Life’s A Bytch but You Gotta Move On!

What a weekend.  Well Saturday started out ok, I went to work out at Spotts (sp) park with Mo ( one of the SWAT guys).  Once a month he does a weekend class/picnic and we all meet out there.  I had a really good time.  We had a great workout, I got to paly a little basketball and then later I got to play some volleyball and get a really good sweat on.  So after our workout I returned to my car only to find that my passenger side window had been broken and someone grabbed my purse.  I know.  That so sucks.  It could have been worse just so happens I had gone out Friday so all my money and most of my credit cards were in another purse that was under the seat. I lost one checkbook, an ATM card, credit card, a few store cards and stuff, my make up, and my palm. Oh yeah I also lost my coach bag.  Just so you know that bag had been stolen once before and I recovered it (A VERY LOG STORY-ONE DAY I’LL BLOG ABOUT MY COLUMBO SKILLZ). They didn’t take anything else not my MP3 player or CASH (it was inmyother wallet) or my CDs or anything like that. It was just a smash and grab basicly.  So I spent the rest of my Sat morning not catching up on sleep (I only endedup getting a few hours of sleep Fri/Sat morning), but paying 150 bones to have my passenger side window replaced (There went my tax free shopping cash).  Since I counted myself blessed (because my loss could have been much bigger) I kept a lunch date I made for Saturday. 


It turned out really nice.  This guy was an Alpha here for convention.   He wanted soul food – the real shyt not the tourist stuff, so I took him to my MOST FAVORITE SOUL FOOD PLACE!!  If you know me then we have probably either been to Mikki’s , I have talked about taking you to Mikki’s, or I have mentioned it to you once in conversation.  So I took him to Mikki’s Café and I thought he was going to hurt himself.  After that we went to the Galleria, no one can visit and not see the Galleria, especially if you are a shopper, like he was.  It was cool we walked around talked and shopped.  It seemed like the air was out in Galleria 2 but it was still nice  He was from Chicago and lives in Portland and I just would like to pass this shout out from him and his other out of town frat, this is for the Houston chicks.  He told me that he had no idea that Houston had so many beautiful women.  I concurred, I told him i have been a lot of places and I think that Houston has some of the prettiest women hands down.  He was like me and my bras thought Beyonce was an anomaly, but it turns out down here…you guys have a Beyonce on every corner.  My response is yes Beyonce is a typical Houston girl…there are a lot of pretty women here.  "Quick to snatch up your Beyonce!" Big props Houston!!

It was cool chatting with someone who I considered to be objective.   We walked and talked about all kinds of stuff mostly men and women and relationships.  I told him what I had learned from my past relationships and he told me how men can tell when we women shift our gears on men.  LOL!! He gave me props for being insightful, told me I was probably eight steps ahead of the next man I date.  I would like to thank all the men who have taught me what not to do next time I get involved.  I told him how I admired him having the balls enough to break his engagement off .  I enjoyed our time together, just talking and stuff.  He also told me I was resilient.  I like that as a description for me,  I’ll take that.  I mean phucked up shyt happens to me on the daily, but I really try to not let it get me down. That’s life shyt happens to all of us.  I refuse to give up now, I have made it way to far to crumble. Now if you are reading…I told you, you would probably make the blog! Shout outs to the NW!! LOL !


So Sunday I thought my mom was trying to guilt me into taking her to church. We had a special combined service downtown.  So I went to pick her up and get this, her gate closes on my truck and cracks my sideview mirror.  So yes I will now have to return back to the same glass store I went to get my window replaced and get my side view mirror replaced…MO MONEY, MO MONEY.  Oh well things could be worse.  It also turns out that my mom said she just wanted to spend time with me and for us to talk, that was really sweet I thought. I thought she was using me for her irrational fear of going somewhere strange by herself.  It turns out my mommy misses me, so I guess the broken mirror wasn’t so bad. We spent a little time after church talking and catching up you know mother daughter style. I really enjoy my mother as a friend she is super sweet. If she would only get tough on my dumbazz brother!!


Sunday was also my dad’s birthday.  He would have been 54. It’s times like this weekend I wish he was around.  He was always good at helping me keep life in perspective.  Most of the time I try to, but it is very easy to set up a pity party for yourself.  I just refuse to have one this time.  I may be sad here and there but I am not going to wallow in it, I can’t afford to.  When he was alive I would make fun of him being older and his retort was always the same.  "it beats the alteranative, baby girl"  Ain’t that the truth.  CK I hope where ever you are you are proud of the woman I have become. RIP and love you always.


