When you roll it…Roll it SLOW and Bouncy- No that’s a DOOVER! I said SLOW and BOUNCY

Sorry for not blogging regularly,  but Life got in the way!


This is for the haters that said I couldn’t make it

OMG!! It is here. The day I dreamed about well, not really the day I dream about is the morning after my divorce is final.  ANYWAYS.  My last day is here and I am so happy.  Warning this blog will be random and with out form and probably with out substance, too. It is the hysterically happy rambling of a woman at the edge of a future (yet once again).  This time I am not unsure, that’s what is good about going to the known. I am normally not a back peddler, don’t like looking back, but sometimes going back is exactly what you need.  Sometimes you need a do over, you know like in kickball when you asked for the ball to be rolled to you slow and bouncy!! Kickball is the only game you get to call your pitch and refuse to take it if it’s not where you want it.  Imagine if baseball was like that. LOL! Hey do kids still play kickball?  I want to play kickball in the streets right now. What would you do if you drove by some grown azz people playing kick ball?  Would you jump out your car and join in?


I feel pretty oh so pretty 

Anyway so much is racing through my brain today. First off I AM HAPPY!! Not just because of the job but because of life.  Things are trucking along greatly.  I talked to my homeboy in the ATL last night and he isn’t happy.  I felt kind of bad because I am so happy.  Why are you happy OG?  Well let’s see why am I happy besides the obvious afore mention career change. 


I am writing again.  I am writing out a story of characters in my head.  Not sure if it’s a book or will ever be published but it has been extremely therapeutic just writing and watching what my imagination does with all these people in my head (of course based on all you people I know). Like I said it is a great way for me to relax.  I am not Buschick or Toni Morrison.  My book is more trife, you know Terri Mc with out the gay husband  or maybe.. naw you just will have to hope I decide to try to publish the big ol’ book of trife.  I promise to sign your copy!   


I think I finally have my life in the right perspective.  You know I am finally comfortable with me all parts of me and facing parts of me I don’t like.  It is liberating.  I am me and that’s it.  Sometimes I am sweet, some times I’m a bytch, I am a big work in progress and like my book, I can not wait to find out what happens to me next.  I guess I just decided I have so much more than a lot of people I know and those people seemed to be much happier than me.  Like really happy not just surface happy.  REALLY HAPPY it was something I use to be and something I am AGAIN. 


Real People

I love real people.  I love people who don’t play games.  I love people who don’t hold how they really feel back.  You know they give it to you as it T I is.  The good, bad, and the ugly.  That’s what I strive for everyday. Realness.  My favorite real person has always been David.  Yes King David of Old Testament fame.  I love David because he wasn’t perfect, by a long shot.  A murderer, an adulterer, and a lot of other not so cool things (but you know murder and adultery stick out because they are both violations of the Ten Commandments) however he was God’s boy.  I mean David told people about themselves however he wasn’t perfect I love that.  I guess I just thought about it because of Pat Robertson.  I mean if it were David he wouldn’t have denied saying something he knew he said.  HE would have basically said yes I said it and you know what I was wrong for saying it and I am sorry because saying that makes God unhappy.  He would repent and ask for forgiveness and it would be a wrap.  Hmmm Pat maybe you should try the David approach next time you say something crazy.  Christians always get a bad rep because of people like Pat.  Two things I know are that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.  The other thing I think is because someone makes mistakes or isn’t what you think they are doesn’t mean their opinions are invaluable or that they can’t tell you about yourself and what you need to do.  Plus you are free to return the favor.  Try listening to the message instead of attacking the attacker.  I mean if that was the case no one could help you.  God can send messages to you through any form hell He used the jawbone of an ass. Enough about that just know I LOVE REAL PEOPLE (and I ain’t talking bout the TV Show).  In my older years perfection BORES me. 


Beats the Alternative

I AM OLD!! How old are you?  I am so old they now use songs of my youth in JC Penny’s commercials, my childhood hero Punky Brewster is a mom, and I was in college when there were like three people on the internet asking Al Gore how it worked.  I can’t believe it is ‘05. My cousin and I thought we would look like the Jetsons by now.  Where is my Rosie?  I guess we kind of do, we got moving sidewalks – still no flying cars, although I think today’s gas prices are probably the same it would cost to fuel a flying car.  We are past 2001 A Space Oddessy.  LOL!  I wonder what the kids of today imagine their futures to look like?


The commercials using songs of my hay day is annoying.  You know there is some tween who hears This and That on the radio and now goes Hey that’s the song from the Penny’s commercial. NO its Dres and Mr. Long, baby AKA Black Sheep.  I love that song. I use to point to other girls in the club while dancing to it.  You can get with this or you can get with that/ you can get with this or you can get with that/ I suggest you get with this cause this is kinda phat!” That was fun!! I am so BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD  Well, I now know how my mother feels, every time she hears a sample of her music in a song I am listening too.  Or when they were using I can see clearly to sell glass cleaner.  LOL!!


