Draped Up and Dripped Out…

Well shout out to Bun B, I’m loving you cuz you are one trill-azz n—a!  For some reason, I have been on a ghetto music spree these days.  I am not really a connoisseur of the dirty south enough to purchase the music but I guess lately the dirty south is giving me classics and I am on it.  I mean UGK has always been a favorite since they told me something good, so my purchase of Bun B is really not out of character…but the David Banner, the Paul Wall, and a serious contemplation of buying Three Six mafia and Slim Thug –well I’m scaring myself.  I have even have found an affinity for screw music.  I use to feel like I was the only native Houstonian of African-American decent in my age group who didn’t like Screw, but now I do see some redeeming value in it.  LOL!!  Free Pimp C that’s what I am saying!! 


Note: when Pimp C steps out of jail UGK is going to go KAZATINUM I am willing to pre-order the next UGK CD TODAY and who knows when this dude is getting out of jail!


I don’t know NOTHING about it…

I really didn’t know much about it and I asked Mandy what she knew about it.  So, after some research with Mandy, we still don’t know much about “switching lanes on wood grain”.  I mean we tried switching lanes several times on our way to the mall one day and we even tried it again at night and …well…nothing.  I mean I surmised it was because we were not switching lanes on wood grain and that the wood grain and candy paint (I believe the candy paint probably needs to be drippin’) significantly increases the cool factor of switching lanes, in fact with out those things switching lanes is simply that, a lane change.  I mean Buschick once asked us “What we know about switchin’ lanes on wood grain?”  So my reply to her and the rest of the H-Town rap scene- I don’t know ANYTHING (Nothing if you are ghetto) bout it, but I did try , so I guess I know that switching lanes in a gold Nissan Altima with no wood grain does not inspire me to rap about it- it actually is rather anti-climactic based on the anticipation of how great it would be according to Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall just to name a few.  I have decided next time I switch lanes it should be on wood grain with candy paint drippin’ while syrup sipping.  I think the combination of wood grain, candy paint, and syrup is what makes switching lanes fun and the subject of countless raps.  


Clean Up Company is Coming

With buschick’s new found What’s Your Story fame, I have had an increase in readership.  You know traffic by association.  I don’t have the big jump in hits she has but, I am getting a significant amount of traffic from her site.  Thanks BC.   


First off welcome to my space, make yourself at home feel free to comment here, RSS my space, link me up on yours, or just save me as a favorite.  You will find I am random and sometimes offensive (I cuss a lot and sometimes there is a Chapellelike use of the n-word (you know nicca) – LOL).  My blogs are rated R (for the graphic language and occasional nudity) I doubt I will ever make it on What’s Your Story I am not PC at ALL and a bit militant at times.  I like to think I am pretty funny, but maybe I am not.  It doesn’t really matter; I amuse myself and as far as I am concerned, that’s all that counts!! If you like it I love.  Thanks for stopping by and y’all come back now you hear!!


The first day of the rest of your LIFE

A BIG Shout out to my Main Dammie Buschick who is starting a new internship and following her dream.  I have known her forever and I think she is destined to become an editor in some kind of capacity!!  Now don’t get me wrong she is a fabulous writer as well, but I think her true strength is in editing.  She has been editing my copy for years, since college baby!  The best thing about buschick’s editing style is she never makes you feel crazy or stupid for making those little mistakes we all sometimes make.  You know the brain fart mistakes like are instead of our, your instead of you’re, or there instead of their.  Her edits make your writing effective, crisp, and clean while maintaining your style and voice.  She rocks!! Can’t wait to see her features and hear her great stories about being hip and in the magazine know!


Another shout out to my girl Roni she has taking first step and put earnest money down on a house !! I’m next.  Soon as I get my papers baby!!  I am so proud of all my friends every one of them is “Doing the damn thing!!” 


Sisters are doing it for themselves!! Oh yeah and so are brothers I do have guy friends too! LOL


Speaking of brothas … a big shout out goes to DBH he has returned to the blogsphere!! Welcome Back- now carry on!

Be EZ,


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6 Responses to Draped Up and Dripped Out…

  1. Theresa says:

    I think I know even less than you…It\’s been ages since I switched lanes on wood grain or anything else for that matter.T

  2. Poppy says:

    Switching lanes on wood grain? Catchy but I don\’t know what the hell he\’s talking about! He\’s prolly saying something else, but them dayum fronts are impeding his intended speech.

  3. HistoricAnya says:

    Oh thank goodness there are others who don\’t get that. I thought I\’d missed a chapter in the Black Folks Handbook! I love the new theme – so pretty! Boy, Buschick came by the other day and said she had 12,000 hits in one day, so you must be getting quite a few too! Good gravy! JOHN LEGEND!!! Love him, love him, love him!! I totally agree, he\’s our Marvin. And I find him very fine!

  4. Bus Chick says:

    For the Durrty-South-challenged among Moni\’s readers:OK, so there\’s knowing what it MEANS (switchin\’ lanes smoove-style [all leaned back while bangin\’ screw] with your wood-grain steering wheel), and there\’s knowing something \’BOUT it (few people other than H-town Gs with pimped-out cars can claim this).Get it? Got it? Good!

  5. Rhonda says:

    Yeah… I think that I was with Mandana when we attempted, again, to see what we knew about switching lanes, and uh, came up with nothin\’. LOLAnyway, I really like the video for Draped Up, Dripped Out. All of the Diirrty South royalty was in the house. I am particularly glad for Bun B. I have been Back Front Back and Side, and heeded UGK\’s admonition to "never let ho azz n—as ride since the early 90\’s.Big up to Bun, and you too Moni, for keeping the public informed.RIP Sister Parks! Peace and blessings!

  6. Kelly says:

    Gurl..I feelin Bun B as well. I am a lover of all kinds of music, but Bun has been one of my favs for quite a while. It is so interesting because people really don\’t picture me as a durty south affecionado. Bun has been come full circle again and I\’m still "rockin duurty like UGK".

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