Frozen Eggs, Sex and The City, and other Random Machinations

So lots of things are swirling around in my head LOTS!! This morning I was half awake as the Today show was discussing the latest trend among my generation (X that is) and its freezing your eggs.  Yep saving them till later.  I guess maybe there’s something wrong with me but I don’t have this desire to procreate and fill the world with little mes.  If anything I am very luke-warm about the subject.  If I have them I do if I don’t eh.  I’ll just spend the money on my niece.  From my married days, I remember there being no ruder question than “when are you going to have some babies?”  I mean it never occurs to the person asking that perhaps I don’t want babies or something even worse maybe I DESPERATELY WANT BABIES and my body won’t cooperate.  The latter would be a lot harder to deal with, although it gets you more sympathy.  My response was always “I guess I’ll have them when I have them.”  Then I would smile, take a drink my cosmo, and politely exit before I get the look.  Oh you know the look, the one that says you selfish human you, how dare you not want to procreate.  I think my choice not to just procreate because I’m married is far from selfish.  Look the real reason for me not having a child has to do with the fact that it is an awesome responsibility and no matter how cute they are or sweet they smell, those should not be the reasons to have a baby.  I think that a strong desire to have a baby should be the thing, look being a parent isn’t easy so the one thing you should have is the desire, because if you don’t let me tell you its gonna suck.  Why would I say that, because I think parenting is hard enough for those who are totally committed to it, when you start adding to the fray of parents people who had kids for all the wrong reasons (look wrong reasons can abound) that’s where you get a world full of weirdoes and maladjusted people, you know people like me.  You know the ones whose desire to procreate is fair to midland at best.  My ex-husband said it was him I didn’t want to procreate with, so maybe there is a man out there who will make me yearn to go through morning sickness, retain ungodly amounts of water and then lbs of fat, go through the horrible pains of childbirth, sleepless nights, decade of urine, vomit, and or broken/sprained bones, countless years of teenage disdain and perhaps just perhaps right before I die or forget who my kids are there will be years (a year and a half to two years) of gleeful joy of having raised a productive human being who gives back to world.  I’m sorry I’m rambling again, needless to say I don’t think I will be freezing my eggs.  Maybe one day I will think I am worthy enough to parent, but if I do you all know it will not be a decision that I took lightly.  Oops is for spilt milk not sperm.



So I had a conversation yesterday and I was told that I watch too much Sex and the City.  Actually this comment has been said to me on more than one occasion by the same person who told me yesterday.  It annoys me every time because I don’t think he gets it.  I also don’t think his sentiment is his only.  I think lots of men like to believe that women take their cues from SATC.  Now I think the reason SATC was a hit is the same reason that Seinfeld was because it hits a nerve with us we can identify with it.  I mean how many times I have heard myself say you know this reminds me of that Seinfeld when… No one ever has told me Hey you watch too much Seinfeld. 


SATC really speaks to the lives of lots of women and not just young, super-slim, rich (or pseudo rich), white, fashionista, Manhattanites.  The reality is that we as women have all been broken up with by post-it note or its new successor IM (basically it means man gives no excuse for the break-up that can’t fit on a post-it note or in an IM window), we all have one friend that resembles Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha (notice I didn’t say Carrie- because everyone thinks she is Carrie), we all have had our Big and we all definitely own a pair of skinny jeans that sit in our closets waiting for us to fit back into them and do that ridiculous dance that Miranda did when she had on her black No Excuses.  The fact is even women who have never seen SATC have SATC moments.  Yes women overcomplicate men (they really are the simplest of the creatures food, sex, food, sex, sports, sports, sports, sex, food) and yes we are dramatic by nature (but only when it hurts. That’s why men get uncomfortable when you give them no drama when it is expected- DOES NOT COMPUTE) and God knows we LOVE shoes (I just got the most fab pair myself- more about those later), but those things have nothing to do with watching too much SATC they have to do with being a woman.  I mean just like Seinfeld, SATC is about life. Whats crazy if you could watch an episode of my life you would be hooked- well hell you are isn’t that kinda what this blog is?


I mean if I had died my hair blonde, lost  135lbs, chained smoked, and spent a down payment for an apartment on Manolos then one could tell me I watch too much SATC, but because you think I over think or my attitude about men is cavalier that’s just me learning from my mistakes and trying not to repeat them.  Break up with me on a post-it note once shame on you break up with me on a post it note twice shame on me!


