Just Do It

So this weekend I was chillin’ and reading my Marie Claire and I came across an oh so fabulous Nike add
I LOVE THIS AD.  There were several more print adds in the magazine one for legs and thunder thighs. All equally as powerful.  I would like to see if I could get this print add from Nike so I could frame it and put it in my bathroom.  I went to the site and realized there are also commercials…maybe I am late and they have been around, if I am apologize.  Anywway check the ads out http://nikewomen.nike.com/nikewomen/us/index.jhtml#body.  They rank with those Dove firming lotion comercials.  I think women have spent far too long not loving our bodies.  Hope there are more of these ads to come from all companies.  Nike is so da bomb! 
Speaking of self acceptance, can I absolutely just say how much I LOVE putting my hands on my hips.  Not sure why but I  know I find it empowering, sexy, and comforting.  I guess I see why it is a natural postion to want to put your hands. I did a lot when I was a little girl.  My mom would tell me to take my hands off my imagination.  Well who is imagining now?  When I place them on my hips, I can totally see why men grab you there. It is the nexus of womanhood.  I think when your hips are like mine and you  place your hands on top of them in the cradle and you feel the difference between them and your waist its just something about it.  Or when someone grabs you by those hips. Hips…they are so utterly feminine.  So many women hate their hips but the other day I was standing up looking out of the window and I put my hands on my hips and thought I love these things.  I absolutely LOVE them.  Why is that? There is nothing great about them at all.  Just hips…right? Then again Don’t they say that it is our hips that draw men to us.  I think I saw a study that said that men unconsciously look at that ratio because big hips are a sign of fertility.  Thats crazy how our bodies are just made to attract each other for procreation. Our smell, our shapes…sometimes it’s our brains that make us incredible attracted to each other. Ahhh yes the miracle of PROCREATION. LOL! It all starts with the hips and I guess for women it should be like the upperbody the shoulders and the chest.  Yes a good chest is nice to lay on.  Ying and Yang huh.  Anyway I am soo rambling….
So my cousin Faye is coming into town from LA. She and her mother are coming in to visit my Grandmother and the rest of us too (the Baytown crew us).  So there will be Baytown festivities I am sure.  I love my cousin Faye. She was born and raised in LA and I always thought she was so cool.  She is my equivalent which means I am the oldest grandchild in my line of first cousins and she is the oldest in the line of her first.  I was 10 years younger than my youngest aunt and she is ten years younger than her youngest aunt (my Grandmother). Very successful career woman. She never had any children and I think that will probably be me. We shall see.  
I remember when I was in high school in that awkward phase we all go through, Faye told me I was beautiful and smart and I was going to be such a fabulous adult, not that I believed her at that time, the fact she thought that and I thought she was glamorous and beautiful and cosmopolitan made her assesment of me one I held dear to my heart.  It crazy how the small seeds make a difference. I always remembered those sweet things she said to a teenager feeling the full blast of teenage angst.
Question, do you know anyone who looked good between the ages of 12-15?  I mean think about it the next time you visit a friend’s parent’s house look at their pictures from that age group even the cutest of the cute will look somewhat awkward at that age.  LOL!! That is SO FUNNY TO ME! Test it, I swear its true its the awkward age.  I don’t even want to discuss my 7th-9th grade years. WOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Well I’m out.
Be EZ,
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4 Responses to Just Do It

  1. Unknown says:

    Girl… I was nerdy-looking from age 9 – 19! Tell me about it!

  2. Renee says:

    That is too cool!! I like that… no reason for it not to be cool to have a nice ass… I\’m always trying to improve the size and shape of mine… that thigh thing I already got covered! LOL

  3. HistoricAnya says:

    No one looks good at those ages! Puberty is usually raging, and everyone\’s trying to deal with their own bodies and/or taunting others. I had a mini-fro and big, teal wire rimmed glasses. Eeek….Those Nike ads ARE cool! I hadn\’t seen them either, shows how much I pay attention. But I live in the land of Nike (about an hour from their HQ), so I get really tired of seeing stuff about them. I really like those Dove ads, I think they\’re fabulous, but can you believe some folks are up in arms about them? They say it promotes unhealthiness – i.e. being anything other than a size 2 is bad. Idiots!I think everyone has that one relative that makes them feel good no matter what. For me it was my "Aunt" Chris, my mom\’s best friend from high school and my great Auntie Irene. Both were honest, but endlessly encouraging. Hey, guess what? Cousin Faye was right about you when you grew up! Have fun with your family & Cousin Faye! 🙂

  4. Theresa says:

    Nobody looks good between those ages- my sister and I always refer to them as the awkward ages- like if we\’re describing some kid- instead of saying he\’s like 14, we\’ll say he\’s at that awkward stage- lol. I\’m turning into my grandma! But yeah- I was one funny-lookin pre-teen. I\’m sitting here at my desk laughing just thinking of my 13 year old school picture. Ahhh.BTW- there\’s an ass on my desktop now.

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