Random Tuesday Thoughts During a Holiday Week!

I am so proud of myself.  I got all my grocery shopping done today, before most people got up.  I had originally planned to do it Sunday and beat the rush, but so did everyone else.  So I decided I would go early Tuesday morning.  I already wake up early to work out, so I just woke up earlier today to get to Wal-Mart before I hit the cardio machines.  The best time to go to Wal-Mart is between 4:30am and 6:30am.  There is hardly anyone in the store, sure it’s a little hard to get thru the aisles because all the boxes (stocking is going on around that time), but at the same time it’s the only traffic in the store.  So this morning, I went to Wal-Mart and got all my ingredients for Turkey day.   That was pretty easy because I am only responsible for 2 pies, a cake, and 6 dozen homemade rolls.


Yes, I can cook.  I am from the south and my grandmother, Ms. Rachel, is world renowned for her cooking skillz (OK maybe just the greater Houston Metro area and a few pockets in L.A., Tyler, and OK City to be fair).  So when you are the oldest daughter of Rachel’s oldest child, and also the oldest granddaughter, you gotta be able to show you will be able to carry on the tradition of putting your foot in it (translation: making that GOOD food. The kind that makes you want to SLAP yo’ momma!). 


Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving in my family is very interesting.  As the grandchildren grow up and have families of our own the holiday is taking new shape.  Like when I was younger we never had alcohol on the holidays, just something we didn’t do and I am not sure why.  These days, now that the other rug rats have rug rats, there are all kinds of frosty libations going on at the house.  Seeing as I love to partake in a drink from time to time, I am very cool with the new improved Thanksgiving holiday!  The other thing with the growing up of my family is more of my little cousins are allowed to bring a dish to the holiday.  It’s a big thing in my family when my grandmother gives you the OK to bring a dish to the dinner.  Being the oldest, I’ve been bringing something for a while now.  This year my little cousin, Amanda, was told she could bring a dish, talk about beaming with pride.  I hope she makes something that will get her a spot on the Christmas menu.  Some cousins are still on dish duty; my grandmother doesn’t think they are ready for the big time yet.  Since my grandmother recently had knee surgery, she will just be supervising the cooking this year. 


There are only two other things bigger than being added to the holiday dish rotation.  The first is being given a standing spot in the rotation like the daughters.  It means your dish is so good it is what the whole family expects you to bring, and if you don’t all you hear all day is why didn’t you make the so and so.  My standards are Chocolate Pecan pie and Chocolate Italian Cream cake.  The other thing is getting a holiday assigned to you in the rotation.  That one requires you to have a house.  When I was married I had a few holidays but not a permanent assignment.  There are a few openings now because one of my aunts no longer lives in a house and neither do I.  My grandmother always has Christmas.  Then my aunt Adria has Thanksgiving.  My aunt Yolanda usually has 4th of July because she lives outside the city limits so we can pop firecrackers.  The rest are up for grabs.  If no one gets assigned a holiday then we have it at my grandmother’s by default.  I plan on having a new house soon hopefully in time for the 4th of July!!  I really have my eye on Easter as my standard holiday, since it’s kind of around my birthday.  I will fill you in on my holiday assignment, once I get a new house and the elders bestow one upon me.



It’s a big party week-end here in the H.  Houston is the temporary home of the Bayou Classic this year.  This weekend is going to kick off a season of lots of partying in the H.  Houston will also be the temporary home of the Essence Festival in July ‘06(Tix go on sale 12/1/05) and the home of the 2006 NBA All-Star game on the weekend of February 17th !!  There will be lots of partying going on.  I am very interested to see the dynamic of the Classic here in Texas.  Unlike NO, Houston doesn’t really have a main strip where tourists walk and congregate, during the Super bowl, they made our Main St (which runs smack dab in the middle of Downtown Houston) kind of like Bourbon.  They even suspended the open container laws so people could walk about and be free on the streets of downtown (well a street of downtown) with their drinks.  I am just interested to see what the city is going to do to make this Classic seem like the NO or if they will at all.