Bronze…it ain’t just for baby shoes no mo’

Saturday I went to Nordy’s and tried to purchase the most exquisite pair of bronze BCBG Girls platform sandals I have ever seen.  Perfect for all the season tisin’ there is about to be in about 3 weeks until well til we run out of cash.  I absolutely loved them.  When I held them out to Mandy. She was all but those heels are like 4 inches.  I smiled and said I KNOW!! That will make me like what 6’2”.  Our sales guy Keith was like you trying to be taller than me.  I replied yep.  I love being tall.  I admire a man who is my height and encourages me to put on my heels means HE DON’T GIVE A PHUCK!!  Plus look at Supermodels they date lots of shorter men (well that’s because for one reason or another creativity must stunt your growth- think of how many short (avg) actors and musicians there are?).  I think my dad is responsible for me being so accepting and happy with my height.  I love being tall and I don’t think being tall means you can’t wear 4 inch heels. Do you know how great your legs look in 4inch heels?  Anyway, Keith told me they didn’t have the shoe in my size.  He brought me a another color ( well not really a color it was a patchwork of bronze and animal prints in a fleshy pink- not good on the shelf but it was fabulous on.  I am thinking of going back to get them).  They fit and Keith offered to order them for me.  That is what I love about Nordstrom’s the customer service, to work there you must have a brain.  Ah something in retail that is often overlooked these days.  Well my bronzed party shoes arrived yesterday and I picked them up from my leasing office this morning boy did they make me happy.  Shoes are my absolute favorite thing I wrote a blog about ‘em once went like this: Shoes…


Well now its time to say goodbye to all our family M-I-C See you real soon,-K-E-Y Why? because I have to get back to the grind and plus I’ll have something to blog about in the near future I promise-oh yeah and I do like you.  M-O-U-S-E.


Be EZ,


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6 Responses to Frozen Eggs, Sex and The City, and other Random Machinations

  1. Bus Chick says:

    I have two favorite SaTC moments (OK, more than two, but these are the ones that come to mind):1) Carrie "marrying herself" and registering for the pair of Manolos that was stolen from her friend\’s baby shower.2) Carrie\’s version of a wedding: her book party.

  2. Poppy says:

    Still too much SATC on your part but you seem to be getting a better understanding of the basic needs of men. Good for you.Thanks for hitting us off with the Mickey Mouse Club sign off too. Wit\’ yo\’ old azz!

  3. Theresa says:

    I have the opposite problem… I want kids, I really do. But I feel selfish having them when really I could adopt… and I know the whole urge for biological progeny is just that… biological. Hopefully the damn hormones will settle down before Terver gets his butt to this country!Get the shoes!T

  4. Amy says:

    Alright, first off I want to say thanks for coming to visit and leaving me soothing words in some of my dark times. I know you get some of those moments. Let me say I was a little bit shocked to read a happier married time to suddenly reading you going through divorce. It really is strange that I could go thru a temultous relationship but be disturbed when I hear that others go through it also. Maybe I really am a HOPELESS romantic. I do hope that you are happy with your choices…reading the last posts shows that you SEEM to be dealing with it well. I hope that is true.As per SATC, I have to say that I am all four of those women. I cannot even choose one of them to relate with. Don\’t you think that to be true, that all of us have a bit of all of them in us? Now for the important part of this whole post…Please, please, please do not ever apologize for feeling the way you do about having children. I think that people who choose not to have children on their terms are not only unselfish but more mature than people who have them to fulfill the role that has been put on us by everyone all around. Everytime I hear people who say that they choose not to have them I always hear a little apologetic tone in their voices…like they are waiting for fight to start. Instead I look at them and say: Good for you.Just because I want to have children doesn\’t mean everyone else should follow suit. This is a personal choice. You made yours and you need not have to defend it. You know yourself better than anyone else.Hope everything else is going well with ya, girl!!

  5. HistoricAnya says:

    I don\’t want kids either, never have, and refuse to apologize for it! There are already too many people on the planet, and too many kids who need good adoptive homes for me to want to add to that. Plus pregancy grosses me out, just like you said; ickie! Nor do I believe in the whole "oh, you\’ll want them when you get them" thing; after working in child welfare, I\’ve seen what happens when people have kids they don\’t want, it\’s NOT pretty. I especially resent that "what\’s wrong with you?" attitude; oooo, that irritates me! Don\’t get me wrong, I love being an auntie, but I love to send them home!Ahhhh, the Nordie\’s shoe department….I can\’t go in there too often, I just want to spend money. I love shoes to begin with, and they have some fabulous shoes….Not having HBO, I never got into SATC, but I catch it every once in a while on TBS. I do like it, and it speaks to me as a single woman in her 30\’s. No, I don\’t think he gets it!I think I\’m going to take my digital camera to Awards Night, so there should be lots of photos!Have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. Rhonda says:

    Aw hell, EVERYBODY knows how I feel about having children. I love my nephew to death, will spoil him always, but uh, don\’t think that I want \’em for myself. And on more than one occasion, I have been referred to as the "Samantha" of the group (for various reasons).Peace and blessings.

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