The Year of the OX

Less than a week, seven days until my b-day.  Wow! I have already been saying I’m 33 so I guess that won’t change.  I am about to be 33, which I guess is a good age.  I am going to try to make it a good age.  I am going to make it the age; it is going to be the  year.

The year that I buy a home ( in my name only).

The year I take the GMAT.

The year I find and apply to an MBA program.  

The year I watch one of my best friends marry the love of her life. 

The year I learn to be nicer (never can be too nice). 

The year I make serious moves with my career.

The year I am happy with me at this time in space (less complaining about if I could only do this….then I would be fine).

The year I decide if ever want to be a biological mother ( ‘cause if that’s a Yes…I got some eggs to freeze and STAT).

The year I tell people how I feel about them (tomorrow is promised to no one). 

The year I retire at least 50% of my debt. 

The year I learn to be less of a hardazz on some, and more of a hardazz on others. 


33, I think it is gonna be a good year for me, God willing.


Looking back at 32, it was:


The year I became 1, legally.

The year I completed my first year after coupledom.

The year I made some new friends.

The year I blogged my heart out (the blogs from 32-33 have been some of my most soulful and gut, wrenching maybe I’ll share a pre-360 blog with you one day).

The year I said goodbye to an old love who got married.

The year I met a new love that could never be. (never even got to meet you) 

The year I got my feet wet and got back in the dating game.

The year I watched my professional worth sky-rocket.

The year I learned to be less high strung.

The year I learned that medium is all relative.

The year I met lots of great friends on 360 (I LOVE THE INTERNETS).

The year I watched American History change (Katrina).

It was a year that I lost, gained, and grew.  Thanks 32.



BTW: The Ox is my Chinese Zodiac symbol.


I wonder why everything related to me has horns, my Aries is Ram and my Chinese Zodiac is the Ox, I guess I really must have a hard head! LOL!  


Be EZ,


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4 Responses to The Year of the OX

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow OG this blog is so introspective. I\’m glad to see that you\’re doing good.  I wish you the best birthday ever.  You deserve it.  I\’m sure you and your girls wil live it up to the fullest. Take care.~Kelz

  2. Rob says:

    Ah, to be 33, again!
    Clinton was still in the Whitehouse, I had bough a house with the women I would spend the rest of my life with, Guido had moved back to Houston, it was my first year with a degree and I had found the last company I would ever work for (until they sold out to ADP).
    All in all, a good year.
    And I am very pumped up for you! Of all the people I know, honestly, you are the only one I believe that can actually change (that\’s the one benefit of having a hard head).
    Anyway, lots of love!!!!

  3. Theresa says:

    Happy Birthday to You!

    Happy Birthday to You!

    Happy Birthday to Moneeee-eeeque!

    Happy Birthday to You!
    And many more!

  4. Patricia says:

    Hey Monique – It\’s great that you\’ve got some goals to strive for for 33. I know that you\’ll accomplish them all. And I hope that you\’ll decide and have the opportunity to be a biological mother. As much trouble (or should I say "challenges") as my kids give me, I would not trade them in for any amount of money, status or success. I have made sacrifices in my career and obviously my finances for them, but it\’s SOworth it. I\’ve told other single friends, if you can afford it (mentally and financially) to go ahead and have a child, it might be a lot of work and sacrifice, but there\’s nothing better. Other than God, nothing has given me greater joy than my kids.
    Take care and have a wonderful birthday!

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