There will probably be many more good days in my future, but right now today ranks pretty high.  Today I was able to step towards my future with my shoulders just a little squarer as I looked at what was ahead of me (you know less looking over my shoulder and mucking with things that are in my past).  It seems like my future is lining itself up just fine.


We finally agreed on something

It’s been a long time since my soon-to be ex (more sooner than later thanks to today) and I have agreed on anything.  Today we, with the help of a very cool mediator, were able to come to an agreement that both of us and our lawyers felt to be a good deal.  I feel good about it, which doesn’t mean much cause I don’t know too much about protecting myself legally for worst case scenarios and my lawyer (which was the person who I needed to agree with me above all else) seemed to be pleased with the deal that was hammered out.  We also did it in less time than allotted, which is great. 


So now that that’s behind me

Well first off, I am going to celebrate, but only a little, I will save the blow out for when I have my papers in hand.  Maybe I’ll have a party where I destroy all the documents with my married name on them.  No disrespect to my married name or those who carry it, but I LOVED my maiden name and can not wait to have it back.  My maiden name is cool because it’s unusual and always bears repeating but it is easy to spell once you hear it repeated.  So I like to think it’s memorable.  I think my maiden name is kind of how I like to think of myself it is unique, different, familiar and memorable. 


I am very excited about life.  I have learned some lessons and hope that I can use something that is often very painful to help me grow more as a person.  Whoever said “That that doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger”  ain’t never lied.  —>


New Blog Buddies

I would also like to give a shout out to a few new blog buddies.  Slavic Guerrl , Theresa (this would be the second Theresa that is a blog buddy not to be confused with the first Theresa) and M !  I love reading your blogs.  You all sound like very interesting and fascinating women.  As I love to sing "Sisters are doing it for themselves!" (In my mind I sound like both Annie and Aretha depends on the day)


Oh yes and foreverkelz I can’t visit your blog but thanks for visiting and commenting on mine maybe you could leave me an e-mail or something so you can put me on your list.


I guess I should also just say hi to all the regulars(you know who you are, lurkers and commenters alike).  I would also like to shine a HOT PINK Bat Signal for HPM.  Where are you?  I miss you.  Let a chick know you are ok. 


So I guess I’ll let you listen to Cube because today was actually a GREAT DAY!! You have no idea how this song takes me way back (ask buschick she’ll tell you). 


Be EZ,


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  1. Maggie says:

    🙂 I\’m so excited! luv & God Bless,M.

  2. HistoricAnya says:

    I love this song too! Classic!Congrats on getting through a painful situation and making it a good one. And if the lawyer\’s happy, it\’s probably a good thing. Isn\’t having a good name the best? Though it has caused me some irritation over the years (oh, the variations of Anya in both pronunciation and spelling!), I do love having a unique name. 🙂

  3. Unknown says:

    That\’s great to hear, OG!! Sounds like you are on your way to the right way and to your OWN name again 🙂 Now that\’s gonna be grounds for celebration!

  4. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the shout out Ms. OG, I glad that you have come over this hump. My cousin told me before that we don\’t make mistakes in life, we just learn lessons. Another lesson learned:)Kelz

  5. Kelly says:

    Me thinks I added you to my list. Check it out! :)Kelz

  6. Unknown says:

    Thank you very much, I am new to this whole thing so all the help I can get the better! Once again, thank you!!!


    Who would make the best Dumbledore? Visit my space and let me know. Love Cheryl.

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