I got tagged…

I got tagged by Miss Minxy, you know the hellish one. So you know I had to do the 7 things blog.  I love these list thingees.  It really helps the stalkers get to know me. 


7 things that I hate doing or scare me

1. SMALL TALK (I know its hard to believe, but I really don’t care to discuss the weather or who is going to win the <insert anything here> with some stranger in a line or an elevator.  I really hope to  never see you again.  A hi and a smile will suffice. Well…unless I do want to see you again )

2. FOLDING and putting away clothes.

3. Rodents actually all furry animals (even rabbits and dogs and cats I don’t know)

4. Putting away dishes

5. DUMB PEOPLE(look everyone is smart in something please learn to accentuate the positive).

6. Childbirth and being responsible for another human being, besides myself. 

7. Liars, well everyone lies.  I guess I hate people who don’t take the time to tell a lie that is worthy of your intelligence.  I mean you are already lying don’t insult my intelligence with your lie.  So maybe its really people who insult my intelligence.


7 things I like

1. My friends and most of my family.

2. Men.

3. My brand new feather bed!


5. Social Drinking. I don’t really drink alone- well very much.

6. Sports- mostly watching but I like to try to play sometimes.

7. Sugar.


7 important things in my room

1. My new Feather bed- MY WHOLE BED.  I love it.

2. Clothes.

3. Shoes.

4. All of my other bedroom furniture I love it.

5. My Diva and M wall art.

6. Dream book.

7. Alarm Clock.  Sometimes I don’t spring up at 4:45am for boot camp


7 random facts about me

1. I was once in a car chase with the cops.  I was five and it’s a LOOOOOOOOONG story.

2. I want to be on Apprentice: Martha Stewart.

3. I dance in the elevator when I am by myself or jump when the doors close.

4. I love to vacuum

5. I own a championship ring from the Houston Rockets.

6. I do a great karaoke Proud Mary. 

7. I am always in search of the perfect hair color.


7 things I plan to do before I die

1. Get my MBA.

2. Visit South Africa.

3. Own a pair of Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos, or Stuart Witzeman shoes and pay cash for them and have it feel like buying a pair of Nine West shoes.  (Otherwise I would have some)

4. Own a vacation home.

5. Become a corporate officer of a company.

6. Make sure my mom is taken care of.

7. Rent an island for vacation.  (Doesn’t have to be by myself.  Come on we can all go in on one.  Its not that expensive if you split it, I know I’ve looked into it)


7 things I can do


2. Laugh at life.

3. Dress.

4. Decorate a house (all seven layers of it baby!).

5. What I do!

6. Have fun anywhere including places where I am not suppose to.

7. Make people laugh (sometimes with me, sometimes at me).


7 things I can’t or will not do

1. Have my intelligence insulted.

2. Brush my hair as often as Mandy thinks I should.

3. Be rude or nasty to people for superficial reasons or no reason at all.

4. Be verbally concise.

5. Pretend to be dumb to make a man (actually anyone) feel better about himself (/herself).

6. Anything which may involve me busting my azz- rollerskating, rollerblading, ice skating.  I’ll try but I still can’t do any of those things to this day!

7. Forget those who helped me be Monique.


7 things I say the most

1. I’m a grown azz woman!/I’m grown  

2. Whatever

3. Phuck you motherphucker

4. He is my HUSBAND/He is my BABY DADDY/She is my WIFE

5. That’s fire (this is fairly new, but I have been using it a little more these days)

6. What a lame

7. <insert any smart azz comment here>


7 celeb crushes (there a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than 7- so these are my seven random crushes I even have a girl)

1. Alonzo Mourning

2. Mos Def

3. Brad Pitt

4. Common

5. Ray Nagin

6. Allen Iverson

7. Toni Morrison (lol)


7 people I tagged to do this Quiz (Not that I think anyone I list will do this, since most of the people willing to do this already have completed it.  This list is in the order of most likely to NO CHANCE IN HELL)

1. Carla

2. HPM

3. Shaun

4. Rhonda

5. Mandy

6. Rob

7. John



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6 Responses to I got tagged…

  1. Poppy says:

    after reading this I feel like you\’re my soulmate. ;0)

  2. Rob says:

    I\’ve never felt more proud!

  3. Theresa says:

    You\’re too funny! You can\’t make small talk, but you CAN TALK SHYT. Nice.Allen Iverson- also nice. I used to "be" Iverson when I played one on one with my cous (he always used to "be" Jordan).Your list of things to do before you die looks very exciting! I\’m totally in if you ever rent an island ;)Great list bella!

  4. Patricia says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I\’m thinking of you and praying for you with Rita coming your way. I hope you and your family will be safe. HPM

  5. Cσяσиα says:

    Nice 7\’s!! OMG I despise folding and putting clothes away!!!!! LOL. Have a good weekend!!!

  6. Amy says:

    Hi Monique,Great list…seen you around at other people\’s blogs, mainly my girls Rei-Nene and Minxy\’s and finally came by your way.Great list, beautiful photos…Was that pic in Seattle at Charlie\’s on Broadway? Damn, I miss that place! Anyway, seeing as you\’re a Houston girl, I hope that you got out like the other two and you are safe and sound.Take care of that Diva Azz!

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