Pay it Forward

This week is S.O.S, Send One Suit.  I have been involved with the Dress For Success probably as long as I have been a real professional.  I think helping someone help them self is really where it is at.  Dress for Success is so special to me because I remember how expensive it is to get an interview suit and I remember a time when I couldn’t afford it, luckily for me I always had family to help.  Not everyone has family.  I also love Dress for Success because I know that my stuff really is being used, I really feel like I am paying it forward when I donate my suits or help in suit drives.  I have seen some of the women who get the suits and it is amazing how something so simple gives them the confidence they need in the interview.  So, if you have a chance check out the site, see how you can help in your city.  Dress for Success.


Be EZ,




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2 Responses to Pay it Forward

  1. Theresa says:

    I\’ve got an interview for school coming up and I\’ve got to find an interview outfit- it IS damn expensive. Like you said- thank goodness for family! That seems like a great charity to be involved in. I think that clothes make all the difference for people when it comes to professional confidence (both for what it inspires in the wearer and in others seeing her).

  2. HistoricAnya says:

    Preach on, sistah!  It makes SUCH a difference in your attitude when you can go into an interview knowing you look good, or at least like someone who could do the job!  That\’s a great thing to be involved in, I\’m going to have to check it out around here.  🙂

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