OG talks Football

Are you ready for some football?  The Superbowl is almost upon us and let the trash talk begin. I like football I don’t have the in depth knowledge of the game like I do basketball or baseball.  Ask me about how the extra pass breaks down the best of  zones or how the 6-4-2 double play is a very rare thing to behold but quite exciting and run stopping. LOL!! Then we can really have a talk.  However my football knowledge is fundamental.  4th and long should be punted, field goal range usually is less than 50yds (thats long and short range), and 2 point conversions are for the NCAA.  Hell and I knw that some of that isn’t right.

Anyway, I know the rules and I even can recognize a formation or two.  Ok ok ok I see the shotgun formation when someone points it out to me.  I even played powder puff (women’s flag football) in college.  Lately, I have been learning more about the finer points of the game and let me tell you this game is a lot smarter than I gave it credit for. I mean I have watched football all my life.  My dad even played a little semi -pro and of course, I’ve dated quite a few football players in my life (from college stars to NFL practice teamers. LOL!).  However, I only know about the part of football that is about the brute force and strength, I don’t know about the part that is adjusting and reading your opponent.   Man, when you add strategy to the game it is fascinating, kinda like watching war.  It’s like a a completely different game, because if talent is equal then your ability to read the opponent is the difference.  You realize the good players are good either because they are so talented they don’t have a tell ( such as cheating  to the strong/weak side) or they recognize the tell of others players who are cheating to the strong/weak sides.  I mean I know sometimes talent makes that a non-issue ( cause we all knew what MJ’s tongue meant, but no one could really stop him), but it’s still fun to watch. 

 Watching football with my new knowledge has been great its like a different game.  I still think that basketball is my favorite, I have played it since I was 10 or 11.  To me basketball (and even baseball- long story how I started watching baseball.  That’s another blog) is like my native tongue, no translation necessary, while football is like Spanish, I understand what you mean but it takes me a minute to translate what is going on. 

I would like to  take this time to thank my instructor for teaching me about making adjustments and the finer points of the game.  You have completely changed the game for me.  Thanks  "Z"ML  I may even have to buy myself Madden 2006 so I can really get with it and become a real football coach yelling at the screen for people to adjust, the same way I do in basketball. LOL!

Steelers or Seahawks, who’s  taking home the Lombardi Trophy for Superbowl XL?


Be EZ,


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3 Responses to OG talks Football

  1. HistoricAnya says:

    Well, I gotta go with the Seahawks, simply because they\’re closer to me, but I only watch the SuperBowl for the commericals & halftime show anyway.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the game with your new knowledge!  🙂

  2. Bus Chick says:

    Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahawks, baby!

  3. Unknown says:

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