Later,  I ended up going to see Hustle and Flow.  I had heard mixed reviews about the movie, so I wasn’t in a rush, but I got a call about going so I thought why not.  I thought the movie was pretty good. I mean I think I found some parts of it comical that probably were not meant to be, but hey…to each her own right.  All and all I liked it.  Terrance Howard’s accent didn’t bother me, mostly because not everyone had a country azz accent like his in the movie. I took it to be like Houston where there are some country azz sounding folks here mixed in with us regular city dwellers.  Plus I like Terrence Howard.  I normally am not down with the light eyes; however it is something about that man that is sexy!! I also thought the chick who played the Bottom Bytch (if you don’t know what that is, get at me I’ll school you) did a great job.  All the ho’s were good.  LOL!! Moving on.  All I have to say is there is this part in the movie that is now my favorite.  If you see it or have seen it,  let me know about how you feel about them coming up with the hook for Whoop Dat Trick.  That is my favorite part of the movie and I am gonna hold off for a minute before I quote it on the blog, but I am gonna start one of my blogs off like that… watch me. I’ve already quoted it several times.  I’d recommend catching Hustle and Flow at the matinee for sure or if you gotta like that get somebody to take you!   Actually, I think I might have paid full price for it, it really seems similar to how a few rappers,  have come up in the ranks by selling their shyt out of trunks and on home grown labels, or recording shyt in the house.  50 was huge underground before he was with gggg G-Unit.  Luda sold out the back of his trunk,  And I know you know abut Swisha house and Rap a Lot.   


Oh yeah another funnyy thing happened this weekend, I went to this barbeque ( I use that term lightly- more like dudes getting together playing dominoes with barbeque) with the other Glamazon.  The guy there was like how long ya’ll been friends.  I told him then he was like ya’ll some big girls. Not wide big but tall big. ( I appreciated him explaining the word "big"  it isa word women are snsitive too. LOL)  What sport did ya’ll play.  LOL!! I just think its funny people always assume you play a sport when you look a certain way. I told him I play basketball in high school and she played volleyball.  He was like yep I knew you were athletic chicks, not built like regular chicks. Athletic chicks you always have a look about you.   I thought to myself duh, maybe its just me but I just thought he was master of the obvious.  Of course athletic girls aren’t built like regular girls if they were they wouldn’t be athletic girls, rt. 

Anyway… that was my weekend it was quite a bittersweet one.  A perfect mix of phucked up shyt, fun shyt, and funny to me shyt.  Hope yours was just as fun!! Life…it’s about FORWARD MOVEMENT!


Be EZ,



4 Days and counting….

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4 Responses to Life’s A Bytch but You Gotta Move On!

  1. Renee says:

    sorry about the purse… that sucks… better than my friends who end up leaving it at the club by accident :-PI\’m not scared now… just like ugh what did I get myself into LOL I know what you mean about the tall thing.. everybody wants to ask me if I played ball.. people assume i played ball to get into rice… but you know there is more than one thing going on there… for another time LOL

  2. Unknown says:

    Monique, you are such a prolific blogger. How do you do it? Anyways, thanks for keeping it live and hot. When you coming back to Sea-town?C

  3. Rhonda says:

    wow. i thought i was having some bad luck. sorry about all of that, Honey. Yeah I had to blog about that Hustle and Flow myself. The accent DID kinda bother me though, lol.

  4. Rob says:

    First of all, I am very sorry about your purse and your window. Not to mention your tax free weekend cash.However, what I would like to discuss with you is…WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ABOUT MIKKI\’S AND WHY AM I ONLY *READING* ABOUT IT NOW!!!!!!!Ditto the Mom and Dad thing. Though, to be honest, what I learned from my Dad, what I *got* from him wasn\’t a perspective or a particular view on the world. No, his was simply a counter example (as is my Mom). But, he was never intentionally mean or cruel to me. He never raised his voice or ever touched me. So, I miss him from time to time. Miss hearing him play his harmonica and that funny laugh of his. I might be interested in giving up a couple of fingers and toes if I could hear him play again. You\’re the best, OG.

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