The Real Endangered Species

So, Kelz wrote a blog again yesterday (sorry, she’s still in the closet) but it touched on something that as a black person in America I often think about, especially as a black female.  First off let me say these are my feelings and my reflection on something I think is wrong.  I do not speak for my race, I repeat I do not speak for my race.  As a minority with an audience that is probably all over the place, I feel I must clarify.  It seems from school to TV one black’s opinion is often taken as the sound bite for our whole race.  The topic that is very near to my heart is the plight of the black male.  I mean some reasons are altruistic because I feel the things that I watch my black brothers go through is sometime painful and another reason is selfish because I have brothers and uncles and cousins and eventually when I decide to go there again he will undoubtedly be a black man that I love (I’m not ruling out other races, but my preference does lie with black men).  Kelz’s blog was about a few things but she briefly touched on the execution of Stan “Tookie” Williams.  I didn’t really write about it because my feelings about the whole situation was terribly conflicted.  I agree that Stan did lots of great things I saw the movie with Jamie Foxx, however like I told Kelz, people must realize that there are some mistakes that you can’t make up for.  I have a huge problem with the death penalty just because like almost everything else it seems to be administered disproportionately to minorities.  I also don’t understand how the religious right can support the death penalty but turn around and talk about they don’t believe in killing and march up and down in front of Planned Parenthood.  I don’t want to get into my pro-choice pro-life philosophy here, but it amazes me how the same people who plead for you not to have an abortion are the same people who want to execute little Ray Ray when he grows up in an environment where he was not wanted and turns to a life of crime.  I know, I know, the sad reality is those people could care less about the life of little Ray Ray they are worried about the Thurston Howells the IVs.  People who are truly pro-life are pro-life and most don’t support execution, abortion, or war.  Ok back to my regularly scheduled topic. 


It pains me that we are in a society where little black boys are not valued and unfortunately there aren’t parents out there like Kelz and B that take responsibility for filling in the gaps.  The problem for me with supporting a stay for people like Stan “Tookie” Williams or Gary “Sankofa” Graham (a famous case here in Texas) is that these men did commit and do atrocious things.  Things that made most of the general public think that it was ok to allow their liberties to be taken away.  Trust me, if Stan “Tookie” Williams had been an upstanding man who was imprisoned I would have been ready to blog and write and stomp on his behalf.  This is the sad fact, minorities in this country are often disenfranchised and it is very very easy for even an upstanding innocent black man to be arrested, because of the perception.  However it’s a huge vicious cycle.  It it makes me want to cry.  I mean like I told my 16 year old cousin, when he got busted with weed.  Don’t give ‘em anything man.  We know the system is not fair to us, so why would we even get in the system.  I told him try your best to be on the up and up because since you know they are waiting to catch you slipping, the best way to beat ‘em is not to slip.  The problem is not everyone is like my cousin; there are some young boys who feel they have no other choice but to hustle.  I mean I wish the media would glorify all the smart, hard-working, brilliant brothers we have.  That’s what our young boys should want to do.  I mean, I am not a parent, but buy your kid a Black Enterprise instead of a Sports Illustrated.  Talk about how Barak Obama is laying it down instead of T.O. 

I mean the fact is as blacks we must accept the world is not fair and we need to come up with ways for equipping our young men.  They are just as smart and fierce as our young ladies, so why are they being out numbered in colleges?  I don’t know the answer I just know that something needs to be done.  It shouldn’t take a prison sentence to make them see the errors in their ways.  How do we reach the babies who don’t have parents in their lives?  I mean I am not worried about Kelz’s and Phoenix Diva’s boys they have a great foundation.  I am worried about those boys who don’t have anything and they turn to the streets.  I have been looking into the boy and girls club for a minute and granted I’ll probably be mentoring a young girl.  I wouldn’t mind mentoring a boy, but I definitely think at some point I would try to expose him to a man.  I might be old –fashion but I think that both sex’s should be involved in a child’s life to truly help shape them and I also think it takes a man to teach a boy how to be a man and not just a male.   I just wish more men would step outside of their world and help.  It takes a village you know.  Well I am off my soap box and I really don’t know if this will read more than a bunch of incoherent babble but at least I got some of it off my chest.  Like they say on BET S.O.S Save OurSelves!


