Gonna Miss You Mudbone!

So I just didn’t think it right for me not to at least write a short blog in memoriam for one of the greatest comedians of all time.  This weekend we lost a legend.  He was a great legend that inspired other soon to be legends.  One of the pioneers of blue comedy, maybe a man who almost single handedly managed to make blue comedy almost mainstream.  A man who took what Lenny Bruce was doing to the next level.  He was a man who never went PG-13 on us after he had kids; he kept it real until he stopped performing.  If you have ever even smirked at an Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, or Dave Chapelle (or almost any other comedian) joke, you must give credit to this man.  Of course I am talking about the one and only Richard Pryor.  I remember watching Richard Pryor when I had NO business, my cousin and I would sit outside the den while our parents were watching one of his shows on cable.  Then I remember sneaking to watch one of his shows or listening to one of his LPs while my parents were gone.  Ahhh… yes Richard Pryor.  I guess his death to me was expected, so much so when I heard it I was like he finally got tired.  I remember seeing a tribute to him on Comedy Central once, it made me jump up and check to see if I had missed the news of his passing.  Well, Mr. Pryor thanks for the gut wrenching laughter while delivering a social and political commentary on the world that was much need.  Letting us all know that a spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down!  


Be EZ,


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1 Response to Gonna Miss You Mudbone!

  1. HistoricAnya says:

    Preach on, sistah! The man was a bloody genius of comedy. I bet there\’ll be a ton of stuff on TV about him for a while, and maybe even a tribute or two. I think I saw that Comedy Central thing too, I remember thinking "Did I miss something?!" 🙂

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