Damn Man

Dear <you know exactly who you are>,
Look its been  a while now, dude.  I mean over a year. You phucked up and I chose not to play any more.  Get over being the victim already! I got phucked over in this thing too, but I choose to live, learn, and let love!
I am sorry Spaces someone just mentioned something to me and I just can’t believe that this person still is talking about me and writing about me.  And now I am writing about them?  Why can’t you be like most people and move on. I hear you gotta girl and I know if I was your girlfriend your need to talk about what I’m doing and who I’m doing would worry me, but hey I am not your girlfriend or your wife anymore!! Thank God.  I am adult enough to admit I am human and I made some mistakes, but bitterness ain’t gonna get me.  No sir.  I just feel sorry for you that you have to tell a twisted truth to get sympathy from the masses.  Yeah, I am human and I phuck up regularly and I try to be good which is why I go to church, however putting you on blast is not what I want to do. You don’t see me blogging about your business and you inability to handle it in our marriage. Ops I  just did.  The real problem is I decided to do what I wanted and you have labeled it as a being a follower, however if I had followed you like the ones you employ it wouldn’t have been a problem.  Good leaders know how to follow and when to follow.  Think about that. 
I am sorry I had to get on this low road but damn if I hear one more thing about the things being said about me I am going to explode.  Since I doubt you ever read my blog (cause I know I only hear about yours) I am sure one of your friends will tell you I wrote this open letter. I am sure you may respond and tell people I was in altered state when I wrote it and think your corny jokes funny, like I said whatever it takes.  People who put people down to feel better about themselves, well I pity those people. Me I’m not gonna put you down and call out your faults and what you did, I am just gonna wish you twice as much joy and happiness as I am having.  You know you really should stop the hating, its not attractive at all, plus you have so much going on for you,  you really shouldn’t have to hate at all. You are a GREAT MAN and someone will be or maybe (like I said I only hear not my biz to confirm or deny whats going on in your bedroom) is now very appreciative of the things you do and who you are. Maybe one day I’ll make it over there to actually read the disparaging half-truths you wrote, nah on second thought, you keep that negative energy.  I have learned the hard way to let go of it and move on.  No time in my world to hate just to love. I love you man and only wish the best for you, see that is what true love really is, it  is about being able to hope and wish the best for someone even when they have hurt you to the core and broke your spirit.  There was a time when I was bitter and I said mean and evil things out of anger about you, but never really in public or in this blog.  I will continue to only say things about you that are in relation to me sorting my feelings out about our story and what went wrong with it.  I  mean I did say a lot of phucked up things while we were together, but so did you.  I just have chosen to take the high roads in regards to the things you did to me and not try to use your mistakes in life to make you look like a bad person.  I find that being positive is the best way to live life.  Best wishes in all that you do, one love.
Be EZ,
PS.  Spaces, I am sorry for the open letter but someone just mentioned to me that my ex was still disparaging my name and I had to get it off my chest.  I really feel sorry that he has that much hate in his heart, and I am partially responsible.  Me I just can’t manage to muster up that much bitterness and spite for anyone, not even him or the ones who hurt my feelings before and after him. Life is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY 2 short for such things!
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2 Responses to Damn Man

  1. Renee says:

    Yes it is, and whatever it takes to make your heart less heavy do… Its just ridiculous as grown folks that people act this way… I will never understand it, and I guess people like us never will… genuine people who honestly think about others well-being instead of how everything affects ME!  I hope you feel better, I know I do, after my venting too

  2. Kelly says:

    Im sorry to hear about that.  Gurl that\’s his baggage he\’s carrying, don\’t carry that baggage for him.  So let it out as much as you want.  It looks like you\’ve taken the necessary steps to adjust your life, no matter how difficult.  Like Ms. Rei, I hope you feel better as well. ~Kelz

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