Be EZ,


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6 Responses to The Real Endangered Species

  1. Kelly says:

    Once again thanx for the shout out girl, you know I could only blog lightly about the situation because I don\’t know all the facts. But, what I do know is that our society is so quick to categorize certain people as deviants and once that label is placed on a person it is hard for them to shake. So as a mother I try to shape the minds of my sons to understand what is right from wrong. That things can be accomplished without lying, cheating, or stealing, and the fact of the matter is that because of the color of their skin once they make a mistake it will be hard for them to redeem themselves. It doesn\’t take as much as you think to stop for a moment and pay attention to a child. That is really what they need. Some children may not even know what they are doing is wrong because no one ever told them. Adults can get so caught in their day to day lives that they even know what\’s going on in their kid\’s life. And you can\’t just listen, but you have to explain why something is wrong. Conversate, kids have a lot of interesting things to say. In my household the truth is where it\’s at. I want to know the truth no matter what it is and I want it directly from the them not from some third party. So I can\’t always punish them for doing something wrong, if they come to me with the truth. Especially if I want them to always be open and up front with me. Kelz

  2. John says:

    Good post. It also amazes me that the same people who support capital punishment are supposedly against big government. Um, isn\’t the government killing its own citizens pretty much the ULTIMATE exercise in big, intrusive government? I don\’t get it.

  3. Rob says:

    You mean to say that this world is far too complicated for it to be boiled down into the opinion of one person or a group of people?! Outrageous! All I need to do is sit in font of FoxNews and let the truth bathe over me. Thinking!Do you know how hard I work? The aggravation with my loser job, traffic, taxes and kids?????? I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO THINK, THANK YOU!I\’ve only got time to make snap judgements and that\’s it. Skin color, income, hair style, grammar, the car you drive… these are all the mechanics of truth I\’ve got time for. Well, that and a nice badonkadunk!—Hey, another great blog! Love!

  4. Amy says:

    Well said.As a minority myself, I know how easy it was for me to fall through the cracks when I was growing up. The gangs I rolled with gave me a family. But to see more and more people die scared the crap out of me. I\’m lucky because I\’m a girl and I was never initiated so I ran as quick away from it when I could. My boys were not so lucky. A lot of them grew up to be adults…that\’s when they were gunned down on the streets.Some of the kids now look up to these men as \’heroes.\’ That\’s the scary thing about it. I don\’t really think we had \’heroes\’ when we first got together. It was just a bunch of juvies that were too dumb to realize we were being used. It\’s different now with so many minority groups. No kid has to feel alone or different anymore and it\’s shocking that they would leave that safe world to be \’cool.\’The thing is here it\’s not only the boys. Lots of girls are being charged with crimes, such as murder. I know from my experience that I can show my kids the way. Too many parents are in denial about what their children are capable of.

  5. Theresa says:

    Wow…very interesting. Thanks for sharing this one. Go check out luckysideways – you will enjoy her entries as much as I enjoyed reading yours today. Welcome back by the way. Love the new look 😉

  6. Renee says:

    I completely agree with you when you say some mistake you cant make up for… and then where do we draw the line if we start making acceptions? Certain actions require more than what rehabilitation and other things can do… and change isnt made in the expectation of getting something but just for that person, may not change the price they must pay… I dont want to take away from what he has done in any way… but have to keep that in mind…I totally tell my brother the same thing… have to be more careful… and I will tell my son… with sex, with who you hang out with… the choices you make can put you in precarious situations that for other people may not be a deterimental, but for (you) it is and a lot harder to get out of… it sucks that our brotherm nephews and sons have to gothrough this, but i guess that is the reality right now

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