and I/ That’s all I got in the end/ That’s what I found out/ And it ain’t no need to cry/ I took a vow that from now on/ I’m gonna be my own best friend

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3 Responses to A Weekend full of Encouragement, Girl Power, and Bonding

  1. Rob says:

    Dude, could ya\’ please get my Mom on your program? She\’s always making bone head decisions about men b/c she can\’t stand being alone (I can easily put together a 45 minute HBO special just cracking on her relationships)!!!!!Seriously bad decisions. I would tell you, here, but I don\’t want to spoil the special.Comes out in the fall. Check you local listings.

  2. Poppy says:

    You won the award for bragging? Gee, why doesn\’t that surprise me?

  3. Theresa says:

    Wow- I really want to meet you now! This entry makes you seem like the most fantabulous woman! (No wonder you won the brag award!! Just kidding- you don\’t sound like you\’re braggin at all- just– oh I don\’t know the word- but it\’s a good thing I promise!!)Glad I popped by!-Theresa

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