BBB you disappointed me

Man last night was the season finale of Being Bobby Brown. I was so stoked.  I stopped my work in order to watch it and realized quickly it was just a montage of the same clips I have seen watching the show faithfully.  Three things stood out watching those clips.  1) They are so high.  2) They sure eat a lot. 3) They are REALLY VERY high.  It crazy how much of the same stuff they seem to do over and over again.  However, I wouldn’t say that last night’s show is what I would call a season finale, maybe a best of…but not a season finale.  Oh well. 


Ok I also have to admit I am addicted to Battle of the Reality TV Stars.  I always loved Battle of the Network Stars and of course they have the more interesting of the TV Reality Stars.  But yet again it is simply Real World Road Rules Gauntlet Challenge re-warmed.  I still like it. GO!! TEAM CHIP Plus they show clips from BOTNTS (Tom Selleck and Michael J Fox in Speedos- HILL-phuckin-Lariuos!)  I also like SO you think you can dance ( but that is another blog)!


Weekend Plans

Well, I will be working at the new old job some.  I do want to go out, but not sure if that will happen.  I have Dave’s latest stand up DVD which I probably have already seen because I have seen Dave Chapelle live (except once) every time he has been to Houston since 2001.  I think he’s been here like 3-4 times.  Like I said before, me and Dave go way back to Men in Tights baby!  Anyway knowing the jokes won’t make the DVD any less funny to me.  How many times have I seen Killing Me Softly.  Comedy is still funny when re-watched. At least I think it is.  


I would like to send a shout out to Momma Buschick!!  It’s going down in the S-E-A-double T-L- E.  Her kids are throwing her an oh so fabulous 60th birthday party!! She’s is super sweet and she deserves something so nice.  BC pour some of your drink out for me and you know you gotta have a piece of the cake for me ‘cause I know whatever cake you purchased is going to be YUMMMY!!  Happy birthday Table Salt!


I leave you with my new favorite quote,  Kanye West said it the other day.   My arrogance is simply my confidence mixed with the other person’s insecurities.  I like that! So next time someone says that you are arrogant or my personal favorite line Get of your sack.  Just remember this quote.  I am going to remember it next time I call someone arrogant.  These days, I am always looking at the four fingers pointing back at me.  Now, I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger/ but she ain’t hanging with no broke…LOVE that SONG!! LOVE IT! Jamie and Kanye did that!


Be EZ,




I’m the same chick

Who got that game chick

One and the same chick

That you can hang with

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5 Responses to When you roll it…Roll it SLOW and Bouncy- No that’s a DOOVER! I said SLOW and BOUNCY

  1. Bus Chick says:

    Whew! There\’s so much in this blog I can\’t comment on it all, but I do think it\’s funny that you mentioned kickball. DBH and I were just talking about kickball and dodgeball on the bus yesterday morning. I\’m definitely partial to kickball, and yes I would join in if I saw some grown-ass people playing in the street. I forgot about the call-your-own pitch thing. Childhood PE and recess, baby!Congrats on the job change. I can\’t think of too many things better than enjoying what you do every day. Just make sure you invite me when you have to go to Europe on business.Thanks for the shout to my mom and for reminding me about Black Sheep and This or That at the Limelite in 92 (at least I think it was 92). Remember the bouncer there? Was his name Joseph? I am old and senile and can\’t remember.

  2. Poppy says:

    Happy or high? Just kidding. You sound elated. I\’ll try not to screw that up for you! Where I\’m from we didn\’t play much kickball. Only in school. We had more ghetto games in the streets like tops and four corners. I\’ll have to teach you those someday. All that was required was some chalk to create a gameboard and a bunch of ghetto-azz kids to participate. No shortage of kids in the ghetto baby!

  3. Renee says:

    Hey woman!! Yay for the final chapter of the divorce!!! so happy for you! Everyone is going through some good but not easy changes and I\’m sure we are all stronger for it… my first week of school is over and my brian is about to pop… but I felt I needed to come by here and say hello… and then maybe message you too… I\’ve been all wrapped up in myself and these damn classes… if you really the REAL that much, then I see why you\’re loving BBB cause that\’sas real as it gets huh? so real that sometimes you just have to turn away.and shoot you arent old! I remember punky too!

  4. HistoricAnya says:

    Girl, you are HAPPY! Revel in it, savor it, remember it!We used to play 4-square here, kind of like standing up ping-pong except it\’s 4 kids standing in little squares that make one large square. I always missed it because some dumb boy would pass it really hard and fast….well, I didn\’t enjoy it then! Hee hee!My favorite dismissing phrase "Bah" came from a Dilbert cartoon. From Catbert, Evil HR Director, actually. I\’ll have to see if I can find it and get it on here.I officially knew I was old when Target started their back to school commercials this year and the song is "Baby Got Back" with new, appropriate lyrics actually sung by Sir Mix-a-lot. Sigh……Have a great weekend, happy woman! 🙂

  5. Bus Chick says:

    OK, while we\’re on the subject of childhood games: Did anyone else play tetherball? I LOVED that stuff!

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