Brush with mortality

So, yesterday I was out and about shopping well more window shopping than shopping.  I was suppose to be looking for an interview suit.  N E Ways, I was in Foley’s at the Galleria and some how got into an impromptu makeover, which is not out of the ordinary for me.  I got up to pay for the one product I liked and I was about to pay when the next thing I know, I woke up on the floor across from the make-up counter with my sales associate asking me if I was OK. YEP I fainted…blacked out…lost consciousness whatever you call it.  I am not a fainter, as a matter fact the last time I could remember fainting I was around 6th or 7th grade and my dad  was giving me one of my last spankings as a child.  I remember it because in that instance I didn’t awake to some one asking me if I was OK, but my dad still hitting me because he thought I was FAKING!! LOL. 


Anyway, the fainting made me think about my strength, I always think of myself as being kind of strong and fainting seems so weak.  LOL.  Look, I know the fainting doesn’t mean I’m weak, as a matter of fact it was my body trying to tell me something.  After lots of discussion I think I might have been a bit dehydrated.  I talked to one of my trainers (SWAT officer) this morning and he was like you probably were dehydrated that is usually the first sign. He told me next time I feel that way just start some deep breathing and get to some food and water ASAP and a seat or my knees.  Rhonnie  also gave me great advice, she is a RN (not by profession these days).


Normally my brushes with mortality are not physical,  but mental or emotional, you know someone saying something rude or me finding out what I had assumed was the wrong assumption.  This physical brush shook me for a minute, but I am cool today and plan on going out to hunt for a suit soon, right after I drink 2 more liters of water.


Oh yeah I was fine, EXTREMELY embarrassed and my tail bone hurts,  which is surprising considering the amount of junk I have in my trunk.  Plus as soon as I regained my composure I had an excuse to by a chocolate chip cookie, I needed to get my blood sugar up IMMEDIATELY !

Be EZ,



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6 Responses to Brush with mortality

  1. Renee says:

    Damn girl… now they can advertise… "make up so good it will knock you out!" just playing… I hope you are ok and doing well… working too hard girl? at the job or in the gym? we stll havent made plans and we must… but after next week… guess what? my dumb ass lost her debit card after going to Chachos at 11pm for a taco fix and had someone use it to buy something from columbia house… can u believe that? f*king columiba house… anways… I\’ll holla… 😉

  2. Theresa says:

    Eeps. Fainting? I\’m not sure I\’ve ever seen anyone faint. Last time I fainted it was from dehydration (I was a wee thing in the hospital). During my much too busy uni days I sometimes fell asleep standing up, watching tv, talking to people, etc… it was REALLY disorienting and kind of scary. I know, rather narcoleptic of me, but I started making sure I slept a decent amount every night and it hasn\’t happened in years. Way to be proactive and find out what you need to do to fix it. Speaking of which- I\’m going to get me some water.

  3. HistoricAnya says:

    Thank goodness you\’re ok!!! That\’s a wee bit scary! I\’m glad you figured out what was happening and took steps to fix it! Boy, when your body tells you something, it REALLY tells ya! Have a great weekend, and stay hydrated! 🙂

  4. Unknown says:

    Gurllll!!! So good to hear that you\’re okay!! I heard of "shop til you drop" but DAYUMMM!!! (just playin\’…Nene started it!). Anyhew, something like that does put something on a sistahs mind, huh? It sounds like you\’ve received some really good advice and shouldn\’t have any more episodes like this. It can be really scary when your body just shuts down on you, I know! It\’s good that you were around other people when this happened.

  5. Kelly says:

    Whew, I\’m glad to hear you\’re okay. Puts a lot in perspective, doesn\’t it. I\’m sure you\’re going to handle it though. That suit can wait another day or two, but your bady can\’t.~Kelz

  6. Unknown says:

    What a jarring experience. Do take care of your health and wellness!Char

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