I will probably hit a few parties of the promoters I know.  It’s crazy how many party promoters I know.  No one is like a close personal friend but we all definitely move in the same circles.  I attribute it to going to college here; most of the people who promote stuff are friends, ex-boyfriends, and acquaintances from college or from partying in my twenties.  So at least I know which spots will have the grown and sexy!  The grown and sexy that I grew up with that is (I guess since its Classic there will be plenty of new faces in da mix).  Speaking of new faces, guess who is on her way to the BIG H?



Yep, Tressa tha Hairdressa will be arriving very soon.  I am so happy to have her and her family down here in the H!! Woo hoo!  Welcome to Texas, Tressa we are so happy to have you. 


He’s Still Around….(well, kinda sorta in a round about way)  

I am also thinking Da Law might come here for the holiday.   Well actually now that I think about it, I doubt it since he has been studying like a mad man and I haven’t, and probably won’t, extend the invitation to him.  He does attend one of the universities participating in this week’s festivities, so he may turn up (it is just a 4 hour drive).


We had come to kind of a stand still (not surprising with distance, life, and people), but recently we’ve been talking again.  It’s crazy because I like him a lot, don’t get me wrong, but the time away has changed how I feel about him.  I actually think that’s good.  I mean before he seemed a little too perfect, I am glad he finally got some realness on him.  Takes the pressure off of me.  He has definitely been a better friend than I expected him to be (which is not saying much because I didn’t expect him to be one at all).  I mean I think he cares which is nice, but like I said the time we spent not talking gave me a different perspective on him.  Well, I know that one thing that is still the same about us, when we talk things are still simple and uncomplicated and sometimes we may take a minute to say it, but we can be completely honest with one another, eventually.  Which is nice, I don’t want the ease of our conversation to ever change even if we as a “we” change.  I think the thing I like about him the most is he listens and remembers, something that shows me he is concerned with more than himself, however I also surmise his retention of information is a product of his legal training and not him being overly enamored with me, so I am not too impressed that he remembers my favorite color, my birthday or the fact that his new has worn off a little (if you know me…you know what I mean).  


He recently accepted a position at a very prestigious firm, not in Texas.  I am so excited and happy for him, but a little sad.  I did wonder what life might be like if he and I lived in the same city (there were a few Houston firms on his list).  You know, closer than 4 hours and a few weekends a month.  Oh well, life moves on and I’m sure there are more where he came from!  I’m counting on it.   


That’s all for today folks.  Talk at you later!


Be EZ,


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2 Responses to Random Tuesday Thoughts During a Holiday Week!

  1. Amy says:

    Wow. I was so envious after reading the \’Gobble Gobble\’ section. My family never really had any type of tradition and I guess it\’s because so many of my family is spread all around. But reading what you wrote was exactly the type of thing I wanted my own family to have. I\’ve started doing things and as my kids grow older I know they are remembering and thinking that it is a \’tradition\’ because as the days get closer to certain holidays they start to ask \’are we gonna do this? or \’when can we start doing this?\’ type of questions.I only regret that my family is not close at all because my children do not see them and know them. I guess I\’m hoping that one day I will be the \’Grandma Rachel\’ and I actually can\’t wait. It\’s amazing how most women dread the thought of turning into a grandmother but I\’ve been so excited since my grandniece was born that someone call me Grandma. That niece has refused but the new batch of grandnieces and nephews have been told to call me LOLA which is grandma in Filipino.You don\’t even know how much emotions you\’ve stirred up with this post. Isn\’t that funny?

  2. Theresa says:

    I know what you mean about having dishes you\’re expected to bring and that being a BIG HUGE DEAL. Sadly, I don\’t have any anymore because since the family kind of shattered I\’ve been hit or miss on a lot of occaisons. I used to own marzipan cookies at Christmas time when I was in highschool- I wasn\’t thrilled about it because I didn\’t really like them, but the first time I brought them for Christmas dinner they were a hit and I got stuck making them for 4 years! I got assigned some other things on the holidays depending on who was coming and bringing what… BTW when you said "slap yo momma" I laughed my head off- my mom\’s msn handle is yo momma and I\’ve never heard that saying.

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