That was all I was saying…


OG walks in to Best Buy early Jan 1st!

Bust Buy Associate: Happy New Year and Good Mornin’

OG: Good Mornin’ and same to you.  Sir, I would like to get on the list.

BBA: The list?

OG: Yes the waiting list, the preorder list, the…

BBA: Well, for what video game

OG: No, for the CD

BBA: The CD?

OG: Yes, Pimp C is out and I am trying to get on the preorder list for the next UGK CD!!

<sounds of dollar signs ringing in the background!!>


And with that said Pimp C has been freed, in case you didn’t know (Jan1st I think) and UGK is probably in the studio as we speak, making some hellafied music!!  I did contemplate standing outside the prison like Whitney, but I decided not to.  So here’s to the next UGK album…talk about your Big Pimpin’.


So, now that  Pimp C is Free what are we going to be saying?  Because before Free Pimp C was all everyone was saying.



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3 Responses to That was all I was saying…

  1. Kelly says:

    Put your "Free Pimp C" T-Shirts on E Bay. Tha man has come home!! By the way, I seen Texas last night. Good game, we\’ll se ya\’ll again later this year, and the Bucks will be ready. ~Kelz

  2. HistoricAnya says:

    So, this is a rapper you like? LOL! 🙂

  3. LIVIA says:

    hello,chinese girl dongwei here .happy new year~~~

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