COMPLETE TRIFE in the middle of the week

I really felt like being trife after I read this on Renee’s blog the other day.  Then Anya came with it and I was like I need to get on the TMI grind!!  I have finally got a round to it. So here is my trife in the middle of the week ( I know I always gotta be different). LOL!!  Maybe I should have titled this Trife in the afternoon (except it’s the morning)


1. Favorite time to have sex:  depends…waking up to it is good, but the sleep after a great romp is great too 

2. Favorite position: that depends on the man, it’s all about how your bodies work together…some men are made to ride (LOL)

3. Most risqué place you’ve ever done it:  Rice Stadium (the old one behind the gym, not the new one)

4. Toy you haven’t used you most want to try:  I am not sure…oh I know…remote control panties 

5. Toy you haven’t yet used you’re least willing to try:  Again I have no idea, um … I ain’t strapping nothing on.    

6. Ever been caught in a public place?:   nope not really, although I have felt like people knew I had just got some in a movie theater when I walked out, maybe it’s because no one else was trying to see Ishtar (LOL)! Have you ever felt like I just got some was written all over your face? I do all the time.

7. Ever had sex on your parents’ bed?:  no, but lets not talk about what I did on her couch 

8. Hottest place you want to have sex at but haven’t yet:  the exact spot I am when the urge hit me, none of that lets go to the bedroom or home shyt- I guess that would be like having it in public restroom or something or pulling over and having it in the ca-nope I’ve done that LOL!

9. Do you prefer slow intimate sex or hard rough sex?: There is a time and place for everything I think a little hair pulling and azz smacking is very necessary to keep things spicy

10. Ever had an orgasm in your sleep?:  not that I recall 

11. Ever had phone sex?:  Of course…I thought  everyone had

12. Does size of penis/breasts matter?: Sizes matters, he has to be a good combination of girth and length.  Nice size with exceptional knowledge of his tool is preferred

13. At what age did you lose your virginity? 17 (actually 5 days before my 18th birthday)

14. Did it suck?:  Yep, it was extremely painful.  He was a big ol’ fine thing (I think that’s when I really developed my love for Defensive Linemen. LOL!!)

15. Do you prefer to give or receive? You know what I’m talking about:  well I think every one loves to receive, but I’d rather give.  I think it may have to do with the control. Actually I am a giver by nature.   


Be EZ,



2 days and counting…


If he needs good lovin (i got it)/If i need to heat it up (i got fire),
Make sure i’m the best (for him) for (sure) /He’s running home to me for it.
And he knows waht ever he wants (that im with it) /And he knows the perfect place (to come get it) /And he knows that every woman’s in me.
Fall back and just let me be. /I gots to breath (uh oh, uh oh, uh oh) please,
Back up off of me /I gots to breathe and just be /Breathe, please, in case yall didnt hear me yeah yeah /I gots to breathe so let me breathe, please





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3 Responses to COMPLETE TRIFE in the middle of the week

  1. Renee says:

    wooo hooo! spicy stuff here… I think you beat me in risqueness 🙂 I agree with you on the size thing… a lil length does matter… and #8 made me crack up!

  2. HistoricAnya says:

    Ishtar!! Oh jeez, you\’re right, no one *saw* Ishtar, so you probably weren\’t the only one! #12 cracks me up – absolutely correct and yet so polite in description! :)I have to say, I love reading your blog. I admire your strength and character, your willingness to strive for more, and your determination to be the best Monique you can be. It is inspirational for me – thank you. 🙂

  3. Rob says:

    Um, I am not, in any way, trying to squash your voice or the part of you that lets this stuff out. Not at all. Its just, um, well, er, ummm, as a *friend* I was kinda <now don\’t read too much into this word, I\’m here to support you> disturbed to see this blog. Of course, I was even more disturbed because I READ EVERY DAMN WORD OF IT!!!!!!!!!!Does size matter? You women are all alike. Its all about the bling (LOL)!!!With regards to the size of a women\’s <do I go for the cheap laugh or try to show that I have reverence for the female form……> well, any part of her body, it just depends on the gal. I don\’t have a type I prefer. I mean, yeah, I dig flat tummies and gi-normous tatas as much as the next guy, but that\’s like saying I enjoy eating. There are some foods I prefer. What I dig is confidence and someone who knows what they want (either in the moment or for the rest of their life). That\’s hot. Maybe I\’ll fill in that questionnaire. Finally get me over the 2K hit mark. …

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